Amazing Create Your evening rainbow Parks Jogjakarta|Jurnalis Jombang

In Yogyakarta there are rainbow tables, unique rainbow in Yogyakarta their pas night. Gosh how could ya rainbow kok night? Eits rainbow wait this one is special anyway, kayak Jojga special.

Curious what the kayak rainbow night in the city of Gudeg, see ya on the reviews below, do not just be listened wrote, also visit the city of his

Create Your evening rainbow Parks Jogjakarta

Taman Pelangi is a kind of tourist nights in Jogja unique creative again, this park is a range of assortment of decorative lighting assortment shaped lanterns are designed around the courtyard Monjali or Monument Jogja. Those of you who are interested in coming to this place will be offered a wide range of trimmings lights throughout the park, even if you go to the entrance on the east side you will see the lantern-shaped rainbow is ready to pamper your eyes, this is the main gateway once the gateway to the west.

After a successful entry into, then you will really feel like in a State lanterns. Dozens of types of lanterns share your block form and to always lock your attention fixed on the lanterns

Create Your evening rainbow Parks Jogjakarta

A time to take pictures of lanterns are arranged neatly along the route. Select animated figures flora or hewan even that became an icon of the lanterns in the garden this Monjali. For you fans of the series Desney satisfy you with a sense of missed those present in a unique form that becomes a lantern. In addition there are also tables of famous figures in Indonesia who transformed into lanterns, all guaranteed a unique and certainly interesting for you capture.

Maybe its because these are too far away, you can really hire a buggy safari provided the garden, the relaxed-yet allowed bejalan also why, because the night the atmosphere was calm and pleasant.

Do not Just capture images with family, yes ,, also try the rides were provided by the park's rainbow Jogkakarta. There are rides trampolines, paddle boats, mini tricycles, water ball, speed boat, car bombs, and other exciting rides berbagia. If you are a young couple who were in love for your romantic moments with stupid ride paddle boats or kecil-rickshaws.

Create Your evening rainbow Parks Jogjakarta

And for those of you who had the guts great, let's test your guts by boat and entered kewahana Castle Ghosts, guaranteed adrenaline fear you will ascend 360 degrees when trying this vehicle.

Tired of walking mengilingi rainbow garden, you can rest for a while to enjoy the delights of the typical cuisine of Jogja is upgraded with a style that certainly eccentric course can fulfill your hunger for a walk in the garden lanterns.

Enjoy your dinner along with views of the loved ones in Monjali lovely evening. Make your evening more interesting atmosphere and a special course in the park rainbow Monjali Jogjakarta. Bring the whole family and your loved ones to enjoy a night full of joy at Taman Pelangi Jogjakarta.

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