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Customs is the most expensive legacy is priceless, but as the development of the times sometimes customs inherited from ancestors fade replaced by new customs in accordance with the times. It is often off the mark with the customs of oriental and even deviated from Islamic Shari'a Shari'a.

But a class of Kampung Naga society can maintain, develop and transmit culture from generation to generation. Naga village community still holds the traditions or customs of their ancestors well, it is seen from the structures used there. Starting from the house, the materials used, the routines of daily life, and many others.

It becomes one of the things that attract outsiders to visit and know the ins and outs of Kampung Naga directly, starting from knowing aspects of ceremonies or rituals, and the educational process. Because as we all know, education is the most important aspect of life, thought and human behavior go hand in hand with the passage of education pursued.

Unique Travel in Kampung Naga

  • Social structure

1. Norms that regulate the lives of people in Kampung Naga

Norma in Kampung Naga is the norm kesusilaaan and norms of decency / customs.

Dua. Life of mutual cooperation Kampung Naga society

Societal Kampung Naga are still very attached to the culture of mutual cooperation, respectful salute, and give priority to group interests above personal interests.

Tiga. Tools and technologies used in the work

Kampung Naga society is a society that still use equipment or supplies a simple life, non-technology to all of the material available in nature. As for cooking, Kampung Naga society using a stove with fuel using firewood. As for plowing fields, but they do not use the tractor using a hoe. To be sure, the people of Kampung Naga is not using advanced high-tech equipment, and their village was no electricity. If there is one people in the village who wants to watch TV, he had to use the battery as there is no electricity.

  • Kampung Naga form of government and state economy in Kampung Naga

The form of government used in Kampung Naga is a constitutional parliament. Understanding of the constitutional parliament itself is a situation where a chief to lead the entire community in Kampung Naga customary rules applicable and the whole society Kampung Naga is obligated to obey.

Unique Travel in Kampung Naga

Kampung Naga society main job is as a farmer, either as farmer, tenant farmers, and farm workers. But the people of Kampung Naga have a second job, namely making crafts or wickerwork of bamboo.

Unique Travel in Kampung Naga

Various uniqueness in Kampung Naga even more increase the charm is in the Kampung Naga. In fact, Kuncen in the village do not want if Kampung Naga used as tourist attractions. Truly unique village!


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