Amazing 4 A list of the Not-Be Visited the Island!

Here's Some list the Island Not-Be Visited! .The Island is beautiful and charming overseas can indeed be one of the attractions that can be addressed. But you know what? There are several islands in the world that can not be visited loh .. About island any yah? Want to know? Read mari to completion ..

List of islands in the world that can not be visited:

1.Pulau Miyakejima, Japan

4 A list of the Not-Be Visited the Island!

This island should not be visited because the islands located in Japan's Izu islands often experience an earthquake. Indeed, the reason was not the only reason. Another reason that led to this island should not be visited is the island contains a substance that is highly lethal sulfur, wherein the sulfur out of the mountain and from the land. Because of the high sulfur content, people who visited the island could be jeopardized the health and life.

Dua.Pulau Ramree, Myanmar

4 A list of the Not-Be Visited the Island!

Ramree Island in Myanmar is known as the island is very tense during World War II erupted. This island is felt tense because at that moment, there are about 400 Japanese soldiers hiding from the British army in the thicket. Not only that, Ramree island is also inhabited by a lot of predatory animals are very dangerous to humans. In the story, the Japanese soldiers who hid in the island die torn by crocodiles.

Tiga.Pulau Poveglia, Italy

4 A list of the Not-Be Visited the Island!

Actually, in Italy Poveglia Island is an island that functioned as an island to quarantine people with leprosy, which ended a few years ago built a mental hospital in the well. Because people quarantined on the island of depression, suspected they all jump off a high building towers and then they would be killed. Even the number could reach about 160,000 bodies. Therefore, the island is said to be very haunted island.

4.Ilha de Queimada grande, Brazil

4 A list of the Not-Be Visited the Island!

Island called Ilha de Queimada grande is located in Brazil's basically just island filled with tropical forests. The island is not allowed to visit because of the existence of a species of snake inhabit the island. The snake was known to be venomous and deadly. The snake is called Golden lancehead Viper snake. Bhakan, in a separate story, each running 1 m on this island will surely meet with one snakes absolutely deadly in the world.

Those are some of the island that should not be visited in the world. Therefore, if you want to visit the island in another country, you have to search and should seek the intricacies of the island in the country so there are any out there, and certainly not to surprise and shock when he arrived on the island.


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