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Not only known as a city of education, but also not a few sights there. Some travel in Yogyakarta following list will serve as a reference if at any time or even dying for visiting Yogyakarta and hunting sights. Besides gathering place for creative people, Jogja also touted as a hotbed of culinary cheap. This is when visiting Yogyakarta, such as a pat three dead flies. Once gone, so much to be enjoyed.

6 List Travel in Yogyakarta mandatory you visit

Therefore, for those who want to know the travel in Yogyakarta, then through a list of tours in Yogyakarta, you can soon find out. But before that, of course you do not need to be confused as to why in Jogja many tourists. Yes, as said from the beginning, that not only are the goals of the Bali tourists, but also Jogja.

Well, in order to reduce your curiosity, we should go straight to the list of Tourism in Yogyakarta, as follows:

1. Adventurous to the Orchard Mangunan! You will feel a great sensation there.

Still little is know of the tourist attractions in Jogja. Then through a list of tours in Jogja, we recommend you to pay a visit to the Orchard Mangunan. Orchard Mangunan has only a distance of approximately 15 kilometers Bantul. When you are at altitude this garden, then get ready to feel great sensation. Because, Oya river looks so charming on the altitude ini.Selain it, you will be presented with the green of nature along the eye could see. If it had been a little smug staring Oya River and surrounding areas, it would need to wander around the Orchard Mangunan this. Associated with the facility can not be doubted, because here there are places to stay, meeting rooms, also there is a swimming pool tables. Well, do not miss ya, if a visit to Yogyakarta.

Dua. Recognize Peak Kosakora, because only in Yogyakarta.

6 List Travel in Yogyakarta mandatory you visit

One of the tourist attractions in Yogyakarta is Puncak Kosakora, the longer the current trends. If you like the beauty of nature, then highlight Kosakora offer you some incredible views. Yes, in the morning, you can see the sunrise so beautiful. And, when the late afternoon, you are presented with a charming sunset. Not to mention the surrounding green hills there feast for the eyes. If you really hunter natural beauty, fit in this place.

Tiga. The village is not just any country, but offers a million estetika.Desa Kalibiru offers a million of outstanding beauty.

6 List Travel in Yogyakarta mandatory you visit

List of travel in the next Jogja Kalibiru there in the village. You only need to climb to a height, so it can enjoy the Sermo Reservoir and cliff palace. Kaliburu is located in Bukit Menoreh, namely the west of Yogyakarta. Which is a musim in this place is no flying fox that you can enjoy. In addition, of course, you can take pictures to capture the special moments together just anyone set in the natural beauty.

4. Despite the shortage of sand, beach Kesirat offers the charm estetika.Pantai Kesirat also offers a wonderful charm.

6 List Travel in Yogyakarta mandatory you visit

In contrast to Bali or other beaches have white sand, beach Gunung Kesirat this is different from the others. If you are in these places at dusk, you will surely widened sunset redness spoil your eyes. Because the structure of this rugged coast, you can only be on top, while enjoying a coffee.

5. Prambanan is also a favorite tourist spot for tourists. Prambanan favorite tourist attractions in Jogja.

Who does not know Prambanan? Yes, this Prambanan temple has existed in the history books at the elementary school to high school. As one of the tourist list in Yogyakarta, Prambanan much sought after by tourists both local and foreign. This temple has been used since, and is known as the largest Hindu temple in Indonesia. The temple was carved reliefs depicting the Ramayana and Krishnayana is located approximately seventeen kilometers from the city of Yogyakarta. If you Yogyakarta, stop into this Prambanan temple!

6. Parangtritis no less beautiful than the beach lain.Pantai parangtritis offers a million beauty.

6 List Travel in Yogyakarta mandatory you visit

List of travel in the next Jojga is Parangtritis. This beach offers a million beauty that is not less than other beaches in Indonesia. In addition to sit back to enjoy its beauty, you can also do sports activities paragliding from the hill-shore Parangndog parangtritis. In addition, because Parangtritis is located on the shores of the Indian Ocean, it is no wonder if the waves on the beach is great swirling. If you want to visit, from the city of Jogyakarta just twenty-five kilometers away. It is a loss if it had been in Jogja yet not been to Parangtritis this.

Similarly, in Yogyakarta travel list we present. Some of the above list are just a small part of the list of travel in Yogyakarta. Well, if you happen to want to go to Yogyakarta, please visit some of the sights.


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