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Places in Indonesia The Foreign Similar what bener exist? still do not believe, I have created Listen .Buat article you are still imagining her lovely spot foreign tourism should not be stopped by a dream I pass it and take a shortcut, what ya its shortcuts us we no longer have much further into the land out there for nyari beautiful place anyway in the country itself as well dah many out there that are comparable to even reportedly better.

1. Taman Cibodas Indonesia Similar Sakura Cherry Blossom With the atmosphere in Japan

Similar Places Indonesia The Foreign Affairs
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6 Places in Indonesia The Foreign Similar

If you look at the beautiful Ko Where's the cherry blossoms of her native, must already at taukan cherry blossoms are characteristic of Japanese people from ancient times the Japanese emperor is very proud of the name of the country cherry in labelkan to the country.

Now you do not need to worry if you want to see the cherry blossoms are inda direct it, you live to play to Cibodas Botanical Gardens you there will find the cherry blossoms are blooming in his time ,,, wow cool bro try deh do not forget to stop by if you play to Bogor, which is one Places in Indonesia .

Map and location Cibodas Botanical Garden

2. Floating Market , Banjarmasin vs Floating Market, Thailand

6 Places in Indonesia The Foreign Similar

6 Places in Indonesia The Foreign Similar

Mandatory read ya tourist attractions in Indonesia similar to overseas latter is located in Kalimantan banjarmasin, his usual buoyant market synonymous with southeast Asian countries that have a large area of the river like thailand, vietnam.

Floating market became a tourist attraction that high again either alone may look more unique then the tourists are reluctant to pass this place. Banjarmasing buoyant market was already long existence, there are already accustomed masarakat once using floating market.

Map and location buoyant market banjarmasin

3. Gumuk Sand Parangkusumo , Jogja vs Sahara, Africa

6 Places in Indonesia The Foreign Similar

6 Places in Indonesia The Foreign Similar

In his general Indonesia is a country of forests and seas that could not exist in the African desert like there. But you Takan suspect that in Indonesia also has a lovely desert. Namely dune sand Parangkusumo Located in Yogyakarta formed as a result of a volcanic eruption on Mount Merapi.

Map and location Sand dunes Parangkusumo

4. River Maron, Pacitan vs Amazon River, Brazil

6 Places in Indonesia The Foreign Similar

6 Places in Indonesia The Foreign Similar

Places in Indonesia it is a river maroon Located in Pacitan districts Donorojo maroon village has a length of approximately 4 km long yes also for us to enjoy the relaxation along the river. canoe around with her ​​in a movie worthy of her in the amazon river. Susana so beautiful sounds of the birds seemed real added at amazon river betcha.

Lately River Maron busy discussed the tourists, both local and domestic, including many artists who have tasted River Capital Maron. These destinations must-see for lovers of the challenges and natural beauty. Hopefully with many tourists visit there, access to the location and facilities continue to receive attention from the local government, so that Indonesia will be widely known for its natural attractions are very wealthy.

Map and location maroon River

lima. Forest bamboo Surabaya vs. Bamboo Forest Sagano, Japan

6 Places in Indonesia The Foreign Similar

6 Places in Indonesia The Foreign Similar

Ever heard Sagano forest or never see in the movies beautiful is not it? Do not hurry this frustration there where her location is very similar to that of the Bamboo Forest Surabaya .cocok for young people or parents who want a photo session praweding or simply just happy -happy

Map and Location of the Bamboo Grove Surabaya

6. Raja Ampat Papua vs Phi Phi Island, Thailand and Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

6 Places in Indonesia The Foreign Similar

6 Places in Indonesia The Foreign Similar

Although I do not know how the original layout of Raja Ampat Papua who said the traveler is very beautiful but I am confident of a quick look at its wall was amazing no less beautiful than the land out there.

Map and Location Raja Ampat Papua

A few articles   Places in Indonesia Yang Similar Foreign Affairs could possibly be reverensi for you readers.


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