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For toddlers certainly require different attention than adult children

When going back home or going home together young baby or toddler, of course necessitates special treatment compared to children who have grown up. As a parent, would require detailed preparation that is connected to the needs of the baby during the trip back home. Therefore, for parents who want to travel home village together with baby or toddler, here are some tips that you can use when going back and forth together with baby

6 Tips Trip with Little

1.Always cautious

When going home with your baby or toddler, the thing you have to do is always be careful while traveling back and forth so that your baby always feel comfortable and secure, so that children are not fussy.

Dua.Ready Drugs

Another thing that should not be overlooked when returning home that drugs medical danperlengkapan standard for first aid, preparation for the event of an accident during a trip pulang kampung.Sediakan also socks, scarves, and jackets to cover the baby's body that did not hurt.

3.Ready Toys

When in the course, sometimes the baby will be more talkative than usual. Therefore Provide always her favorite toys so that children are easily entertained and not fussy or whiny.

4.ready plastic bags

Plastic bags also needs to be taken, to put dirty clothes, or for other things while traveling.

5.Save Important Numbers

Always save your important numbers when going home to avoid congestion with the help of the warta numbers or for other purposes while on the trip. Such as, police stations, hospitals etc.

6.Often-frequent Stop

If your baby is soundly in bed, do not be woken up. But if he had woken up and was wanted out of his chair, pause briefly before a small whimper turned into a loud cry. And try to use the time off as well as possible, rather than just changing diapers alone Look for parking or parking places close to playing the baby. In order for children happy.

Such tips for going home with the children. There are good, before you go you have to make sure that the baby has a complete inventory. So there are no unwanted things.


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