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Ambon is a city and also the capital of Maluku province. This area is also known by the name, which means city of Ambon Manise Ambon beautiful / cute / pretty. Ambon is the largest city in the Maluku islands and become central to the Maluku archipelago. Ambon is currently at the center of the port, tourism and education in the Maluku islands.

Ambon bordering the Banda Sea in the south and the Central Maluku in the east (islands Lease consisting of islands Haruku, island Saparua, island Molana, island Pombo and Nusalaut), west (petuanan country Hila, Leihitu , Central Maluku and Kaitetu, Leihitu, Central Maluku Leihitu included in the sub-district, Central Maluku) and the north (districts Sala Hutu, Central Maluku).

Ambon itself is an area that has a myriad of sights very beautiful such as natural attractions, beaches and historical attractions are all in Ambon, if you want a vacation this is where the ideal, guaranteed you will not be disappointed, especially if you are visiting with relatives, a couple or a family vacation you will be guaranteed to be more fun.

Here's 26 Best Places list in Ambon mandatory must-visit if you're visiting Ambon.

1. Liang Beach

26 Best Travel Sites in Ambon Maluku

Liang beach is also known as Hunimua beach, beach located in the village Liang Liang District of Salahutu about 40 KM from the city of Ambon. Liang beach was once named by the UN as the most beautiful beaches in Indonesia in 1991. Of course this is not without reason, the tourist attractions in this Ambon has white sand combined with crystal clear blue water that makes you never get tired of enjoying its beauty. The beach is absolutely beautiful with white sand and the water is still clear, you will make linger on this beach. Liang waves on the beach is not too high, so do not be afraid to play water at its edge. On the beach there are cliffs jutting into the sea and has a hole underneath that look like doors, cliffs hit by waves even increase the beauty of the beach, that's what's become the privilege of the Gate City Beach.

Dua.Natsepa Beach

26 Best Travel Sites in Ambon Maluku

Natsepa Beach is located in the village of Suli, Central Maluku. The distance is approximately 18 km from the center of the city of Ambon. Natsepa beach has clean white sand. Seawater is also very clear that you can see the fish swimming milling. In Natsepa beach, you can swim and play water, rent a boat and fishing on the high seas. Beach attractions Natsepa looked clean white sand with blue water. You are happy with shady beach, to visit the Natsepa. Because Arriving at the location, you will be greeted by rows of shade trees and green. Suitable for a relaxing break and those of you who want to get around also provided boats ready to take you around. One more thing you should not miss is the salad Natsepa.

3.  Coastal Gate City

26 Best Travel Sites in Ambon Maluku

Doors beach town located in the Hamlet Airlouw, District Nusaniwe, Ambon. Beaches including the most beautiful beaches in Ambon is characterized by the existence of a cliff jutting into the sea where the cliffs have a hole in the middle. The shape is similar to the gate. The beaches themselves are not too extensive with brownish white sand filled with rocks and stones. In the area there are also several spots waters, snorkeling and diving. Here too there are several huts to rest and lodging. These tourist sites are often used as a shooting location for the cover of a magazine or just capture the beautiful moments of being at this beach.

4. Relax Beach

26 Best Travel Sites in Ambon Maluku

Relaxing beach in the village of Latuhalat, Nusa Niwe, Ambon, about 17 km from the city of Ambon. Relaxing beach has white sand with beach characteristics that tend ramps. The water is clear and shallow. Because of these characteristics, more relaxing beach safe for swimming. Relaxing at the beach, you can also dive and snorkel. As the name implies, this beach is well suited to use as a recreational site. Tired and bored with the daily routine will pay off in the sights at this Ambon. For lovers of diving, beach Santai has diving operators who are ready to serve you. With records, you have to book a few days before arrival. As in most dive sites in Ambon, guide divers are not ready at all times. Some diving spots offered are quite nice and is easily accessible from the beach. Time only a few minutes by motor boat.

5. Nanseri Beach

26 Best Travel Sites in Ambon Maluku

Nanseri beach in the village of Refinery. White sand with clear sea water. Edge of the beach surrounded by rocks. In Nanseri beach, you can enjoy the beauty of colorful coral reefs in its waters, fishing, swimming, or just lounging on the beach to enjoy the charm of beauty. The activities that we can do when they visit here besides relax while enjoying the charm of nature Nanseri, we can also fishing and swimming. Address: Village Refinery.

6. Village Hukurila Beach

26 Best Travel Sites in Ambon Maluku

village Hukurila beach located at 15 km south of the city of Ambon. To reach the village Hukurila, you can use public transport. Besides the beauty of the panorama, Hukurila village also became famous thanks to the presence of underwater caves that is home to sea hare. Hukurila sea is also one of the favorite places to dive or snorkel diver. Coral reef that is home to the fish in the Sea of ??Hukurila is still beautiful. While the Coast Village Hukurila itself has black sand and rocky. Because dealing directly with the Banda Sea in the east, Turkish Hukurila into the right spot to watch the sunrise.

7.Pasir Panjang Beach

26 Best Travel Sites in Ambon Maluku

Pasir Panjang beach is also known by the name Ngurbloat Beach. This beach is located in the village of Ngilngof, the western part of the small Kei Island, approximately 20 km from Tual, Southeast Maluku regency capital. Named Pasir Panjang because the white sandy beach has a coastline of 5km. White sand is soft, such as grain flour and clear blue sea water with waves are relatively calm. Rows of palm trees also create a panorama Pasir Panjang is increasingly exotic.

8. Coastal Namalatu

26 Best Travel Sites in Ambon Maluku

Namalatu beach in the village of Latuhalat, the distance from downtown Ambon approximately 14 km to the north. From this beach you can see the direct views of the Banda sea which is the deepest sea in Indonesia. Namalatu word comes from two words meaning names names and sparks which means King. Other beautiful beaches on the island of Ambon is Namalatu beach. Some trees jutting toward the coast, giving the impression of a pretty unique for immortalized in camera shots. It is not an area of ??Liang beach, but the beach is no less captivating. Instead of white sand, beach Namalatu it full of broken rocks that are so small and clean white. Shades of sea water is unique, from the transparent white, light green, to blue. Waves on the beach is somewhat more friendly than Liang Beach. In the wave season, you still might play the water and swam off fatigue. A few meters from the beach, the ruins of the building looks a bit protruding from the surface of the water. It is a loka asli for various fish.

9. Beach Sopapei

26 Best Travel Sites in Ambon Maluku

Sopapei beach or also known by the name of Suli beach. The location of Sopapei Beach is located in the village of Suli Down with the distance quite close to Natsepa Beach. Natsepa Beach offers a beautiful sand beaches very soft, has a clear sea water and fairly long coastline which is very well suited for walking - a leisurely stroll along the shore of the beach.

10. Lelisa Beach

26 Best Travel Sites in Ambon Maluku

11. Beach Namasua

26 Best Travel Sites in Ambon Maluku

Namasua beach in the village of Naku, white sand beaches and crystal clear sea water well. Namasua beach is not as popular as the beach Liang and Natsepa. Atmosphere is pretty deserted beach is the main attraction for tourists, the beaches clean of trash pelastik and a light breeze from the small waves this beach is an added value. On this beach, tourists can snorkel to see the beauty beneath the sea. But the beauty of the beach Namasua also not inferior to beaches in other Ambon.

12. Beach Lawena

26 Best Travel Sites in Ambon Maluku

Turkish Lawena also no less beautiful with other beaches in Ambon. White sand, clear sea water and decorated with palm trees that grow at the edge of the beaches. Lawena beach in the village of Hutumuri, if you want to this beach you can reach it with a half-hour drive to the east of the city of Ambon. The beach is not too have a lot of visitors have an unusual natural beauty. Many travelers alternated sekiatar come to enjoy the scenery. Not surprisingly, this beach has been named the world's surfers paradise. The beach is overgrown palm trees in the vicinity. So it is quite shady and cool air even in a tourist enjoying the beach though.

13. Nusa Pombo

26 Best Travel Sites in Ambon Maluku

Pombo Island location is in the middle of the island of Ambon and Haruku Island, precisely in the District Salahhutu, Central Maluku regency. This place is perfect for those of you who love diving, but for those of you who can not dive you can just drive around. To reach the island you have to rent a speedboat Pombo of Tulehu. PomboSalah island of tourist sites in the city of Ambon interesting places to visit are the island Pombo. An unspoiled island, this man has not been touched extent only 4 square kilometers. For those of you who like to dive this place is perfect but who do not like diving you can also get around in this place.

14. Domestic Hot Water Tulehu

26 Best Travel Sites in Ambon Maluku

Domestic Hot Water Tulehu area located in a distance of approximately 30 KM from the center of the city of Ambon. The bathhouse is divided into two places with different temperature, the temperature is approximately between 57 to 70 degrees Celsius. Many visitors believe if soaking in hot water bathing Affairs Tulehu it can cure skin diseases and rheumatism. If after soaking feel hungry, you do not need to worry. There are plenty of food vendors ranging from boiled potatoes, boiled noodles until hot tea and coffee. After soaking in this bath, you will definitely feel more fresh and fit.

15. Hot Hatuasa

26 Best Travel Sites in Ambon Maluku

Hot Hatuasa a hot water bath with the water source comes from this hill temperatures between 57-70oC. It is located in the middle of the forest Hatuasa, with a warm bath here, we will not only feel the pleasure of the warm water but the breeze caressing the body is also refreshing. Hatuasa itself comes from two words. The first is Hatu means stone and said Asa, which means rubbing.

16. Swimming Baths Wailatu

26 Best Travel Sites in Ambon Maluku

The swimming baths with water is blue and clear pond measuring 20 x 10 meters. Almost every afternoon of the baths is always crowded with people visit. Because the location of the pool is also close to the residential area around. Wailatu name itself comes from two words namely Wai which means it is water and Latu meaning is king. So it can be interpreted bath bath Wailatu kings. And for tourists who want to bathe in the baths will not be free of charge.

17. Monuments Statues Martha Christina Tiahahu

26 Best Travel Sites in Ambon Maluku

Monuments Statues Christina Martha Tiahahu established in the city of Ambon in recognition that services heroine Martha Christina Tiahahu. He went on hunger strike and then his body was dumped into the sea. For those of you who are interested in visiting cultural attractions, monuments Statue of Christina Martha Tiahahu could be an alternative choice of your travel destination. The layout of this monument on the hill Karang Panjang, clearly visible from the center of the city of Ambon. For those of you who love culture, this place is the right choice for you. Monuments this one can be obvious when we look at it from the center of the city of Ambon.

18. Monument Pattimura

26 Best Travel Sites in Ambon Maluku

Pattimura monument was built to honor and remember the heroes of the service named Thomas Matulessy Ambon. For those of you who love culture, can visit here. Sightseeing is located not far from the football field is always bustling tourist visits. Pattimura that became a monument in the center of this bustling city will be the visitor in the afternoon, because around these places there is a nice garden with plants and flowers are always treated. So no wonder that tourists who come to be sitting on the edge of the garden while enjoying the time.

19.  Fort Ferangi

26 Best Travel Sites in Ambon Maluku

Ferangi fort is just about 300 meters from the center of the city of Ambon. Fort Ferangi a fort used as a defense, built by the Portuguese in 1575. The fort Ferangi also known as Fort Victoria or Fort City Laha, this castle is now used as a storage center in the government and spices in eastern Indonesia. This place belongs to the historic sites in Ambon. If you get into the castle area, you will be presented with cannon-sized with old age. Then once you were in the room, you will see a map of Ambon city's development over time and also relics of Dutch and Portuguese colonial era.

20. Fort Amsterdam

26 Best Travel Sites in Ambon Maluku

Amsterdam is the second fort in Ambon built after Kastee van Verre. Before becoming a fortress, tourist attractions in Ambon are storage areas spice spoils. This was one of the colonists in Ambon fort that was built in 1512. The Amsterdam shaped like a regular house consists of three floors. The first floor into the bed of the soldiers. The second floor is used as a meeting room and the third floor is a monitoring post. Aside from the third floor of the main building, there is still a tower that is also used to monitor the situation around. Amsterdam is the Dutch forts where before it becomes a fortress is a lodge belonging to the Portuguese as a storage of spices, especially nutmeg and cloves.

21. Fort Victoria

26 Best Travel Sites in Ambon Maluku

Fort Victoria is one of the strongholds of Portuguese heritage located in the district Sirimau which is the oldest fort in the city of Ambon. Victorian fort built by the Portuguese in 1775, but was later taken over by the Dutch. In this place you can see all kinds of fun things. Many local and foreign tourists who visit this tourist spot. This fortress is a fortress which has a high historical value. As a government center and close to the port that is used for transportation between islands, the Netherlands make use of this to rake in as much treasure which is then distributed to several countries in continental Europe.

22. Museum Siwalima

26 Best Travel Sites in Ambon Maluku

Siwalima Museum are located within approximately lima km from the city of Ambon. Siwalima Museum is a museum as well as museums in general in Indonesia, the museum has a wide collection of valuable objects of art and culture. In this Siwalima museum consists of two main buildings, the first building is a museum of ethnography and the second building is a museum of the Marine. In buildings that serve as the Ethnographic Museum there are various kinds of items related to art and culture derived from indigenous tribes such as the Moluccas custom clothing, household furniture, handicraft items, miniature traditional house and others. While the Maritime Museum there are various items relating to marine at that time, the museum also has 3 pieces of a giant fish skeleton that each frame has a size of about 9.17 and 19 meters.

23. Masjid Wapauwe

26 Best Travel Sites in Ambon Maluku

Wapauwe Masjid mosque is unique because the mosque was made from the stem of sago, in the building of this mosque you will never find a nail. In this mosque there is the Koran written by hand, here you can also see a scale rice that has been aged longer, once the scales used to weigh Zakat Fitrah. In addition to the uniqueness of the building materials, the mosque has other unique, a lot of people who believe that if the building of this mosque can move by itself. The mosque is quite old age, was originally built in 1414 in Wawane, but over time the mosque was later transferred to Tehala by society. Mosque building is now located in the village Wapauwe Atetu or Katetu, community building is not moved but according to the building society move themselves to Atetu dawn.

24. Shiloh Church

26 Best Travel Sites in Ambon Maluku

Shiloh Church is the oldest church in Ambon. The church is located at an intersection is also close to Tugu Trikora. The symbol of the cross and a chicken perched on top of the church tower two. When photographed with a low angle, monuments and the two towers as bersain to be the highest. If you come to Shiloh Church, a time to get into the church. Respect the church members who are worshiping if you sign.

25. Morea Desa Waai

26 Best Travel Sites in Ambon Maluku

Morea Waai village is a one of the unique attractions. This is unique from Waai village, where a class of Morea and fish live side by side with the community. The aquatic animals will usually swim calmly in the gap leg citizens who were bathing or washing clothes. Morea is the usual meal of chicken eggs. You can feed it to buy chicken eggs on the surrounding residents. Communities around calling Morea as the landlords. According to the legend or a story that circulated widely in the community, there Morea is using earrings is king

26. Peace Gong

26 Best Travel Sites in Ambon Maluku

Peace Gong Gong world peace Ambon City is world peace gong 39th. Located close to the Office of the Governor of Maluku and Freedom Square. Gong was created with the aim of commemorating the tragedy that happened in Ambon triggered by SARA. The peace gong was inaugurated by Mr. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono as president of the republic of Indonesia at the time, when he was still serving as head of state. And was warmly welcomed by the community and the world. World Peace Gong has been in place in some areas of Bali, Palu, etc. The purpose of World Peace Gong is so that no more war, sara conflict, terrorism, etc. In Ambon, the gong is located at the Merdeka Square. World Peace Gong, one of the symbols of post-conflict peace-issue among residents of Ambon SARA.


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