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Madison is a region in East Java province. Madison itself is located 169 km West of Surabaya, or 114 km East of Surakarta. Madiun has the nickname City Girl, City Brem, Student City, City railroad, Pecel City, City of Culture, City of Literature, and City of Industry.

Many people were surprised by the name of the City of Madison, City Girl. Actually madiun city girl does not mean madiun many beautiful girls. The girl stands alone in the form of trade, education and industry. Once before using the name of the city madiun girl, wearing madiun rise madiun name which means it is clean, safe, beautiful and orderly.

Madison itself is an area that has a myriad of sights very beautiful such as nature and historical attractions are all in Madiun, if you want a vacation this is where the ideal, guaranteed you will not be disappointed, especially if you are visiting with relatives, couples and families you will be guaranteed to be more fun holiday.

Here's 16 Best Places list in Madiun mandatory must-visit if you're visiting Madison

1. Mount Wilis

16 Best Places in Madiun in East Java

Mount Wilis is one of the mountain in East Java are challenging to climb though not too high. Moreover, the mountain has several peaks with hiking paths of several cities. One hiking terali to roam through the village of Mount Wilis is Kare, Kare subdistrict, Madiun. To start the climb, you can report first to the clerk at the post Kempo located in a coffee plantation Kandangan after passing through the village of Kare. Furthermore, you can continue the journey by motorcycle or ride motorcycles up to the hamlet Pulosari. After that, then you start trekking to the summit. Mount Willis is known for its thick forest and its wildlife, along the way we will be treated to views very beautiful, often found wildlife, hills, waterfalls and valleys.

2. Niagara Seweru

16 Best Places in Madiun in East Java

Niagara Seweru is the natural attractions that can be visited Madiun. Niagara Seweru located at an altitude of about 400 meters above sea level. This waterfall is located on the slopes of Mount Wilis. The location of this waterfall is located in the area of coffee plantations, in the village Kandangan Kare, Kare subdistrict, Madiun. Besides known as the Waterfall Sewuru, this waterfall also has another name that serondo or kedung night. Sources of water that forms a waterfall coming from the bottom of the mountain and appear above the green trees and cool. Below it there is a natural pool that seemed to call us to swim, the path to this location is not too good. A good idea to make use of the motorcycle. Before entering the waterfall area, from the car park you also have to do trackking about 1 km down a steep footpath.

3. Niagara Krecekan Denu

16 Best Places in Madiun in East Java

Niagara Krecekan Ndenu mill is located in the hamlet, village Kepel, Kare subdistrict, Madiun. This waterfall is located not far from Tours Grape. To reach the waterfall is localized, you are facilitated by the already more refined with asphalt. The range of about 20 KM from the city center although the water discharge is not so heavy but high waterfall about 20 meters has its own beauty. Here you can enjoy the waterfalls with the feel of the mountains and the beautiful mountain scenery, as well as crystal clear water surrounded by rocks will make every visitor want to take pictures.

4. Niagara Banyulawe Dong

16 Best Places in Madiun in East Java

Banyulawe waterfall is located in the hamlet Gligi, Village Kepel, Kare subdistrict, Madiun. Waterfall which is right behind the slope Wilis Mountains offers a cool atmosphere typical of the mountains that will make you relax uncontrollably. Niagara is already frequented even around the waterfall area has also been set up stalls hawking food. To enjoy the freshness of the waterfall Banyulawe. Waterfall Banyulawe simple but charming. This waterfall is hidden in the woods in the village Kepel Kare subdistrict. It was not easy to find this waterfall, but if you stray, you can capitalize on GPS alias Use Population About to ask.

5. Niagara Kucur

16 Best Places in Madiun in East Java

Niagara Kucur Located in the Village Pucang Padas District of Palm Village Merchandise Madison County, including a new waterfall known. New in 2008, this waterfall is known masyaraka, because this waterfall includes an artificial waterfall. According to the first story in the hamlet Pucang Sawit population is very difficult to meet water needs even though at the foot of the mountains are beautiful Wilis to meet the need for clean water in the dry season. Niagara-rise - the rate there are 4 levels, on top of this waterfall has a height of 15-20 meters, for others only have a height of 2-3 meters.

6. Nature Grape

16 Best Places in Madiun in East Java

Grape is one of the attractions of natural shades. Based diarea slopes of Mount Wilis precisely Grantham Village, District Wungu, Madiun. Here you can enjoy a rural area in such a way that gives a chance to become a tourist spot that invites visitors can again enjoy the atmosphere of the rural nature, in this place there is also a natural spring water comes from the mountains Dungus. There was also the interesting activities that you can do here are biking, rock climbing, hiking, and even camping. Grape Attraction is on the edge of teak forest. Grape Attraction is suitable as a family vacation spot. Tourist attractions in Madiun vehicle is presenting an assortment of games, such as children's playground, fishing spots, even providing a place for camping, and many other rides.

7. Reservoir Bening Widas

16 Best Places in Madiun in East Java

Bening Widas reservoir is in the form of a dam located in the hamlet Petung Pajajaran Village, District consciousness located about 40 km from Koa Madiun. Although only a reservoir, the place is commonly used as a tourist spot for local residents. Particularly travel with their families on weekends. In these places tourists can do some activities such as canoing, camping or just fishing. Mempunyia vast reservoirs of up to 860 kilometers, you can enjoy facilities such as fishing pond, kiosks, playgrounds, restaurants, lodging, dock their boats along which you can use to enjoy the entire reservoir. The main attraction in this Bening Dam is you can relax ria, fishing, around the dam with boat hire, so you can enjoy the panoramic beauty that is in the dam.

8. reservoir Kedungbrubus

16 Best Places in Madiun in East Java

Kedungbrubus Reservoir is a dam that is located in the District Pilangkenceng, Madison County and directly adjacent to Bojonegoro. This dam began dibnagun in 2008 that functioned as a means of supporting irrigation and water resources. Kedungbrubus reservoirs located around the hamlet Kedungbrubus. The function of this reservoir is the place to stem the flow of river water. These reservoirs than as a place to store the water of the river as a means of irrigation, also used as tourist attractions in Madiun. On the edge of the reservoir there are food stalls that provide grilled fish, so while enjoying a typical fish from the reservoirs, while visitors can also enjoy the beauty of teak forests around the reservoir.

9. Historic sites Nglambangan

16 Best Places in Madiun in East Java

Site Nglambangan is a heritage site of Majapahit kingdom located in the village Nglambangan, Wungu subdistrict, Madiun. In this place there is a temple that is used to store multiple inheritance. Every night 1 Suro, this place is also used by the local community as a traditional ceremony. There are a number of buildings and artifacts that are still maintained until now, sepertiPura sexual intercourse, Watu Dakon used for storing heirlooms, punden, barns, ancient wells, as well as Spring vase. Coming to this place, you will be invited back to wade past and imagine the heyday Nusantara kingdoms in the past.

10. Wildlife Tourism Bannerman

16 Best Places in Madiun in East Java

Wildlife Tourism in the village Glonggong Bannerman, Dolopo districts within 20 km towards the south of the city of Madison. You need to know, this is a tourist park Bannerman Dutch heritage know. Here there are a lot of games like roller coaster, kora-kora, windmills, and games like. Here there is also a swimming pool, guesthouse, kecil zoo, restaurant, children's playground and a source of sulfur water. For those who want to spend the night in this place also disedikan venue. Unlike the other parks in general, Bannerman Park offers natural beauty and something different. The advantages of this park is located so by nature. Bannerman garden flanked by two ravines on both sides. Bannerman park also has clean air free from pollution and water is cool and clear. Do not miss this place when you visit Madison.

11. Monument crackle

16 Best Places in Madiun in East Java

Grantham monument located in the village of Grantham District of Wungu is approximately 8 km to the City of Madison. This place is commonly used as a picnic area for residents of Madison. Suasan shady, shady trees and cool air is very fitting to conduct a picnic. On October 1, in this place always held a ceremony to commemorate Kesaktian Pancasila by Regency Madiun and attended by participants from all over Madison County and the City of Madison. Monuments Grantham also has adequate facilities untu the visitors who come to this place, the facilities provided are as follows supermarket, jogging track, restaurant, children's toys, and MCK.

12. Garden Tomb and Old Mosque

16 Best Places in Madiun in East Java

At Jl. Madiun Asahan there is a cultural heritage that is quite interesting to visit. This cultural heritage is located in the complex Garden Tomb and Old Mosque. As the name implies, in this place there is a classic nan ancient mosque still standing. Although ancient, the mosque also have the terkini touches such as a wall, instead of wood. Even so, the majority part of the mosque was made of wood. Including support columns in the form of round logs. This mosque has been there since 1754. In the mosque there is the tomb Kanjeng Kyai Ageng Mohamad Kholfah no less old-fashioned

13. Snacks Industry First Brem Madiun

16 Best Places in Madiun in East Java

Brem yellow with fresh cold taste typical, is suitable to the climate Madiun little heat. It is suitable for all guests to return from Madiun to bring souvenirs Snacks First Brem Madiun. When viewed at a glance, this Brem just a slab of white that looks unattractive. But once tasted, well, it feels not want to stop when they have not been exhausted. Brem was created darisari fermented glutinous rice, extracted juice is then deposited, cooked and dried until hardened. It was a sweet fits really create take home as souvenirs.

14. Dumilah Water Park

16 Best Places in Madiun in East Java

Dumilah Water Park is located in the heart of the City of Madison. Tourist attractions in Madison has become a major tourist destination spot for residents around Madiun. In Dumilah Water Park visitors can diversified water games, and already there are adequate facilities. Facilities owned by these sights is the gaming zone, water zone and there is also a food court. For visitors who like fishing, in this place there is also a spot of fishing. Dumilah Water Park is suitable as a destination for a weekend getaway with the family, here also provided a variety of games for children.

15. Tirtonirmolo Waterpark

16 Best Places in Madiun in East Java

A water park named theme parks Tirtonirmolo waterpark is a great place to visit with family. This place has some excellent facilities such as pool, skating, swimming spider, children's pools, fountains, water park, adult pool, spill buckets, and much more.

16. Sun City and Theme Park

16 Best Places in Madiun in East Java

Sun City Water and Theme Park is one of the sights in Madiun, which can be visited, as the name suggests this place offers a water playground and rides ashore (theme park). These sights are very strategic location because it was in the middle kotadan are in one area denganSuncity Mall Madiun precisely located at Jalan S. Parman 8 Madiun. Sun City Water and Theme Park is located in a tourist area integrated with The Sun Hotel and Sun City Mall Madison, in addition to playing the water in the waterpark which is equipped with a slide, lazy river as well as other games, visitors can also enjoy the games available in Sun City Theme Park.


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