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5 Points of Interest Tourism Bandung

Bandung, a city in western Java, famous for culinary and shopping centers. Not only that, it turns Bandung also has tourist attractions that can be visited and exciting loh .. We peek of what aja ayo ..

1. Kampung Gajah Wonderland

Area property located in the open ground of 60 hectares in the street is very interesting Sergeant Bajuri dpandang and to visit with loved ones. More than 20 attractions interesting games shown here, such as the waterpark, Tubby Slide, outbound, ATV and are serving delicious dishes that you can choose.

To ride these rides you must pay a ticket in accordance with the vehicle that you want to try. Various games are available pretty much so this tour is very suitable place for children and adults.

Dua. Saung Angklung Udjo

The area of ??Cultural tourism is no less interesting and also very good for the education of the beloved baby. Because besides being able to know about the local culture that is rich in culture such as puppet show, helaran, visitors can enjoy the slapstick music played Sundanese angklung you also can try to play it.

Many foreign tourists who comes to this place to travel, so make Saung Angklung Udjo become one of your vacation destination with family

3. Home Strawberries

This tourist area is located in the street Sergeant Bajuri and very beautiful place to enjoy the fresh air with the beautiful arela this strawberry fields. If you want to place the family along with this tour it's good to come picking season, so the kids can pick strawberries directly from the garden.

In addition children can also play with various games such as playground, outbound and also has disediakn also caf? And inn for those of you who want to stay.

4. Butterfly Park

Like a butterfly? Tourist area located in the area Cihanjuang, Bandung Barat has become a very attractive tourist places and also educative because children can also learn about the different kinds of butterflies, and how its life cycle.

In addition, there is also a rabbit garden and playground unruk children. Really exciting for sure.

Lima. De Ranch

This tourist area is located in Lembang with accents farms. Children can style cowboy and could ride a horse which is very exciting and fun. Various games have been provided in this open sights.

Thus, the Bandung you can travel and visit family. What are you interested in? Please come directly to Bandung. Happy holiday.


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