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Jakarta Special Capital Region is the capital of the Republic of Indonesia. Jakarta is the only city in Indonesia that has province-level status. Jakarta is located in Tatar Pasundan, the northwestern part of the island of Java.

As a center of business, politics, and culture, Jakarta is home to the head offices of state-owned enterprises, private enterprises and foreign companies. It is also the seat of the government agencies and the ASEAN secretariat office. Jakarta is served by two airports, namely Soekarno-Hatta and Halim Perdanakusuma Airport, as well as a sea port at Tanjung Priok.

Jakarta itself is an area that has a myriad of sights very beautiful such as natural attractions, beaches and historical attractions are all in Jakarta, if you want a vacation this is where the ideal, guaranteed you will not be disappointed, especially if you are visiting with relatives, a couple or a family vacation you will be guaranteed to be more fun.

Here's 35 Best Places listing in Jakarta mandatory must-visit if you're visiting Jakarta.

1. Thousand Islands

35 Best Travel Sites in Jakarta

Thousand Islands is one of the attractions in Jakarta which consists of several small islands are interesting spots of the other tourist attractions that go DKI Jakarta province. Although called a thousand islands, the actual number of islands here around 110 islands alone, Between the islands there are islands inhabited and no islands are used as tourist attractions. Islands for tourism purposes among others such as Angel Island, Onrust Island, Pulau Kotok Besar, Pulau Puteri, Island in the Sun, Sepa, and so forth. If you want to stay overnight or at the Thousand Islands, bring supplies for example in the form of drinks or snacks because if you buy in the Thousand Islands, the price can be very expensive.

2. Tidung Island

35 Best Travel Sites in Jakarta

Tidung is one part of the island of a thousand islands. These sights into a weekend tourist destination, especially the residents of the capital. Visitors usually enjoy the atmosphere of the sea under a shady tree, sunbathing on the beach, watching the sun rise and perform other activities. Visitors can also enjoy games like Banana Bout, Jetsky, Cano, Sea Goose, Water Spot and others. Tidung divided into two Tidung large and small Tidung Island. Tidung Pulau Besar in the form of the coast while island Small Tidung mangroves. Domination quiet and comfortable atmosphere certainly is perfect for relaxing with friends, relatives, and family.

3. Angel Island

35 Best Travel Sites in Jakarta

Angel Island is an island for the middle in the Thousand Islands. Those who want to travel in Jakarta this place, you have to take less than 20 minutes from the Marina. The attraction has 49 cottages, with 23 deluxe type units, 3 units of type suite that has sports facilities, 20 family type units, tiga units of type family suite, 2 multi-purpose hall, bar, restaurant and souvenir shop. Here you can also swim at the dolphin .

4. Telaga Arwana Cibubur

35 Best Travel Sites in Jakarta

Telaga Arwana Cibubur merupaan a recreational and educational park in Jalan Jamboree. There are some facilities that will be enjoyed here some of which is the swimming pool, fishing pond, home ceramics, flying fox, floating donut and others. Telaga Arwana Cibubur can be used as an alternative tourist destination with the family. Besides having a fishing pond that is wide enough, in this lake also provided several ponds complete with amenities, outbund arena, a center for children. Gardens drugs. So no one if Telaga Arwana Cibubur, known as TAC is a very educative family attractions.

Lima. Setu Babakan

35 Best Travel Sites in Jakarta

Setu Babakan is an area of ??The township and has been determined to be the heritage area of ??Jakarta, a place where you can find a variety of buildings and cultural relics Betawi. In this area, there is a large lake which is the location of recreational fun for many visitors. Cultural sights of Jakarta, this one is one of the best places to watch the live native Betawi culture, from how to grow crops, trade, make handicrafts, to make food Betawi. Setu Babakan is the best place to eat real Betawi culinary, from egg crust, soto Betawi, until cake apem.

6. Ragunan Zoo

35 Best Travel Sites in Jakarta

Ragunan Zoo, established since 1864 and initially managed by the association caring Flora and Fauna Batavia. The area of ??The tourist attractions in Jakarta, this one of 147 hectares and has more than 2,000 animals. Jakarta popular zoo is also covered more than 50,000 trees, making the atmosphere was so cool and comfortable. You can invite the sons to ride the rides and animals, such as horse riding, camel riding, carriage perimeter, double bicycle, to watch performances of animals. But of course, each of the rides and the animal mounts charge. The place is always invaded travel during the holidays by visitors both from Jakarta and outside the city. If you bring children to the capital during the holidays, do not forget to invite them to this Ragunan zoo.

7. Port Marina Jakarta

35 Best Travel Sites in Jakarta

Piers Marina is located in North Jakarta which is a cosmopolitan style cruise ship dock first and most comprehensive in Indonesia. Marina is designed to place various sized cruise ships docked. Marina also serves for marine sports center, for example wind surfing, water skiing, diving, sailing, and also a yacht harbor toward the Thousand Islands.

8. National Archives Building

35 Best Travel Sites in Jakarta

Or the National Archives Building National Archives Building is also a tourist spot in Jakarta, which many in the visit. The building has a long history. This place is a witness to the history of the journey of the Indonesian nation. Originally, the palace was the residence of the Governor General of VOC named Reiner de Klerk.

9. Jakarta Art Building

35 Best Travel Sites in Jakarta

Tourist attractions in Jakarta on this one is an old heritage building which the Dutch government, which is still standing strong in the city of Jakarta. The building is a place where artists in the entire archipelago of displaying the results of art, such as theater, drama, literature, film, and so forth. Art building has neo-renaissance style building. Was built in 1821 in Weltevreden when it was known as Theater Schouwburg Weltevreden.

10. Parks Suropati

35 Best Travel Sites in Jakarta

Suropati park is located in the elite district of Menteng, the park is overgrown with dense tall trees that bring the atmosphere is cool and comfortable. Suropati garden has garden arrangement is neat and clean. Tourist attractions in Jakarta this one is one of the favorite destination of many residents of the capital to unwind or just relaxing with family and friends. Although the area of the park which is about 1.Lima times the football field, Wildlife Suropati always crowded, especially being one of the young people hang out in Jakarta. You can watch the activity of visitors who exercise, or communities who gather as a community violin, discussion groups, and others. About food, do not worry because there are many sellers of food and drinks around the park.

11. Angke Kapuk Nature Park

35 Best Travel Sites in Jakarta

In Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta, there is a Natural Park in the form of mangrove trees. Visitors who come here usually enjoy the green mangroves to take a walk or bike ride. End can also do other activities such as a boat ride in addition visitors can also plant mangroves.

12. Taman Bunga Widya Mandala Bakti Activities of Scouting

35 Best Travel Sites in Jakarta

Taman Bunga Widya Mandala Krida Bakti Cibubur Scout built by President Soeharto in 1980 on a plot of land measuring approximately 15 hectares. Although less well known, this place is one of the tourist attractions around Jakarta, with a lot of greenery and colorful flowers. Also in this place there is also a swimming pool, children's playground, and various types of water games.

13. Masjid Istiqlal

35 Best Travel Sites in Jakarta

Istiqlal Mosque is the largest mosque in Indonesia and Southeast Asia with the architectural design of a fusion of architecture Indonesia, Middle East, and Europe. National mosque which became the pride of the people of Indonesia have started from the idea that the current Minister of Religious Affairs, KH. Wahid Hasyim and H. Anwar Tjokroaminoto. Then by the first President of Indonesia Ir. Sukarno, the construction of the mosque was initiated by the erection of the first stone to mark the beginning of development Istiqlal Mosque on August 24, 1961. The Istiqlal Mosque has modern architecture, walls and floors marble and decorated with geometric ornaments from stainless steel, and can accommodate more than 200 thousand pilgrims. The design of this mosque Indonesian pride by architect Frederich Silaban, a Christian Protestant, with design work mosques coded Godhead.

14. Cathedral Church Jakarta

35 Best Travel Sites in Jakarta

Jakarta Cathedral Church is the oldest Catholic church in Jakarta, which was built in 1901 in neo-gothic architectural style as can be found in mainland Europe. In this church, there is a museum with a collection of about 400 items. Some of the famous collection is stick Pope Paul VI and Pope John Paul II Trophy, as a memento when visiting Indonesia. Church Museum is fairly complete to explain the Catholic tradition.

15. Chinatown Glodok

35 Best Travel Sites in Jakarta

Chinatown Glodok is one where the concentration of ethnic Chinese who settled in Jakarta. Chinatown Glodok Chinatown area is also the largest in Indonesia, became one of the motor of the economy of Jakarta since the past until the present. Romanticism of the past when you can take a stroll along the Chinatown area of ??Glodok Glodok considering administratively included in the old city area. Glodok is also electronic trade center in Jakarta as well as a culinary destination of Chinese flavors were very viscous. You can also see buildings and temples and big temple there.

16. Old City

35 Best Travel Sites in Jakarta

Jakarta Old Town is one of the tourist attractions in Jakarta, which is always crowded with tourists. Jakarta City landmark Old Town is a charm of historical tourism in Jakarta, which gives a lot of knowledge. Various relics of the past can still be found in the region which is always crowded during the weekend. Also, photography lovers will always love coming to the Old City. There are a number of historical landmarks in the Old City area, such as Fatahillah Museum, Sunda Kelapa Harbor, Bank Indonesia Museum, Museum of Fine Arts and Ceramics, and Toko Merah. Not only historical places, you can also enjoy the culinary experience in the old city with a stop at Cafe Batavia Cafe Gazebo, as well as a variety of snacks such as gado-gado, soto, until the egg crust typical of Jakarta. This location is also a means of recreation preferred by young people because of the cafes with its live music, as well as a place to get together fans of old bikes (onthel) is unique and colorfully painted.

17. Monument Lengkong

Monument Lengkong shaped wall of dark, slightly curved field, taller than dua meters whose writings are golden. The inscription on the monument contains the historical record of events Lengkong brief existence, and the names of those who died in the incident. Tourist attractions in Jakarta should only use once a year at the time of the commemoration of the events Lengkong every 25th of January.

18. Pancasila Sakti Monument

Pancasila Sakti Monument. Here anyone can learn reminisce about the incident G30S / PKI.  On the monument is established in 1973, there are sculptures and reliefs seven military officers who were killed in the incident. This statue measures approximately 17 meters by the installation of an eagle behind and formed a semicircle with positions ranging from Soetodjo Siswomiharjo, DI Pandjaitan, Siswondo Parman, Ahmad Yani, R. Suprapto, MT Hardjono, AP Tendean.  In addition to the monument, in this place there is also a diorama G30S / PKI, which show scenes of torture. There was also a museum displaying photographs of the generals who were killed when being lifted out of the hole where they dumped or better known as the death wells.

19. National Museum

35 Best Travel Sites in Jakarta

The National Museum is one of the tourist destinations in Jakarta will be full of the knowledge of history. At the National Museum, you can see at least 141 899 objects collected in the 7 types of collections, namely prehistory, archeology, ceramics, numismtik-heraldry, history, ethnography, and geography. The National Museum is open every Tuesday - Sunday, from 8 am to 4 pm, when the weekend closed until 5pm.

20. Fatahillah Museum

35 Best Travel Sites in Jakarta

Fatahillah Museum is located in the old city area, Fatahillah Museum is the best place to explore many things about the history of the city. The Jakarta History Museum was founded in 1707 with the neoclassical architectural style typical of the 17th century. When you get into this museum, you will be required to wear soft slippers orange. This is because the floor Fatahillah Museum comes from the 17th century and the use of shoes will scrape the floor. In this museum, you can find a huge collection of at least about 23,500 objects of history that tells the origin of Jakarta in the past. Treasury collection is divided into several rooms, such as prehistoric Jakarta, Room Tarumanegara, Jayakarta Room, Room Fatahillah, Sultan Agung space, and space MH Thamrin.

21. Museum Bank Indonesia

35 Best Travel Sites in Jakarta

Bank Indonesia Museum is an educational travel that is in front of exactly the city station on Jl Pintu Besar, West Jakarta. This museum has a comfortable, besides there is air conditioning and a beautiful interior, the museum also provides information on the financial system in the State of Indonesia since the days of the Dutch East Indies. This museum give an overview role of Bank Indonesia in the homeland. So many local and foreign travelers who came here. Besides informative too clean, so it is guaranteed you who came would bear witness to the history of the trip see Bank Indonesia.

22. Puppet Museum

35 Best Travel Sites in Jakarta

Wayang puppet museum has relics that range from age to age. Formerly the puppet museum is an old church that was founded by the VOC. In this museum, you can see a lot of puppets made ??Of leather and wood. Total puppet stored in total there are about 4000 pieces. Among these there are puppets, marionettes, shadow boxes, shadow masks, puppets leaf and many more.

23. Museum Fauna Indonesia "dragons" and Reptile Park

35 Best Travel Sites in Jakarta

Museum Fauna Indonesia "dragons" and Reptile Park is a tourist spot located in east Jakarta - Indonesian fauna museum and park dragons reptiles. Shopping is no less exciting with each other is the Museum of Fauna Indonesia "dragons" and Reptile Park. With the replica of preserved animals and some animals that live makes this place also became one of the most attractive tourist spots.

24. Asmat Museum

35 Best Travel Sites in Jakarta

The museum was founded by the idea of ​​Mrs. Tien Soeharto, aim to preserve and communicate the results of work of the nation Indonesia awesome that can be enjoyed by the world community.

25. National Monument (Monas)

35 Best Travel Sites in Jakarta

Monas in Jakarta where tourism is the most popular, while also one of the pride of the Republic of Indonesia. The monument by architect Friedrich Silaban and RM Monas height of 132 meters (433 feet), was established to commemorate the resistance and struggle of the people of Indonesia to win independence from Dutch colonial rule. The monument was built by President Soekarno, is crowned by the flame-coated gold sheet. For the climax of pure gold weighing 35 kilograms of 24-carat. If we are on top of Monas area of ​​Jakarta city then all will be seen clearly and beautiful course with buildings towering buildings. At the bottom of these sights (entrance) in the form of a historic museum with dioramas.

26. Taman Menteng

35 Best Travel Sites in Jakarta

Taman Menteng is located in the OS Tjokroaminoto H, Menteng, Central Jakarta is a favorite park for young people hang out. For problems with facilities, do not doubt. This park has wifi. In addition there are futsal, basketball, children's playground, running track, fountain, parking buildings, and which became the highlight menteng park is the greenhouse. Taman Menteng is also often used as a place to get together such a diverse community theater group Detak, New Squad Shuffle, and Barian Menteng Street Workout.

27. Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII)

35 Best Travel Sites in Jakarta

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah or TMII is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Jakarta. , Location Taman Mini in East Jakarta in the Cipayung. These attractions often congested quite long on holidays and weekends. So make sure you come to TMII since the early morning, to avoid traffic jams and get parking are located. Taman Mini Indonesia Indah are interesting places in Jakarta that match enjoyed with family. This is evident from the thousands of visitors thronged these places, the majority made ​​up of children, youth, and parents. There are many interesting rides offered Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, like Swimming Pool Snow Bay, Wildlife Among Puro, do not miss all Taman Ria Atmaja, cable car, as well as dozens of other exciting rides. Besides the rides, TMII also offer educational nuances that are suitable for children's educational progress.

28. Ancol Dreamland

35 Best Travel Sites in Jakarta

Ancol Dreamland is located quite strategically so easy to reach from all directions. And such attractions for families in general, Ancol Dreamland presents a number of rides that match enjoyed by all age groups. There are rides rink Ocean, Fantasy World, Sea World or like young people and children. Of course, you will be charged again to enjoy rides in Ancol Dreamland. Perhaps Ancol Dreamland is a tourist icon in Jakarta since in every day, this destination is never empty of visitors, both domestic and foreign. Similar to the Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, Ancol Dreamland in Jakarta including sites from which a visit with the family.

29. Dufan (Fantasy World)

35 Best Travel Sites in Jakarta

Dufan or Fantasy World is a popular sightseeing in Jakarta including the part of Ancol Dreamland or Taman Impian Jaya Ancol. Indeed, the World Fantasy area is not so big, only about 9 hectares. However, in it there are a variety of interesting rides are ready to pamper visitors. Fantasy World is divided into several spots with the background of the major countries in the world, such things nuanced Europe, America, and Indonesia itself. Uniquely each spot dilengkap a vehicle to play a fairly complete, like the large size swimming pool and various entertainment facilities. Attraction here is a theme park with rides high tech that you can enjoy here like Tornado, Kora-Kora, hysteria and many more.

30. Kidzania Jakarta

35 Best Travel Sites in Jakarta

Kidzania. Where tourism in Jakarta is the most popular among children. Its location on the top floor of Pacific Place mall which is close to Polda Jaya and the Stock Exchange building in Sudirman street. KidZania Jakarta offers a unique recreational concept EDUTAINMENT for children ages 2-16 years. Indoor tourist attractions is shaped sort of replica of a real city, but in children's sizes. There is a highway, hospital, supermarket, salon, theater, as well as passing vehicles around the city this replica. Parents are not permitted to participate in tourism activities for children take place, but parents are encouraged to be a spectator in the theater and TV stations. In addition, there is also Parents Lounge, which is a place for adults to relax for children to play.

31. Seaworld Ancol

35 Best Travel Sites in Jakarta

Sea World Ancol is a destination that offers you the knowledge of the biota that live in the wild. At Sea World Ancol, collections ranging from the biota of freshwater, comprised of 22,000 fish (126 type), 28 reptiles (five types) to a marine biota consists of 5180 fish (26 species), 79 invertebrates (13 species), 30 reptiles (five types), and one mammal. Jakarta is one tourist destination visited by tourists is somewhat comforting considering the benefits and functions of edukatifnya great.

32. Ocean Ecopark

35 Best Travel Sites in Jakarta

Ocean Ecopar is a place of relaxation for the juggling golf Jakarta Ancol as a favorite tourist locations of family fun with an area of 34 hectares. Holiday concept by playing and studying botany in the open (green lifestyle) is very pleasant. Its uniqueness is that you and the kids can learn to plant, cycling, tree-top walking. see the bee house, canoeing, paintball (for 14 years and over) and outboundholic. Here are also available eco-market is certainly favored women, especially the mother to provide souvenirs for relatives. Now create a love of fishing, Ocean Ecopark recently launched a new program called Ecofishing.

33. Dolphin Ocean Park

35 Best Travel Sites in Jakarta

Dolphin Ocean Park tourist non-mainstream tourist attractions in Jakarta as well as in general in Indonesia, one of them by visiting the Ocean Dolphin Park. Seeing the agility and intelligence of dolphins are trained is the thing that makes families especially children to become more cheerful maximum. Not only are such intelligent animals that can be enjoyed here, because there are sea lions, parrot funny and even four-dimensional rides and stunt shows are cool and unique and amazing spectacle. It feels very unfortunate if we traveled to Jakarta without coming to the Sea Dolphin travel Park.Tempat this one presents the attractions Lumba Lumba very agile and trained to make pengnjung was amazed to see agility beratraksi.

34. Ice Skating in the Sky Rink

35 Best Travel Sites in Jakarta

Ice Skating in the Sky Rink Location sights ice skating a very popular mall is located at Taman Anggrek Jakarta. The largest ice-skating rink in Southeast Asia is a travel concept is unique and not found in other cities, which brings the game slid on ice in tropical regions such as in Indonesia. No need to go abroad on holiday far if the goal just want a taste of Ice Skating. Tourist attractions in Jakarta which one is the ice skating was very popular in the capital kita.letaknya mall is located in Taman Anggrek Jakarta. Originally we knew Arena ice skating widest in Southeast Asia is a travel concept is unique and not found in other cities. This place brings game slide on ice in tropical regions such as in Indonesia. No need to go abroad on holiday far if the goal just want a taste of Ice Skating.

35. Taman Impian Jaya Ancol

35 Best Travel Sites in Jakarta

Taman Impian Jaya Ancol is a tourist spot and a very nice holiday for citizens who live in Jakarta and is derived from a Jakarta travel lain.Tempat this one offers thrill rides at Dufan, Sea World, swimming pool Atlantis or at Ancol Beach. Besides the tourist attractions inijuga provide provide other equipment such as malls, restaurants, even a cruise ship dock to the thousand islands. The area north of the capital is indeed specialize family entertainment for all ages. The location is at the northern city of Jskarta, if you depart from downtown (Monas), then only require a distance as far as 7 kilometers saja.Ancol itself is a tourist spot in jakarta favorites


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