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I deliberately wrote articles sights in Bandung that you should visit , so that people in the know setapa many tours in the city of Bandung this, mega can help you who are looking for simple reading relevance that can be used.

In Bandung Places You Must Visit

If you are already very familiar with the area you may travel less crater Bandung fiknik, he ,, he ,, he ,, if the Caucasians called Bandung Paris Van Java people call the Indonesian city of Bandung as the city's development, he said according to the history of the city of Bandung was once surrounded exquisite flower colors are very beautiful. Along with the development in the city of Bandung which is dubbed as the city of flowers fade with the building of settlements and large factories there.

Natural area thinning which is a green open land is now very difficult to find now a green area thinned and probably very little once.I has ever felt the heat of his city of Bandung is very different from the city of Bandung that first time I was a child is a cool and comfortable.

End - the end is very gancar Bandung city government more open green gardens were beautiful Even some areas of the natural tourist attractions in multiply. With the potential is so great to be tourism Bandung city government is very welcoming travelers to the country or outside negri.Penambahan pasilitas start highways and transport tool facilitates lsinys in and multiply.

There are several tourist attractions in Bandung that you should visit are:

1. Travel in Bandung CRATER WHITE

In Bandung Places You Must Visit

The location was not very far from the center of the southern city of Bandung, you can take a distance of 50km and at suguhi journey beautiful scenery along the way. Ciwidey crater perhaps one of the many attractions very known or very popular among nature lovers, Ciwidey crater is a friend of naturally occurring volcanic white .Pasir as an addition to elokan these attractions. And unique sanagt water in the crater of an ever-changing warna..Anda want to try, please visit the white crater


In Bandung Places You Must Visit

Familiar accordance with the legend that there is always a lesson dongen Indonesian sangkuriang story with her mother that the stranger into the woods, the story Tangkuban boat seemed to be a very intriguing myth of his readers. Mountain that resembles a ship capsized boat was very interesting to visit places other than his cool and his nature is still very awake.


In Bandung Places You Must Visit

Well here's a new natural nono travel made a few years back so many of them got a visit from various regions, either family or school group. There, visitors must purchase a ticket for 150 000 (Monday to Friday) and on Saturday his ticket weeks soar much tinggisekitar 250,000. EIT but wait the price already includes a classy hotel lho..Trans studio duo often nicknamed as Dupan indoor ..


In Bandung Places You Must Visit

If you know Dago as the way of the young people to hang out these differences bro, this waterfall .One eating is not as high waterfalls on its common will but look exotis her. Her height is only 10 meters away there was nothing wrong it you to try a visit to the village of dago small hole.


In Bandung Places You Must Visit

In addition to presenting the natural attractions of Bandung also save the .Ini shopping tour presenting her new markets for bargains most enjoy doing malayasia tourists.

 You can get a lot of souvenir shopping there, that's why I put this article in Bandung Places You Must Visit it's because the place is now very popular among tourists ..

Perhaps there are many places that I can not discuss but I will continue the article sites in Bandung Should You Visit this on other occasions.

If there is anything wrong or lacking in understanding please comment below the article Places Travel In Bandung Should You Visit ....


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