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Lampung is a southernmost province in Sumatra Island, Indonesia, located in the capital Bandar Lampung. north bordering Bengkulu and South Sumatra,  Lampung has the main port named Port of Long and Bakauheni Port and the fishing harbor such as the Fish Market (Telukbetung), EVAL, and Trump in Lampung Bay.

Lampung  itself is an area that has a myriad of sights very beautiful such as nature tourism, religious tourism and historical attractions are all in Lampung , if you want a vacation this is where the ideal, guaranteed you will not be disappointed, especially if you are visiting with relatives, a couple or a family vacation you will be guaranteed to be more fun.

Here's 30 Best Places list in  Lampung  mandatory must-visit if you're visiting  Lampung .

1. White Sand Beach

30 Best Places in Lampung

White Sand Beach is one of the tourist attractions in Lampung least favorite. White Sand Beach is located approximately 20 KM from the city of Bandar Lampung. This beach has white colored sand, sea water is bluish green, the trees that grow along the beach and clean white sand that makes anyone tajub and stunned. Visitors can spend the time to walk around the object or seek around the White Sand Beach. Additionally in the afternoon visitors can watch the beautiful sun sets. For lovers of water sports, there are many activities you can do on the beach such as swimming, Kano, and adventure with a fishing boat. If you want to see the corals and starfish, you can swim to a certain limit.

2. Gulf Coast Kiluan

30 Best Places in Lampung

Kiluan beach tourist attractions located in the village Kiluan State, District Kelumbayan, Tanggamus Privinsi Lampung. This beach is perfect for the traveler who likes to roam the place of hills and valleys. The journey to this point has been a challenge for the tourists. The beauty of this Kiluan Beach is not in doubt, clear sea water and white sand that covered the coast this. Privilege in this beach is the presence of the dolphins in the open sea, so that visitors can enjoy the beauty of the dolphins with a small boat up toward the ocean.

3. Turkish Walur

30 Best Places in Lampung

Walur beaches have white sand and a gently sloping shoreline. The beauty of the white sand interspersed with green grass that thrives. Has completing its beauty with the lantern of the lighthouse. Not to be outdone by Bali and Lombok, Lampung also has beaches with white sand and clean water. There are several beaches in Lampung. One of them is the beach Walur. Walur beach located in the village Walur, District Central Coast, about 5 kilometers from the center of Krui, West Lampung. This beach is a series of three beaches in the area Krui, along with Turkish and Turkish Labuhan Jukung Redak Way. The three connecting it with an asphalt path separated from that highway Krui-Liwa.

4. Turkish Klara

30 Best Places in Lampung

Turkish Klara originally named New Bight. Klara name is an abbreviation of coconut Rapet first year 1982-1984, this beach tumbuhi coconut trees. It is said that within a palm tree with the other palm trees just tiga meters with an area of lima ha garden, see the distance that meeting the locals to name the meeting coconut. Now the condition is not tightly tetep first but still there. This beach has sea water with a high salt content from the beach, you can cross to the island Pahawang, play banana boat, swim sometimes also made ??A tent or outbound schoolchildren and canoe rides.

5. Coastal Sharks Teeth

30 Best Places in Lampung

The beach is very unique in terms of names. Do not be surprised when he heard his name, because it is very exotic beaches with coral reefs towering. Coral analogy as shark teeth is the main attraction. Not one that many tourists who perpetuate this amazing moment. But, do not go down to the beach is yes, because the waves were quite big. So, it is advisable to enjoy the beautiful beaches of tartar shark alone!

6. Turkish mutun

30 Best Places in Lampung

Mutun beach located in the District of Padang Cermin, Pasawaran District. Keidahan owned mutun beaches have white sand with sea water relatively clean and clear. Surf beach mutun fairly quiet so interesting to play further away from the shoreline. Travelers also will disunguhkan with views of the small islands of lush green island is known as Pulau Tangkil. Charm offered in this beach is a beautiful stretch of white sand and calm seas that tempt visitors to swim. From the beach you will also be served a superb view is a view of the mountains, the islands, even the city of Bandar Lampung can look beautiful. The facilities provided are complete in Turkish mutun both public facilities as well as the playing area. The rides are available also varied as Waterboom, Kano, Banana boat, Jet sky, floating tires, etc.

7. Turkish Sari Ringgung

30 Best Places in Lampung

This beach has recently opened early 2015, this beach location after mutun and before the beach Klara. This beach has a unique phenomenon that is sand arise, that sand naturally occurring amid a sea of sand is raised when the tide is low at the time of midday. The beach is also a special vehicle for children that no other shore. The beach also has a boat cafe resto, Krakatoa view, futsal and beach floating mosque. To reach the raised sand at high tide you can hire a boat from the dock that had been provided. The scenery is beautiful and the waves are calm into their own advantages to the beach Sari Ringgung. Spot favorite of visitors is raised sand that lies not far from Sari Ringgung. The sand is formed naturally arise in the middle of the ocean.

8. Tanjung Setia Beach

30 Best Places in Lampung

Tanjung Setia Beach is located on the west side of Lampung, Tanjung Setia Beach has one of the best waves in the world, according to the surfers who have tried the challenge of surfing at Tanjung Setia Beach. This beach is located quite far, sektiar 270 KM from Bandar Lampung. Tanjung Setia Beach is ideal for surfing. This is because the circumstances were nice and large waves for surfing. Even Tanjung Setia Beach is starting well known among foreign tourists who want to surf. Tepi Pantai Tanjung Setia also adorned by lush palm trees that provide beautiful scenery and relaxing atmosphere while waiting for waves dating. Tanjung Setia Beach is also ideal for fishing. The fish are common here is the blue marlin fish. Currently, in the Tanjung Setia Beach venue facilities already available.

9. Entertainment Beaches Tourism Ambassador

30 Best Places in Lampung

This beach is located at Jln. Admiral RE Martadinata is only about lima km on the west side of the bay Betung.Pantai Duta Wisata including beaches with rocky ledges, making it suitable for water sports activities. On weekends, there are various facilities such as jetski, banana boat, water bikes, canoes, and others. This place also provides lodges along the waterfront that can be used by visitors to relax and mingle with the family. Besides water sports and relax at the cottage, for those who have a hobby of fishing, the beach is also suitable as a fishing spot. Many things can be done in Turkish Entertainment Duta Wisata like to swim, play boat or play sand. Entertainment Beaches Tourism Ambassador menawaarkan beauty so natural.

10. Gulf Kiluan

30 Best Places in Lampung

Kiluan Bay is one of the tourist attractions in Lampung is most famous for the unique experience it offers. Kiluan Bay is located in the village of Kiluan Pekon State, District Kelumbayan, Tanggamus Lampung Province. Kiluan Bay offers the experience of seeing dolphins live in their wilayah dari. The thrill of seeing dolphins in the ocean is very different from when you see the dolphins that have been tamed. The best time to see dolphins in the Gulf Kiluan is from April to September in which was the dry season. You can also go snorkeling in the bay this Kiluan. In the Gulf Kiluan attractions also include Coral Pegadung supposedly more beautiful than Phi Phi Island.

11. Sebuku Island

30 Best Places in Lampung

Sebuku Island is located in the Sunda Strait and is one of the largest islands in the Sunda Strait that separates between Java and Sumatra, approximately dua.3 km south of the island of Sumatra. Administratively, the island Sebuku including Trump district, South Lampung. Sebuku Island is quite popular as a marine tourism destination. Here, you can enjoy the beauty of the beach, swimming, snorkeling, and diving. Sebuku Island (along with Sebesi Island) is one of the nearest island to observe Child of Krakatoa.

12. Krakatau Islands

Tourist sites in Lampung is located near the province of Banten. Archipelago krakatau you can see the active volcano with the strongest eruptions in the world, even though his stay you can learn and remember the history of how the terrible explosion could be in question. Currently the island of Krakatoa serve as educational tours in Lampung, for you will banya know how to mount the child of Krakatoa volcanic terbentu and know about. Not hnya educational aka you dapet, because the beauty of the mountains is no less charming, attractive environment for you feel and also a new atmosphere in the tour.

13. Lean Island Sulah

30 Best Places in Lampung

Lean Sulah Island is located 1 km from Bandar Lampung-lane bypass Bakauheni. The island has a relatively pristine natural potential, the shape of the island such as the cone-like dome where the entire surface of the hill slopes and met by coastal forest vegetation, such as merbau trees, hibiscus, ketapan, and so forth. The southern part of the island being split that can be used as a vehicle for rock climbing, hiking and sports that are natural challenges. Around the region Island Sulah Leaning, Leaning Land, Sea Lean, used where swimming and diving practice. You would like to linger on the lips beaches because the water is very clear, so that marine animals such as small fish already can be seen from the surface. Playing on the white beaches and beautiful while accompanied by a cool air no less intriguing.

14. Island Pahawang

30 Best Places in Lampung

Pahawang island is located in the district Punduh Pidada Pesawaran District. The island has an area of ??Approximately 1,084 hectares is divided into two islands, namely the island Pahawang Pahawang large and small islands. To visit the island Pahawang only spent about 1.Lima hours travel time from the city of Bandar Lampung crossing Ketapang to dock for the boat ride to the island Pahawang great. This island inn is quite affordable as a place to sleep before the next morning dive. If you have been to Bali and Senggigi and Gili Trawangan, the beauty of the island Pahawang is similar to places of interest for tourists in Lombok. For lovers of snorkeling, island Pahawang worth, mandatory and should be your destination of interest. Coral underwater scenery and unspoiled and beautiful.

15. Grave Island

30 Best Places in Lampung

Grave Island may sound spooky to some people, but actually the tomb area of 5 ha island is a haven for lovers of fishing activities. According to the stories of local residents, this island named Pulau Kubur because the island was once used for sowing event ashes. Located in the Bay of Lampung, the island can be reached by boat in less than 20 minutes. Bury island is relatively quiet on weekdays, but on holidays can seem quite a lot of tourists who come for fishing. Fish around Pulau Kubur are numerous and varied as there are many large coral that is the tempat dari of fish around the island tomb. Please rent a motor boat to take you fishing around high rock not far from the location of the island tomb. Then begin to swing the bait bait from a boat motors near the coral around the island. The island was once a place panburan ashes so that the island was named after the island tomb. On holidays the island is very crowded.

16. Mount Krakatau

30 Best Places in Lampung

Mount Krakatau in Lampung is a tourist place that offers not only tours of the mountains, but also marine tourism. Mount Krakatau yore had erupted in 1883, now has become a famous tourist spot. Currently the Mount Krakatau has become a natural conservation area, therefore, to enter the area of ??Mount Krakatoa, you must have permission in advance. This license can be obtained from the hall onservasi Lampung.

17. Falls Princess Shame

30 Best Places in Lampung

Shy daughter waterfall is located in the Right Way. Waterfall Princess Shame is one of the tourist attractions in Lampung which may rarely you hear his name. Niagara unique name derived from the shape of Princess Malu waterfalls are bent so that it seems like a shame. Niagara daughter Malu has a height of approximately 80 meters, is equipped with a beautiful environment and cool. Here you can also enjoy tours of rock climbing, camping, and trekking with the beauty of the unspoiled and beautiful. Besides this waterfall tourist sites place is also not far from settlements around. So the tourists do not have to worry about when visiting this place. The visitors also often find a wild strawberry plant that tastes sour.

18. Seven Waterfalls Curup

30 Best Places in Lampung

Seven Waterfalls Curup seven located in the village of Padang District Margajaya Queen. The location of this waterfall is located in the protected forest area in the village Margajaya. To reach this location can use four-wheel vehicles and subsequently with Trail bike rental to the boundaries of the protected forest where the waterfalls are located. The legend says that the beauty of waterfalls Curup Seven rival Maung Curup which is the mainstay of the tourist attractions in Palembang. Both have in common in terms of how to reach the waterfall location that must pass through the forest.

19. Way Kambas National Park

Way Kambas National Park is one of the oldest national parks in Indonesia. Way Kambas National Park is a national park that focuses on pelatihan and protection of elephants. Here you can get around by riding an elephant and watched the performances conducted by a trained elephant. In addition to elephants, Way Kambas National Park also protects some endangered animals such as the Sumatran tiger and Sumatran rhinoceros. This tourist spot until now has trained about 300 elephants have been deployed to all corners of the country. In addition to elephants, Way Kambas National Park also protects some endangered animals such as the Sumatran tiger and Sumatran rhinoceros. Way Kambas National Park is located about 2 hours drive from the city of Bandar Lampung.

20. Archaeological Park Pugung Raharjo

30 Best Places in Lampung

Raharjo Pugung Archaeological Park is a complex of cultural heritage of the past. The park is located about 52 KM from the city of Bandar Lampung, archaeological park is located in the village of Pugung Raharjo. This park has a collection of ancient relics such as stone tombs, stone table, altar stones, corpses, and others. This historical tour is less attractive to young people today, but there is no harm in trying this type of travel so as not to get bored.

21. Trump region

30 Best Places in Lampung

Trump Travel Attraction is the beach which has a special attraction for South Lampung regency, especially in the area of Trump. Districts with the shoreline more than 200 kilometers have always been a holiday destination for tourists. Trump promises not only the beauty of the bay beaches, here too there are some must-see attractions, such as visiting the National Heroes Cemetery in Radin Inten II, Way Sulfur, Batu Kapal Beach, Coastal Canti, and Bald Mountain Beach or Turkish Journalists. There is also a waterfall or waterfall Way Kalam with seven levels of waterfalls. In addition, tourism in other districts such as Krakatau travel, Trump Resort, Krakatoa, Peacock Beach Belantung, Hot Trump Way, Way Sulfur Simpur, and Laguna Beach Helau.

22. Grand Elty Krakatoa

30 Best Places in Lampung

The beach is arguably the beach were really serious in bisniskan as a tourist destination. If you dare to play with your creative side, Grand Elty Krakatoa is suitable to be a place of hunting. Clear beaches and white sand will make your photo more beautiful view with a row of chairs located along the shoreline!

23. Siger tower

30 Best Places in Lampung

Siger Tower is a unique building in yellow gold which today has become an icon of Lampung. Siger tower is beautiful yellow colored building which has now become an icon of Lampung. The tower stands pretty on top of a hill, Siger tower is the zero point Sumatra highway that has become one of the transit and attractions in Lampung. Siger Tower is building community pride Lampung province because it has a traditional architecture typical of Lampung. Indeed, this place still has not received much attention from tourists, but the tower is equipped with a variety of information including maps Lampung regencies in the province. Yellow on the roof as a signpost for users Sumatra highway. Here you can also see the view of the passing ships in the harbor Bekauheni. This place is suitable for a stopover when traveling to other provinces in Sumatra or want to Java.

24. House of Gold Lepus

30 Best Places in Lampung

House of Gold Lepus is a typical traditional house Lampung elected as cultural heritage. In the House of Gold Lepus, you can obtain a variety of information about cultural objects and fittings typical life Lampung. House of Gold Lepus, measuring 24 x 20 meters and is made ??Of wood Nangi were not spiked. Tiled imported directly from Palembang. The House of Gold Lepus was built in the mid 17th century during the reign of Minak Rio Kudu Islam. Until now, House of Gold Lepus has undergone several improvements, but retained its original form. House of Gold Lepus located at Jalan Diponegoro 56, Sukadana Hamlet, Village Sukadana, District Sukadana.

25. Taman Gita Persada Butterfly

30 Best Places in Lampung

Taman Gita Persada Butterfly is a place of recreation and the means of learning. In this park we can get to know and learn about the diversity of species of butterflies typical of Sumatran, while enjoying the beauty of the colorful wings fluttering in an unspoiled environment. We can also observe the behavior of butterflies laying eggs, feed, or copulate (mating), mangamati life cycle and metamorphosis from egg, caterpillar, chrysalis, up to an adult butterfly.

26. Taman Wisata Bumi Kedaton

30 Best Places in Lampung

Taman Bumi Kedaton Travel shades of green village with a panoramic view of the hills. This area is well known as a producer of fresh fruits such as durian, mangosteen, Duku, bananas, and pulses. Taman Bumi Kedaton Travel is located in Kampung Batu Putuk - Telok Betong Bandar Lampung, 20 minutes from downtown. There are family recreation facilities, typical house Lampung poster, suitable for casual family, small meetings oriented nature, camping on the land side of the river that flows in the area of ??Park of which comes from the slopes of Mount Betung. Arena elephant attractions available to visitors following packages elephant ride around the location of the elephant trainers who are ready to serve you, take a train elephants. Special package tracking elephants prepared for visitors as well as equestrian activities around the site, and other attractions. Collection of animals will gradually be equipped mainly with the aim of introducing more rich fauna of the archipelago, especially the Sumatran.

27. Water Park Citra Garden

30 Best Places in Lampung

Water Park Peruahan Citra Garden is located in Citra Garden, Lampung. The location was a little berbukitan Water Park adds to the beauty of this you can see the view of the open sea. Many rides rides water served as waterboom, current pool, waterpark and many other rides. If you are interested in visiting the Water Park Citra Garden you could come on Wednesday, Friday at 18:00 and 14:00 on Saturdays and Sundays was opened earlier, namely at 08:00 18.00. You do not need to worry if hungry while playing diwahana because it is already available facilities cafeteria, and there are some places that are prohibited to bring your own mekanan obliged to buy food in the cafeteria if you feel hungry and thirsty.

28. D'Mermaid. Water park

30 Best Places in Lampung

Housing Amenities Villa Bukit Tirtayasa more complete with the presence waterpark D'Mermaid. Waterpark which has a range of rides is the official soft. D'Mermaid offers 6 featured rides. Namely, big mermaid, royal mermaid, green mermaid, little mermaid, ocean street, and the sun beach. The concept brings the feel of the ocean waterpark Mermaid. This family waterpark offers a children's playground in the presence of little mermaid. Namely that exudes an air-water diverse with an ornate lamp. It will provide a different atmosphere when the water was coming from the bottom of the pool.

29. Slanik Waterpark

30 Best Places in Lampung

Slanik Lampung Waterpark is the largest waterpark Water Forum in Lampung today. Slanik Waterpark standing on the ground about 1 hectare. The extent of land is also used by managers to make various facilities so that visitors more comfortable while on vacation there. Slanik Waterpark is still relatively new. Slanik new Waterpark opened on February 6, 2016 ago and immediately greeted warmly by the people of Lampung. Visitors are always flooded Slanik Waterpark, what more when the weekend comes and the other holidays. Slanik Waterpark provide more choices for the public to determine the water travel destinations. Not merely been to Coast to play water and waterboom.

30. Green Valley Park Tourism

30 Best Places in Lampung

Green Valley Recreation Park is a tourist spot in Lampung conceptualiser nature reserve, culture and customs. There is also a recreational park, water boom and a mini zoo. Travel Green Valley is the place that is quite complete for family tourism. Water boom itself is the most favorite rides in Green Valley travel. In this place you can find a variety of animals and birds, and even some wild animals are docile, you are free to hold and a group photo. In addition, there are some rides that you can enjoy such as water, swimming pools and so on. This place is suitable for you in Bandar Lampung who want a vacation without having to leave the house too much. Usually there are performances every animal every holiday, tentunnya you can see the funny animals appear.


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