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Lovina beach

A deevaTravel - World tourism Indonesia has known Lovina since long as a destination in the region of North Bali. Lovina Beach is a place very charming beach resort in the western city of Singaraja , Bali.

Besides beaches are unspoiled, with rented boats of the local fishermen who are specifically rented for the visitors, you can also watch dolphins swim up close while enjoying the coastal scenery is fabulous.

You need to know that the Lovina Beach is famous for performing wild dolphins in the sea. On the beach there are hundreds of Dolphins in action that will entertain you for two hours in the middle of the sea.

To watch the dolphins in the open sea Lovina will spend about 2 hours from 06.00 until 08.00. If it is too bright, the dolphin would normally leave the location where they usually manifests itself to you. Hundreds of dolphins can be seen as much, ranging from small children to its parent pretty big.

Lovina beach

Before viewing the dolphins in the open sea, you'll be treated to sunrise (sunrise) were very good at Lovina. Slowly rising sun illuminates the nature of Bali is very beautiful. You can capture the sunrise at Lovina

Lovina beach

Besides being able to watch the show Dolphin, Lovina Beach also offers dive travel. You can perform activities snoorkeling d ith view underwater panorama is stunning, you can also witness the diversity of various kinds of fish swimming above coral reefs are still very natural.

Lovina beach

Well for those of you who are very interested and want to fill your holiday with the Dolphins you can head Lovina from Denpasar to Lovina Beach distance of approximately 100 kilometers and takes approximately 2 hours with a winding road conditions. You can rent a car or take public transportation route from the terminal tegals in Denpasar to Terminal Ubung then to Lovina. If you go to Bali via Gilimanuk range could be closer to the travel time of about an hour.


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