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Places in Bandung with Cheap Price! True ya, if so we wrote yu check its correctness.

Are you sure your travel destination is the duo? If you are sure I will give you a referral for you to travel in Bandung. Due to the recent ekspresi secara umum dikuasai duo became the most desirable communities travel inland and abroad.

Now this duo began to clean ranging from infrastructure building and access to transportation that in order to make it easy for travelers to have easier access to more places.

Places in Bandung with Cheap Price

Very Right If you Choose Places in Bandung with Cheap Price

Not without reason I mention you have the right choose the location of Bandung. The natural beauty that is still awake altitude cold weather also strongly felt in the city, with fathers bachelor-style sweet cute flower city is ready to welcome the tourists who come, Said soft language is typical of Sunda. Nah that's why you are not one memilh Bandung Travel Cheap Prices.

Most major hotels in the city of Bandung that many of its access to transportation that can access your destination.

Here are Places in Bandung that you must visit:

1. Tangkuban Perahu Bandung

Places in Bandung with Cheap Price

One of the typical icons of Bandung so he Tangkuban boat, It is very - very reasonable for folklore roots of our ancestors that story Tangkuban boat is upside-down boat.

Tourist attraction Bandung Tangkuban boat is very strong because it is supported by its exotic natural beauty that makes her cool eyes of his audience.

Because the facility is very easy to access the Bandung Tangkuban boat was very crowded in the visit of the tourists inside and outside the country at any time.

Rates Go to Tangkuban boat Bandung: Places in Bandung with Cheap Price

2. Bandung Treetop

Places in Bandung with Cheap Price

Yes not familiar with this place yu acquaintance with Treetop Bandung. Places in Bandung Tangkuban boat probably not as popular but are now starting menjukan increase in visitors.

When you want to challenge a nature that is most suitable for you guys.

But make no mistake this place used to be friends can be made in the education of children as well you know. , Learning how to recognize natural and interact with nature.

And inillah rate that you must pay to get into treetop Bandung:

Places in Bandung with Cheap Price

C. Wahana Trans Studio Bandung

Places in Bandung with Cheap Price

Since a few months in the open vehicle for trans studio bandung already public concern especially liked the rides terbaru.Sebagai one of the largest rides in Indonesia trans studio with all the sophistication of its mempu suck Bandung tourism.

Subsidiary of trans tv and tran 7 can invite every visitor to every adventurer intriguing behind the scenes trans and trans tv studio.

For your accommodation facilities do not worry or doubt the ease of access to the site is very easy. Her place is located in Bandung city center and surrounded by luxurious lima-star hotel or comfortable ordinary hotel.

Admission rides trans studio bandung:

Monday - Friday Rp 170,000 / People

Saturday s - Sunday Rp 270,000 / People

Cost (VIP) Rp 250,000 / People

D. Jalan Braga Bandung

Places in Bandung with Cheap Price

Not complete it if to not stop in the road Bandung Braga Bandung, if jogjakarta has malioboro then the duo has the Braga Bandung.

Do not doubt this place is unuik centers surrounded inn hotel that could spoil the tourists.

E. Situ Patenggang Bandung

Places in Bandung with Cheap Price

Turning to other Bandung Places in Situ patenggang now we are heading Bandung. One of the tour there enough known by masarakat Bandung and its surroundings also have a good reputation.

The place is a favorite of teenagers or students duo has a small island in the middle there is called the island of romance or the island of love. Although quite far from the city center but the tool of transportation to get there is easy and cheap.

There are two tariffs enter it for local and foreign tourist to differentiate the price:


Monday S / d Friday Rp 18,000

Saturday S / d Sunday Rp 20.500

Motorcycles (R2) Rp tiga,500

Car (R4) Rp 11,500

Bus (R6) Rp 22,000

Entry fee situ patenggang Bandung (Overseas Visitors)

Monday S / d Friday Rp 135,000

Saturday S / d Sunday Rp 185,000

F. Kawah Putih Ciwidey

Once there patenggang not until forget the expression Places in Bandung with Cheap Price still had another place, namely the white crater. White crater Ciwidey route across kebunteh winding twists and cool you can bring SENSARI journey that has not been feeling.

Places in Bandung with Cheap Price

The popularity of white Ciwidey crater can not underestimate almost every weekend this area is very crowded with visitors both inside and outside the country.

Ciwidey white crater was named for the land in Area looks like a white sand beach that causes her a lot of sulfur aktipitas under the lake. Nyapun certain time the lake water is always changing color.

Entry fee (Visitor Local)

PersonalRp 18,000 / People

Admission (Overseas Visitors)

PersonalRp 50,000 / People

So first discussion of articles Places in Bandung with Cheap Price may no benefit her you intend to visit the place.


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