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Sawarna beach, beautiful beach hidden - Some time in recent years, many people talk about the beautiful beach imaginable dibanten, tourists both local and foreign tourists though, the beach Sawarna. This beach is the most beautiful beach that contained in Banten province. Latif Sawarna beach is the beach which is owned by Indonesia is located in the village Sawarna, BAYAH subdistrict, Lebak regency and Banten provinces.

Sawarna beach, beautiful beach hidden in Banten

Sawarna beach is famous for its waves on high, its crystal clear water, has white sand and surrounded by trees which grow green and leafy. Distinguishing Sawarna beach with other beaches that is the beautiful large stone which is considered the people there to stone screen.

Sawarna beach, beautiful beach hidden in Banten

According to the ancient adage, Sawarna beach name taken from the name of a person resident in the district BAYAH who named Swarna, he is the head of customs BAYAH first districts in 1900. But there are nevertheless distinguished found Sawarna name gift for the beach because the village is the village one color, only residents of Sunda, and on his Sawarna Sundanese language is one color.

This beach was opened for travel in the year 2010 and started bustling in 2011, the beach is still beautiful, so the road to the beach Sawarna tortuous, still his poly shady trees at the edge of her road. Many foreign tourists who visit the beach Sawarna because of her natural beauty is still beautiful and its friendly inhabitants. The beach is crowded in the New Year, Eid, Christmas and other public holidays her.

Believe me, one day you will not be relative for exploring the beauty of the village Sawarna due attractions in the village Sawarna not only beach Sawarna course, there are 9 attractions which also must be visited on the village Sawarna namely Legon Stingray, Coral bereum, Coral Taraje, Pulo manuk, Coral bowl, Tanjung screen, Lalay Goa, Goa shampoo and sand, as well as highly recommended for overnight stay because of its natural beauty very lovely evening and will not be forgotten.

For lodging, beach Sawarna very minimal inn-like hotel or guesthouse, so we strongly recommend that If you want to stay on the beach Sawarna you are able to stay at home - family residences, people there are very friendly and willing to get tourists - tourists who want to stay at the beach Sawarna.

Sawarna beach, beautiful beach hidden in Banten

These Sawarna Beach

for his service, Sawarna beach is approximately 180 KM from the city of Jakarta and can be reached in approximately 8 hours with a vehicle. From Jakarta, the route you are able to pass sukabumi - port queen - BAYAH district. Highly recommended if you are using a mount, use of vehicles that can be brought to the road - the road is difficult to reach because it was traveling from the city to the beach Sawarna BAYAH winding - winding and the asphalt is still not completely good so its difficult terrain create pursued.

Make it more obvious:

Route I: Jakarta - Serang east - Pandeglang - Malimping - bayah - Sawarna.

Routes including the route which is short but because many of its roads are damaged so take when traveling reply obsolete.

S II: Jakarta - Ciawi - Cibadak - Port queen - Cisolok - Sawarna.

Due to its smooth road, the road is often impassable for travelers heading to the village of Sawarna. Only its winding streets and its banyak sharp incline were nevertheless extremely dangerous, it is suggested to wear exclusive cars and motorcycles If you want to pass here.

But never fear, tiredness you get to the beach Sawarna seemed to disappear when you look at the aesthetics of the village Sawarna earlier, the popular use of the hill and its green rice fields, its beach that has white sand and sea water its bluish - tinged.

So all I can say. So, enjoy the beach Sawarna travel in this beautiful, do not forget to permanently maintain the cleanliness and preservation Beach is yes so that our grandchildren are also able to feel the aesthetic of offerings that travel this one.


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