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Mojokerto is an area located in the province of East Java. Mojokerto divided into two regions of Mojokerto and Mojokerto. Mojokerto is a town located 50 km southwest of Surabaya. Mojokerto is the city with the smallest area in East Java and the whole territory bordering the Mojokerto regency. Mojokerto is the 10th oldest area in East Java province. The district borders in the north Lamongan, Gresik; Sidoarjo regency; and Pasuruan in the east, Malang and Batu in the south, and Jombang in the west.

Mojokerto itself is an area that has a myriad of sights very beautiful such as natural attractions, beaches and historical attractions are all in Mojokerto, if you want a vacation this is where the ideal, guaranteed you will not be disappointed, especially if you are visiting with relatives, a couple or a family vacation you will be guaranteed to be more fun.

Here's 24 Best Places list in Mojokerto mandatory must-visit if you're visiting Mojokerto.

1. . Mount Penanggungan

24 Best Places in Mojokerto in East Java

Mount Penanggungan in the area of ??Trawas, Mojokerto regency is a volcano that is experiencing a period of inactivity alias sleep. Traveler could climb to the top which is located at an altitude of 1,653 meters above sea level and see the natural beauty of this city from there. Interestingly area around the mountain is to save the historical sites of high value. In nearly all the slopes there are a variety of archaeological heritage, both temples, the Hermitage, and petirtaan of Hindu-Buddhist period in East Java. At the time of that kingdom Penanggungan mountain called Mount Pawitra which means fog. This refers to the peak to the mountain slopes are often covered by a white fog that make a traveler feel being in the clouds. For the traveler who wants to climb to the top provided dua route, first through Desa Trawas Tamiajeng in the region, or that both could make the climb to the start Mojosari.

2. Waterfall Coban Canggu

24 Best Places in Mojokerto in East Java

Coban Canggu Waterfall marupakan one waterfall tour that calm in Mojokerto, Coban Canggu Waterfall has approximately 70 meters in height and is at a height of approximately 800 asl. Natural scenery in suguhkan in Coban Canggu sunguh outstanding in Coban Canggu you feel the coolness of fresh air and feel calm guarantee you will linger in these places but that you also can feel the fresh waterfall with a shower or bath in the tourist areas Coban Canggu. You can also spend the night in the area around the waterfall because here are widely available form the villa a comfortable lodging for you and your family.

3. Niagara Dlundung

24 Best Places in Mojokerto in East Java

Niagara Dlundung is ideally suited for those who love the natural atmosphere is cool and soothing missed the natural atmosphere. Still located in the District Trawas in Mojokerto if you come to the village Kemloko then you can find a natural attraction in the form of a beautiful waterfall. Waterfall known as the waterfall Dlundung. The waterfall is not very high but enough to make the atmosphere around the waterfall into the cool, good for those of you who need fresh air after the tired city filled with air pollution. Many activities can be done in the waterfall tourism Dlundung of which visitors can enjoy the freshness of the waterfall and you can also take pictures with his family and relatives. Waterfall Dlundung region there are also several support facilities among which is the bathroom, food stalls, there are also outbound.

4. Waterfall Grenjengan

24 Best Places in Mojokerto in East Java

Niagara Grenjengan located to the south of a hot water bath Padusan. All the way to the waterfall, you will always see the pine trees to the right of the left path. For those of you who claim to nature lovers never miss visiting this waterfall because it can be passed on foot, while enjoying the natural scenery is so beautiful. Loaksi Arriving at the waterfall, you can enjoy tinkering with clear water, cool, and refreshing. For those of you who bring children are always extra mengasinya to be always safe, especially when playing around the water there. You can visit it together all family members, friends, or the people closest. Between the hot water bath with two waterfalls close enough to the intended location.

5. Swimming Segaran

24 Best Places in Mojokerto in East Java

Swimming Segaran located in District Trowulan, Mojokerto which is believed as one of the relics of the Majapahit Kingdom. The pool has a very large size that is considered as one symbol or evidence of the triumph of Kraton Majapahit at the time. Even today, Segaran pool in the village Segaran regarded as the greatest ancient pond that exist in Indonesia. Pool which currently is one of the greatest fields because it has a length of about 375 m and a height of about 1.5 m pool. By looking at the magnitude of the pond can be seen also how the kingdom of Majapahit kingdom became very triumphed in Indonesia. The pool is still well maintained and many become a place visited by tourists who come to the city of Mojokerto.

6. Thermal Baths Ubalan

24 Best Places in Mojokerto in East Java

Hot Water Ubalan that is located in the village of Padusan and still be in the same location the District Pacet, Mojokerto. In this place, you can also invite children to play on the playground and see the fish with a calm and beautiful. Baths are berloasi in SESA is suitable padusan you visit with family, because this place is family attractions in mojokerto. Surely it would be nice if you come to this tourist spot along with the family, because the baths there is not just a regular bath, but there is a simple rides like slides, which certainly favored by your children.

7. Hot Water Padusan

24 Best Places in Mojokerto in East Java

Padusan Thermal Bath is one of the natural attractions in the village Padusan, Pacet in the village there is a water source heat from the foothills Welirang are quite popular. Therefore, a tourist attraction that one is called a hot water bath Padusan such as the location name. Not only popular in the community and Mojokerto Pacet only. However, almost all people in East Java is also familiar with these baths. Some people even believe by soaking in a pool of hot water can relieve various skin diseases and bone diseases.

8. Temple Kedaton

24 Best Places in Mojokerto in East Java

Kedaton temple is located on the left side Kedaton site, at the bottom of the temple there is a pavilion in the form of a flat square shape like an ancient pavilion made with red brick with a height of about dua meters. Visitors can also see the archaeological excavation suspected as the rest of the dwelling residents who at the time lived in the era of the Majapahit Kingdom. Excavation of the site is indeed quite extensive Kedaton but excavation at this place is just covered with zinc low that at some point the visitors had to withstand the heat and must bend the head.

9. temple  Queen Bajang

Candi Queen Bajang located in District Trowulan. More precisely, one of the temples Trowulan relics of the Majapahit Kingdom in Mojokerto Temon Village is located in the region. This temple is a temple that is quite popular in Mojokerto and many made the event selfie photo for a young child in East Java itself and also tourists from outside the area. Unfortunately, the temple is not known for certain who made this temple, the year of manufacture of the temple, the function of this temple in ancient times as well as other aspects relating to this temple. The roof shape resembles a stair gate up and down and is similar to the entrance gate into the kingdom of Majapahit.

10. Temple Brahu

24 Best Places in Mojokerto in East Java

Brahu is one of the temples in Mojokerto which is still located in the area Trowulan archaeological site, the former capital of Majapahit. The temple is housed in Hamlet cashew, Bejijong Village, District Trowulan, Kab. Mojokerto or approximately 2 km to the north of jl. Highway Mojokerto - Jombang. Origin of the name of this temple, which is

11. Rat Temple

24 Best Places in Mojokerto in East Java

Rat Temple is one of the historical tourist destination in Mojokerto. Candi Tikus is located in the village of Temon, like Candi Bajang Queen. Candi Tikus shape different from the shape of most temples in general where the temple is located in the middle of the pond water. To go to this place, visitors must travel a distance of 13 km from the city center Mojokerto. To get here, visitors can take the highway until Jombang Mojokerto, having reached the intersection Trowulan you turn to the east, you will pass Segaran pool and the location of the temple on the east side temple Bajangratu.

12. Temple Wringin Lawang

24 Best Places in Mojokerto in East Java

Wringin temple located in the district Trowulan. This temple is very suitable if a visit with family or close relatives. The temple is precisely located in the village of Jati market. This temple was also entrusted by society Mojokerto as one of the relics of the kingdom of Majapahit temple, from the many relics of the kingdom in Mojokerto can be seen that this kingdom is very powerful in his time first. The temple is still well maintained, the temple was having an orange-colored walls that contrast with the green surroundings.

13. Temple Jolotunda Mojokerto

24 Best Places in Mojokerto in East Java

Jolotunda temple is one of the objects of historical sights in mojokerto. According to historians Temple Jalatunda said as petirtaan prepared for the King Udayan, that a King Bali who will marry the daughter Gunapriyadharmapatni of Java. And their marriage was born Airlangga. Jalatunda temple made of stone with a size of 13.52 meters wide, 16.85 meters long by 5.2 meters high. Gempeng there is writing on the wall to the left rear of the temple, there was also an inscription on the southeast corner. The temple is situated on the slopes of Mount Bekal, Seloliman Rural District of Trawas.

14. Site Kedaton

24 Best Places in Mojokerto in East Java

Site Kedaton is a complex consisting of several ancient buildings batau is built with stone and the rest of the building of the kingdom of Majapahit in the 13th century. Site is located in the hamlet Kedaton Kedaton, Sentonorejo Village, District Trowulan, Mojokerto. Which can be found here is that you will find remnants of Kedaton temple made of red brick. Allegedly it had been built since the 13th century and are the remnants of the Majapahit Kingdom. In this Kedaton Site visitors can also see the Well Upas besides Kedaton temple.

15. Site Trowulan

24 Best Places in Mojokerto in East Java

Trowulan is one of the largest travel history. This is where we can see the remnants of the glory that once ruled the kingdom of Majapahit in Java. Various archaeological objects such as temples, tombs and the pool in the complex we can see Trowulan Site. Location of the complex is located in the largest Trowulan Trowulan village, district Trowulan. The wide reach of 100 km². Trowulan largest in the region we can visit some temples like Brahu, Temple Menak Orange, Candi Tikus, Kedaton Temple and the Temple of Queen Bajang. In addition to the various temples, there are some other object such as gate Wringin Lawang, Pendopo Majapahit, Princess Spot Cempa.

16. Archaeological Heritage Preservation Hall

17. Museum Trowulan

24 Best Places in Mojokerto in East Java

Trowulan Museum is one of the famous archaeological museum in Mojokerto, precisely in the Village Trowulan, District Trowulan. There is a wide collection of relics of the Majapahit Kingdom in full. As you know that the kingdom of Majapahit kingdom is highly triumphed first in Indonesia. This kingdom has an important role in building this country first. In addition, the historical remains of the royal Singasari, Kediri and also Kahuripan can be seen collection in this museum. It could be said that this museum is a museum that is very extensive so you must visit when you have the opportunity to come to Mojokerto.

18. Great Hall Trowulan

24 Best Places in Mojokerto in East Java

Trowulan Great Hall is one of the travel history. Trowulan Great Hall in the village of Temon Mojokerto. Here each year many tourists who come and located not far from the museum Trowulan. So if you come to a stop at the museum Trowulan without the great pavilion Trowulan then it does not complete. Trowulan in the great pavilion, from the front gate you will be greeted by the main door entrance to the marquee which is similar to the entrance in the holy places in Bali. You will not regret it if you come to this tourist spot.

19. Tomb Troloyo

24 Best Places in Mojokerto in East Java

Troloyo tomb is one of the destinations historic attractions are worth a visit and managed to create a special attraction for those who visit it. The tomb is located in the District Trowulan, more precisely in the area Sentonorejo are often used as tourist attractions pilgrimage by people or tourists. Troloyo tomb is believed to be the tomb of Sunan Ampel grandfather known by the name of Sayyid Muhammad Jumadil Qubro. The tomb complex is a place of ancient Islamic or eat. Judging from the gravestone is written there, showing his birth in 1350 until the year 1478. If judging from the birth until his death he lived in the reign of the kingdom of Majapahit.

20. Reco Lanang

24 Best Places in Mojokerto in East Java

Reco Lanang was in the village Kemloko, Trawas namely a statue of Buddha called Reco Lanang. In Indonesian "reco lanang" means the male statue. Arca residing in this place is a Buddha who is in a position Aksobya Buddha. Similar to the statues found at Borobudur. Arca which has a height of 5.7 meters is an illustration of one of the Buddha Dhani. About 50 meters from Reco Lanang we'll find another statue that Reco Wadhon who plays his stomach. In the presence of two statues of Buddha in the village Kemloko, some have argued that this village was once the center of making statues in the kingdom of Majapahit

21. Mahavihara Majapahit Sleeping Buddha Statue

24 Best Places in Mojokerto in East Java

Mahavihara Majapahit is one of the sights that are unique and interesting. Because there, you will see the sleeping Buddha statue that is synonymous with the Buddhist place of worship. The statue is located next to the monastery, has a large size and become golden sleeping Buddha statues in the world's third largest. This is exactly what became one of my attraction for tourists who visit the site. The slaves statue precisely located in the village of Bejijong Trowulan. So the people who come there not just want to worship, non-Buddhist people can come to the place to see the uniqueness of the famous Buddha statue.

22. Fire Eternal

24 Best Places in Mojokerto in East Java

Tourist attraction Eternal Fire is one of the attractions peningalan Majapahit empire, historically outstanding "Eternal Flame" Majapahit kingdom was once used to make weapons and equipment empire. If you want to visit these places you can come in Tempuran village, hamlet Bekucuk, District Soko, East Java Mojokerto regency, if from the heart of Mojokerto approximately within 3 Km. A great time to enjoy the beauty of travel "Eternal Fire" is at night because at night the fire will be visible and you can feel the beauty of it.

23. Joglo Park

24 Best Places in Mojokerto in East Java

Joglo Park is a tourist spot that offers arena Pacet baths and water games. Tourist attraction of this one was recently established, so that the physical building still looks new. In the main building is shaped Javanese Joglo house. Therefore, the place is called Joglo Park Pacet. It is suitable for a family holiday, especially for small children who like to play a lazy river course and in bathing. Some equipment can be rented from the manager there at quite reasonable prices. You as parents should always supervise their children when playing around. This was done to anticipate things that are not desirable. Therefore, never forget to visit Joglo Park Pacet during a visit to East Java.

24. Pacet Mini Park

24 Best Places in Mojokerto in East Java

Pacet Mini Park is a recreational vehicle that became an icon in Pacet travel. His trademark was a statue of a giant iguana. Quite popular in Mojokerto and the surrounding areas as garden sculptures of various animals. Moreover, in the tourist complex there is also a water park rides, a wide variety of children's games, car ATV, as well as outbound locations that can be used on children aged up to people. It must be very fun and exciting while on vacation in Pacet mini park. In fact, there was no famous culinary Lesbian buoyant. A place to eat that was designed and erected on the lake, so that it is floating on the water. You can enjoy a variety of cuisines and drinks are tempting, as he sat cross-legged feel the sensation of floating on the water, must be very pleasant.


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