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Before we discuss about the place - a place from which to ngabuburit, we need to know first what is ngabuburit? Ngabuburit derived from Sundanese

8 Points ngabuburit in Surabaya ala ABG

Rather than wait for the sunset filmed we better way - the way ngabuburit into place - a place in Surabaya following:

1.Pasar Blauran

For citizens of Surabaya do not worry for ngabuburit where? Because of Surabaya has prepared for you make Blauran market place while looking ngabuburit - see menu iftar whatever is there. The road - a road not far from where iftar.

2.Pantai Kenjeran

8 Points ngabuburit in Surabaya ala ABG

No less interesting, at this beach you can walk - way to spend an afternoon with sunset so that you forget for a moment the hunger until the time of breaking.

3.Pakuwon City Food Festival

While waiting for the evening call to prayer is no longer a place in Surabaya Pakuwon City Food Festival. Fetival is kind of food vendors there a lot of variety of food menus you just choose which menu like? But it's not as easy as you get there because the place is definitely crowded when breaking fast, so you have to book ahead or arrive early in order to get a place.

4.Monkasel Or Submarine Monument

8 Points ngabuburit in Surabaya ala ABG

Monkasel is located in the city center so it is easy to find, because this monument opened it at 08:00 to 22:00 then when ngabuburit we could come there to see the building submarines KRL Pasopati 410. Admission Monkasel 10,000 per person, there also provide vidio rama about the submarine trip while on duty. Rekomended enough to ngabuburit.

5.Masjid  Surabaya Agung

Ngabuburit certainly very suitable in this mosque, because after we finished breaking the fast we can immediately execute or tarawih evening prayer. In the vicinity of the mosque lots of food vendors with a typical menu of Surabaya and menus - menus.

6.going Into Mall

In the largest city after Jakarta has many malls that can be visited one tunjungan plaza, galaxy mall, or a grand city. It's one of the coolest places ngabuburit, because at the mall, you can shop while waiting for sunset.

7.Achievement park

8 Points ngabuburit in Surabaya ala ABG

This park was built as a replica of the award of Surabaya. Located at Jl. Ketabang times.

8.Bridge Suramadu

8 Points ngabuburit in Surabaya ala ABG

Bridge connecting Surabaya with Madura this could also be a reference ngabuburit you, from Surabaya, you can cross the Madura Strait Without using Joko Tole. But can be crossed by motorcycle or car.

Some places ngabuburit above should you consider to be a place ngabuburit before breaking puasa.Sekian and thanks


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