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Indonesia not only save the culture, panorama, and customs, but Also rich in a variety of dishes that will certainly arouse your eating event. Here are 10 kinds of food that I rekomendasiakan Indonesian archipelago for you foodies

7 types of cuisine tempting archipelago

1. Sate wrapping

Wrapping Sate is a typical food of the town solo. Sate wrapping tebuat of minced mutton marinated with spices gravy fat wrap. Wrapping satay skewers as well as in general, the processing burned. It's just a gentle flavor and seasoning mix that sphicy satay is what distinguishes this wrapping. Soft texture of meat with fat savory and spicy flavor of the seasonings her so smashed in the mouth. No wonder this archipelago type of food is so famous in Indonesia Including the town solo.

Dua.Soto lamongan

The second order of 7 types of cuisine tempting archipelago is a soup lamongan. Almost every corner of the city in Indonesia must have this kind of food, it's just a recipe and flavor of each city that set. Soto Lamongan is a typical food of eastern Java. Lamongan Soto made from a concoction of noodles, bean sprouts, chicken, eggs, slices of lemon with yellow and thick sauce and sprinkled Koya thereon. Koya savory soup with fresh meruk nips into a special taste of this soup.

Tiga. Rendang

Rendang is a typical food of the town padang, rendang is a kind of food made from processed beef and a mix of spices and coconut milk. Spicy flavor of the resulting from the archipelago cuisine is ready to shake your tongue.


One more typical dishes appetizing archipelago is warm. Gudeg is typical food of the city of Jogjakarta, Central Java. Food this one dedicated to meraka sweet food lovers. Gudeg is food processed from young nagka mixed with coconut milk. And teak leaves. Gudeg cooking process itself takes Several days. This is so the taste of food is Increasingly felt. Gudeg Fengan usually include eggs, chicken and villages. Matter of taste traditional food, there is no block, can Compete.

Lima.Nasi kebuli

Until we dipembahasan Also to five of the seven types of food archipelago tempting. In fifth place this time occupied by the typical food of the capital Jakarta kebuli rice. Kebuli rice is a food made from white rice cooked with yellow broth, cumin oil, as well as goat's milk, goat meat cooking a complement of this meal, palm-sprinkled topping on it to the make rice kebuli feel more special.

6.Coto makasar

Coto Makassar is a typical food of the city of Makassar. Coto is another name of the soup, though named Coto but the material made ??No resemblance at all to the soup in general. Coto Makassar or soup made ??From beef offal stewed with herbs and chunks of beef. The savory taste of this Coto be furnished classy and worth checking your hobby to try different cuisines archipelago


Kota solo storing one type of cuisine is appetizing tengkleng archipelago. The food is somewhat unique made from goat bones. Spicy and savory seasoning of tengkleng is one of the Attractions most people to enjoy this food. Tengkleng now not only can you meet in town solo course, various types of processed tengkleng has now grown almost throughout Indonesia.

Well, how, in the which the order hidangan will you make-fine dining MainStay? It's tempting is not it? Good luck ya ,,


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