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For those of you who claim poly traveler will certainly find info about sights recomanded that really does make a visit is not it? Bandung is one of the cities in Indonesia which has the news of the tourist area was phenomenal, and can serve as a guide for your vacation and family. Cities use designation Flower City is the latest city that tries to combine the beauty of nature and technology as a holiday for all the objects. Bandung has considerable appeal high. Moreover, the geographical location support with a cozy atmosphere. And there are some interesting things are some getaways recommended that this level of visit of tourists relatively banyak. Both of origin of tourists in also abroad, whether on holiday or a normal day. Especially on weekends and holidays, the number of tourists arriving to the city of Bandung, an explosion of visitors who seemed to want to picnic in the area. It is this fact which we noted as well as being on vacation guide for visitors who want to know interesting places in the city of Bandung which is very famous and form a wonder the tourists.

Here are some interesting tourist regions list and phenomenal that you can visit in Bandung and surrounding areas.

1. Sky Field PVJ Mall

6 Tourist Attractions in Bandung for holidays with family

meaning the sites that shaped the paddy fields in the big city and it is located on top of the roof of the mall. Thus, the area is a tourist area that is phenomenal. Precisely, the tourist spot which claimed

2. Farm House Lembang

6 Tourist Attractions in Bandung for holidays with family

The relatively well-known phenomenal place into the most tourist area in Lembang Bandung is the location that fit for family vacations. There you can enjoy a collection of buildings like castles dwarves ready to greet your arrival, who missed another atmosphere on the middle stretch of the park which is cool. Jua most important point of this tourist area is a farm house. You can go Farmhouse reply was in Lembang highway 108 is not far from the floating market. Farm House Lembang This gives the feel of a unique holiday, full use of garden arrangement and aesthetics of the building (dwelling hobbit) that is perfect for those of you who like to take pictures. You can also bring your children create their horizons introduce particulars "farm". This dent in the farm house you will get the atmosphere of the world of the dwarves, like the natural aesthetics of romanticism in European farming, the fresh mountain air and the joy of free fresh milk given, complementing your weekend with their families.

3. Stone Mountain Tourism

6 Tourist Attractions in Bandung for holidays with family

Who will refuse When invited on holiday enjoying the natural scenery from the height of the super handsome. In Bandung, there are areas that could invite you enjoy the view over the origins and sweep panorama view of Bandung that Latif. You can arrive to the tourist attractions that claimed the Rock. Rock precisely located in Lembang, Bandung. Stone Mountain has a stunning panorama of a very phenomenal, both in the morning time (sunset), afternoon, evening (sunset), or night. The rock is an error of the hill which is part of the fault is hollow, has ketinggihan 1228 DPL. You can enjoy the beautiful lights of the city of Bandung at night. You also can see how beautiful the mountains are similar Manglayang akbar, Tangkuban ark, Gunung Putri, Palasari and Bukit stumps. How curious use of this phenomenal tour?

4. Bandros City Tour

6 Tourist Attractions in Bandung for holidays with family

For those of you who prefer to enjoy the use of travel around the city of Bandung. You can follow the tour trip bandros City. Starting in the start area more or less square downtown (Gedung Sate). You can walk around to enjoy the city of Bandung with a fleet that is provided specifically for tourists is quite unique because it is a double-decker bus on a design that uses the open roof (open deck) as a result allows you create a look around, for traveling in the city's cool. Bus bandros mistaken this means the first tour bus city tour that adopt the countries on the European continent. You nevertheless able to do pemesana tickets via online.

5. Kawah Putih Ciwidey

6 Tourist Attractions in Bandung for holidays with family

6 Tourist Attractions in Bandung for holidays with family

Enjoy the cliffs of the palace is better to come in the morning light mist of time you can enjoy the view that Latif. Travel cliff palace is precisely located in Bandung Dago Atas, who entered the area Forest Park (Tahura), giving the sensation of romance morning when the sun greets the eastern horizon.


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