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Friends Traveling all this time I will discuss about various Attractions jogjakarta you should know in this article so that I will share untun all my friends.

Long holiday Jaunt is perfect for travel to a city that might have been friends all know that the city of Jogjakarta is the choice number one for tourism in its specific Java island after island of Bali.

Travelling in jogjakarta would be better if we know a suitable place and not monotonous only to the temple

Various Attractions Jogjakarta What You Should Know in 2016

This is the variety of Attractions jogjakarta you should know in 2016 include:


Various Attractions Jogjakarta What You Should Know

Well here's a tourist spot that is more hot, for Reviews those of you who are married to bring your child will be better, see also the Reviews largest complete sophistication for Indonesia .Jogya bay pirates adventure waterpark located in the village of maguharjo excl. Depok Sleman Jogjakarta with manager pt jogjakarta tourist park with an area of 7.7 hectares.

Arena games like waterbom water available here, you will be wearing a ticket of 60,000 for one adult. This place Also provide a large parking area can a accommodate as many as 600 cars and 1000 vehicles.

Its load time is available from 9:00 am until 22:00 at night.


Various Attractions Jogjakarta What You Should Know

I am fit clay a show on youtube to display the background this place was captivated Immediately, her beautiful round eyes looking at the sea area from the top of the hill green grass accompanied the cool sounds of nature we will make-falling asleep ..

In addition to this wonderful place its entrance fee is very cheap when Compared with other tourist Attractions anywhere in the world. Just imagine you are only entrance fee charged for manikmati Rp.2000 this wonderful nature ..

Also there exist that provide a small tent for the consumer who will stay there .They membandrol his price Rp.60.000.

There's nothing wrong if you want to try to try this place.


Well this one is longer season ,, ya 3D images that we can apply to our camera so that it looks like real.

There is a large collection of pictures around 125 collections of 3D images .Please lampiaskan harsat berpoto ria there.

Just pay Rp. 25,000 you could be as much berpoto with various poses of the best 3D, its location is in the region jogjakarta veteran sequare xt.

Lima. GARDEN FRUIT Mangunan

Various attractions Jogjakarta What You Should Know

Every now and then you'll get bored Traveled nature's it Mangunan orchards Introduced as a new tourist attraction in jogjakarta high .Pemandangan see oya river will be presented a very beautiful as you see from a height.

The tourist sites in the town of 15 km and Bantul 35km from the city center jogjakarta.

Around the orchard to see the breeding of cattle, pool etc Anyway his cool deh bro ..Wisata cheap but our satisfaction is very ok ....

Various Attractions jogjakarta you should know in 2016 I have Discussed in part and possibly to other locations Discussed later ... hopefully this article helpful and useful for all of us .if there is something less pleasing politely please comment ..


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