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Wanagama, the Forest Region Tandus.Pada Starting From the beginning, Wanagama is a very arid area. However, this area has been transformed into a forest by Prof. Oemi Hani'in and colleagues. When you first enter this area, we will be accompanied by trees that line up, ranging from acacia trees (pulpwood that are excellent many industrial timber estates), eucalyptus (contains essential oils are believed to warm the body), pine ( calms), until the sandalwood tree.

Wanagama, Forest Starting From barren area

One tree is a tree that global heritage of Prince Charles visiting Wanagama in 1989, the tree is a teak tree (Tectona grandis). Teak is famous for its durability and strength. In addition to trees, Prince Charles also left the route is a favorite of visitors, from Wisma Cendana and ends in Bukit Hell.

Apparently, the forest is also called miniature forest Wanagama loh! The forest was called as such because there are various types of plants and trees of various wilayah.Tidak only plants and trees that were there, Wanagama also has several rivers loh! The river includes Oya River, Spring Ayu, and Banyu Tibo.Sangat fresh and cool it feels when looking at the beauty of these rivers. There is one unique drains and looks like a camera lens aperture. In the woods, there are several types of animals such as birds, monkeys and reptiles.

Wanagama also depend on a number of locals. Wanagama and community partnership to achieve a mutually beneficial relationship. Most locals keep cows and allowed to grow grass kalanjana on lands that are still vacant. Grasses are used as cattle food, and in return, Wanagama gets manure from the manure.

For entry into the forest Wanagama, we need to buy an entry ticket of Rp lima.000, - per person. In the woods Wanagama also provided a wide range of facilities, including Camping Ground, a hall for a meeting place, a means of out bond, tracks homestead, water, lavatories, and others.


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