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The exoticism Air tejun Coban Sewu

Waterfall Coban Sewu Pujon Malang - Has anybody been to Coban sewu that in this Pujon? To clarify and simplify the streets of you, the following is detailed information about the waterfall Coban travel sewu in Pujon, ranging from addresses, routes, and also photographs of this sewu Coban.

Info Tourism unfortunate Waterfall Coban Sewu Pujon

Sewu Coban is located in Bendosari, Pujon, Malang, Jawa Timur.Pertama time you amsuk here you are already in suguhi bridge that will menyebrangkan you to this waterfall. At this waterfall you can shower and take pictures under water splash from the top, usually to this place so quiet most cuman there are few people. but yesterday a new year travel the poor have become passable crowded. many people to this place and many are misplaced location.

I like the photo above you can better play-call water with kluarga or your best friend here. And not sip if you're into this place if you do not shower as well. Because it seemed like in automatic massage tables, ..

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Well that time I asked one of the people who provide parking in the near area attractions turned out originally for religious tourism shrine like that. but it's unclear to the actual history. We're still figuring out, but airterjunya cool anyway, ..

S & Access Point

Routes and access points to get to Coban Pujon sewu there are several ways:

- The first, if you are from the poor city and use public transport you can go to the terminal Landung cider and rose Bus Puspa Indah is subject to Jombang. Because these places usually in line with the path. Tell that to the driver pack or pack the bus conductor asked scaled in Coban sewu Pujon.

- If you were unfortunate use of the City of private vehicles. you can take a direction to the stone and then toward kediri or jombang calm no street sign at each intersection. stone straight towards Jombang later time in the area Pujon and precisely Bendosari you can look to the left of the road, Waterfall is in the side of the road.


For these facilities might be an obstacle, but still can be made in reference to this place. The following facilities are available.

- Mosque

- Bathroom / WC

- Small parking (Local Residents Supplying)

- Rest or Gazebo

- Where to Eat There Warung Warung around the main street.

Ticket price

Entrance tickets to Coban, super low sewu

- Rp.2000 / Motor (Parking)

- Rp.2000 / Person (Admission)

But sometimes free, like new years time yesterday I was free to place the entry. stay paid parking only.

Map Malang travel Niagara Coban Sewu Pujon

Photos I Waterfall Coban Sewu

Note :

How about Coban sewu Review You have?

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