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Ternate is an area that is under the foot of the volcano Gamalama on an island of Ternate in North Maluku province. Ternate became an autonomous city since August 4, 2010, and became the capital of North Maluku province while until Sofifi which became the capital on the island of Halmahera ready infrastructure.

Ternate itself is an area that has a myriad of sights very beautiful such as natural attractions, beaches and historical attractions are all in Ternate, if you want a vacation this is where the ideal, guaranteed you will not be disappointed, especially if you are visiting with relatives, a couple or a family vacation you will be guaranteed to be more fun.

Here's 23 Best Places list in Ternate mandatory must-visit if you're visiting Ternate.

1. Turkish Sulamadaha

23 Best Places in Ternate of North Maluku

Sulamadaha beaches are black sand beaches located in the village Sulamadaha, District of Ternate Island, or about 15 km from Kota Ternate. The beach directly opposite the Hiri Island is quite well-known and frequently visited by tourists, but it is next to the beach sulamadaha there is a bay or a hol with clear water where you can immediately see the coral beneath. On one side of the beach there is a narrow cove surrounded by shady trees and cool. The water is clear and lucid make our eyes can see clearly underwater life. This beach can be used snorkel. For those who do not have the tools do not worry because it provided rental equipment for snorkeling.

Dua. Turkish Bobane Ici

23 Best Places in Ternate of North Maluku

Turkish Bobaneha Aftador Ici located in the Village District of beach, located approximately 20 km to the south. The waves are fierce and filled with large rocks, making tourists are advised not to swim here. But do not worry, this place is equipped with facilities such as lodging, food stalls edge of the beach and pool. The hidangan is a meal of grilled fish is mandatory if we visit this place. Conditions hungry stomach, and treated to the sound of the waves and breezes add a delicious lunch atmosphere.

Tiga. Coastal Tobololo

23 Best Places in Ternate of North Maluku

Tobololo beach is a white sandy beach in Ternate, its location in the Village Tobololo, District of Ternate Island, or about 20 minutes from downtown. In addition to offering white sandy beaches, beach tablolo there are also hot springs located not known traveler, at low tide the coral wiaatawan can see that sticking to the surface as far as tens of meters.

4. Turkish Jikomalamo

Turkish Jikomalamo many people may not know, this beach is one spot in the eclectus the best snorkeling. Here you can see the beauty of the underwater world, but you do not damage the coral termbu which is home ads in Ternate. Jikomalamo beach is clean white sandy beaches with white sand stretch of approximately 100 meters.  Located in a sheltered bay directly opposite the Hiri Island opposite, making this Jikomalamo beach looks very beautiful. According to the story the locals Jikomalamo name is taken from the name of the village in the island Hiri.

Lima. Beach Kahona

23 Best Places in Ternate of North Maluku

Turkish Kahona perhaps not many people know, but you do not worry you can ask the local community. What is unique about this beach is the big rock that has a hole in its center which is right on the beach.

6. Beach Kastela

23 Best Places in Ternate of North Maluku

The beach adjacent to Fort Kastela Kastela you can find in the city of Ternate. The place is rarely visited by tourists, but it has its own beauty. Located near the castle Gamlamo and Monuments Sultan Khairun. This beach is a natural and historical attractions. Here visitors can enjoy a beautiful sea view under the cool trees and the sunset at dusk.

7. Beach Sasa

23 Best Places in Ternate of North Maluku

Sasa beach is a very beautiful beach. The beauty of the beach is not in doubt is the coolest beach anyway that you should datangin. The landscape is very beautiful, once it comes guaranteed you will certainly endure - long in this beach.

8. Gamalama

23 Best Places in Ternate of North Maluku

Mount Gamalama also have myths and outstanding natural beauty. The trip to Mount Gamalama can be reached by traveling overland for 30 minutes from the center of Kota Ternate. To climb Mount Gamalama, climbers must be an even number because people eclectus believe if climbing with an odd number, then one of them will be wretched. Lots of natural beauty that you can see, from the expanse of cloves and nutmeg plantations along the slope, forest green and spacious, as well as the scenic beauty of the island of Ternate, Halmahera Island, Pulau Tidore and the expanse of blue sea which can be seen from its peak.

9. Maitara and Tidore Island

23 Best Places in Ternate of North Maluku

Maitara and Tidore Island is one of the popular tourist spot in Ternate. Not complete it if to Ternate not visit the spot that has been known through the denomination of one cent. To reach the destination, we need to move towards the south to a place called Gambesi. Arriving at Gambesi for those who bring a motor vehicle required to park them on the street. After that we must walk to get down people's homes and small forests are found in every village to get to the beach.

10. Laguna Lake

23 Best Places in Ternate of North Maluku

Laguna Lake is one of the lakes in Ternate is located in the village Ngade, Village Fitu, Southern District of Kota Ternate, because it is located in the village of Ngade the Laguna Lake is also often referred to as Lake Ngade. Laguna Lake is very fascinating when seen from a height, travelers will see a view of the lake lagoon with background Maitara Island and Pulau Tidore. Laguna lake is in the right on the waterfront. Here you can see hamaran, green trees and the blue sea, in addition you can also see gagahnya mountain on the island eclectus.

11. Tolire

23 Best Places in Ternate of North Maluku

Tolire is a large lake with a backdrop of Mount Gamalama. The view on the lake is certainly quite attractive. When the water in the lake Tolire dark green. The lake is located in North Ternate, around 10 kilometers from the city center. There are 2 Tolire, Small Tolire dark is right on the beach and Tolire Large green. Traces of volcanic activity can still be seen in this lake. To visit Tolire Great, we had to walk about 300 meters from the main road. Around Tolire, we will be presented with a view that is both beautiful and creepy. Surface water is light green in color alongside a towering cliff walls surrounding the water surface. In Tolire Great, we can find various kinds of fish here.

12. Gulf Jailolo

23 Best Places in Ternate of North Maluku

Jailolo Bay is well known as a place for diving. Panorama of the underwater world in the form of large reef fish and colorful with clear water into the ultimate appeal. Additionally, you can also dive in the area Sulamadaha Beach, even in the sea next to the mall and in front of the Great Mosque Ternate. Both Maluku and North Maluku is the most amazing place for maritime tourism activities because of the condition of waters are still very awake. You can also dive in areas such as the South Halmahera Island Gunange / Makian, Guraichi Islands, Saleh, to Bacan Island. Several other diving sites on the island of Halmahera is in East Halmahera, Vedas and Morotai.

13. Angus Stone

23 Best Places in Ternate of North Maluku

Angus Stone is a pile of leftover lava eruption of Mount Gamalama which has been turned into a stone that looks looks like a stone charred, its location was Ternate edge of the highway about 10 km from Kota Ternate. In addition to presenting the lava that has become stone, from where tourists can see the summit of Mount Gamalama and azure Ternate. In addition Attraction in Angus Stone there is a historical site of the death of a Japanese soldier who was killed by his parachute that did not open normally during jumps from planes in 1945. But unique, these rocks are black like scorched. Reportedly, the angus stone are the remnants of lava eruption of Mount Gamalama in the 17th century.

14. Fort Kastela

23 Best Places in Ternate of North Maluku

Kastela Fortress is a stronghold of Portuguese heritage located on Highway fortress Kastela Santo Paulo, Kastela village. The location of this fort is in the north. Kastela Fortress Fortress is also commonly called Gam Lamo is the designation of Mount Gamalama. The fortress was built by Antonio de Brito in 1521 under the name of Nostra Senora del Rosario was built in stages followed by Garcia Henriques in 1525 and continued by Gonzalo Periera until finally resolved by Jorge de Gastro in 1540 when entered into the castle , we welcomed a monument as a welcome greeting with a huge statue of cloves. Looking further into there is a relief that described the killing of Sultan Khaerun.

15. Fort Tolukko

Fort Tolukko or currently known as Fort Hollandia. The fortress was built in 1540 by a Portuguese commander was once used as a defense against the Spaniards who were pounding the island of Ternate. In addition, the fort was also used as a place to bring the Maluku people fleeing from the Spanish attack to come back to stay in this place. Besides Fort Tolukko, there is also the Fort Kalumata and Fort Bernaveld.

16. Fort Kalamata

23 Best Places in Ternate of North Maluku

Fort Kalamata is a bastion of Portuguese heritage who is now a historical tourist attraction in Ternate, its location in the Red Wood Village, District of South Ternate. This fort also has many names, in addition to Fort Kalamata, this fortress is also known as the Red Fort Wood or Fort of Santa Lucia. Besides these two there is another castle fortress that can be visited such as Fort Oranje and Fort Kastela. If you notice, Fortress is designed to resemble a home-made Portuguese the four winds that had four bastions pointed end and has a viewfinder hole.

17. Fort Oranje

23 Best Places in Ternate of North Maluku

Orange fortress or a fort Oranje Dutch heritage and are among the first built in Indonesia. This fort was established on May 26, 1607, was founded by Cornelis Matclief de Jonge and named by Francois Witlentt in 1609 or during the reign of Sultan Mudafar. The initial name of this fort is a stronghold of Malay, because the castle was built on the Portuguese fort at that time used by the Malays. The location of this castle is very strategically located in the center of the city of Ternate, the village Gamalama.

18. Promise City Fortress

23 Best Places in Ternate of North Maluku

Named the fortress city of promise because the castle was once a witness as a place used for a peace treaty between Sultan Khairun with the Portuguese governor at the time. Fortress was founded in the year. Historically, the fortress city of Promise was built in 1532 by the Portuguese and was named Fort San Jao. However, due to the killing of Sultan Khairun of Ternate, the Portuguese were expelled from the island of Ternate by the Sultanate of Ternate, who was led by Sultan Babullah in 1575. The fort was then occupied by Spanish troops led Governor Don Pedro de Acuna coming from Manila in 1606 who wanted to master Ternate Island.

19. Kedaton Sultanate of Ternate

23 Best Places in Ternate of North Maluku

Kedaton Sultanate of Ternate is one of Ternate City History. To look around and know the history of the Sultanate of Ternate it can request a guide service which is often located in the palace courtyard. Inside the palace building too many historic relics that are deliberately displayed to resemble the rooms in the museum. Goods of history on display, among other things, the cloak gift of the King of Saudi Arabia, which is a twin palm Raja Sangir tribute to the Sultan of Ternate in 1750, and others. The palace is also stored in the Prince Sultan. The hair on the crown supposedly despite decades continue to grow, although not worn the crown. On the front halaman of the palace every morning always done raising of three flags, while decreasing the flag is done at dusk. Procession raisings and the decline is always right to do at 6 am and 6 pm, both at the time of heat or storms.

20. Masjid Sultan Ternate

23 Best Places in Ternate of North Maluku

Eclectus Sultan Mosque is the first destination when the

21. Masjid Al Munawwaroh Ternate

23 Best Places in Ternate of North Maluku

Masjid Al Munawwaroh built by the government of Ternate city on the shoreline of the city. The mosque is so charming. seen from the sea, with two towers was built above the sea, provides beautiful scenery. Masjid Raya AlMunawaroh now a city landmark eclectus.

22. Parks Nukila

23 Best Places in Ternate of North Maluku

The park is taken based on the name of one's consort of the Sultan of Ternate (Rainah Boki King / Nukila) is in the middle of town eclectus. The park is equipped children's playground that makes the park crowded in the visit of citizens.

23. The Wonder Island Ternate

23 Best Places in Ternate of North Maluku

Ternate Wonder Island  Situated in the tourist area in North Maluku province, right next to the castle Kalumata, Ternate Wonder Island is a tourist rides and water games which have been built in stages I and completed in 2013.  Construction of Wonder Island Ternate takes up to 2 years with some of the obstacles that occur in the field both technical and non technical issues. But the experts who have been dedicated in his work, all the problems that occur can be handled properly.


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