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Tinabo Island is one part of the National Parks Taka Bonerate. It is in Selayar Islands Regency, South Sulawesi, and is located about 300 kilometers from Makassar. To get here, you have to travel for hours by land, sea, or air.

Tinabo Island, Secluded Island Beautiful

If the journey to get to the island Tinabo of Makassar, then journey on to Tanjung Bira takes about eight hours. Then from Tanjung Bira proceed to the Port Pamatata Selayar takes about two hours. From Port Pamatata Selayar, proceed by land to the city of Fort, and then headed to the Port Patumbukan. From Port Patumbukan, you live crossing to the island Tinabo speedboat that can be rented. Travel time traveling by speed boat for about two hours.

When we got there, in Tinabo Island pier, you will be greeted by a very charming rainbow that spans the top of this island! A really rare event is not it? But not all visitors can see when visiting the island Tinabo.

Tinabo Island is an island that is very quiet and low-light. There you can see the sunset and sunrise tablets, really beautiful is not it? In addition, the sea water there really pure blue. When you look into the bottom of the sea, certainly you will instantly impressed. How come?

Underwater scenery on the island Tinabo absolutely amazing! Even more unique again, on this island you can dive with baby shark, turtles and giant clams (giant sea clams). No wonder this island became one of the paradise for lovers of diving.

Well, when in fact the day arrives, you'll be really impressed when he looked at the sky because you can see the milky way! A row of stars that resembles the ocean! Which is even more impressive, a row of stars that remains clearly visible although not using any tools! Absolutely heaven on earth not? Additionally, when you came to the right and left Tinabo dock, you'll find lots of colorful fish and corals are pretty good.

To get into this beautiful Tinabo Island, you only need to spend Rp dua,500 per person. Not too expensive is not it? Then for diving, license costs only about Rp 50,000 per person (not including the cost guide). If you are on vacation to this island with your family and do not want to stay only a few moments here, you do not need to worry! Because in this Tinabo island is provided inn named Tinabo Island Resort. For the cost of renting the room, you just need the money around Rp 200,000 per night (not including the cost of the meal), and you and your family can stay and stay longer on the island Tinabo!


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