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Kaolin lake

A deevaTravel - Pesona Bangka Belitung Island is not just a destination famous for its white sandy beaches with large granite boulders on the sides but also have other destinations that are not less interesting is the Blue Lake Toska named Lake Kaolin.

The lake is located in the village of Bara Water, Water District hurried, South Bangka, Bangka Belitung was originally used as a mine kaolin or clay which became the main quest Pacific Islands community until now. As a result of their mining activities, now all that remains is large holes containing colored water Blue Toska .

Kaolin lake

With the walls white to look like snow. Its charm increasingly look beautiful when combined with water turquoise-colored lake.

Kaolin lake

The beauty of the lake Kaolin more perfect degan trees green vegetation around the lake to create incredibly spoil your eyes. Because the water is calm, as the sun was shining, the scenery on the edge of the lake wall will bounce on the water surface of the lake.

Kaolin lake

Not only natural scenery alone that you can enjoy at the lake this Kaolin, Here you can swim and play around with the water of the lake with friends and family.

Kaolin lake

For those of you who like photography or manufacture Photo Wedding , Lake Kaolin is the most suitable place to locate objects shoot. The combination of turquoise color on the water with stone walls white as snow makes the color combination is fabulous.


Kaolin lake

The location of the lake is still fairly close to the center of town Tanjungpandan . It only takes about 10 minutes to get to the lake kaolin . It is advisable to use a personal vehicle because of the lack of public transport.


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