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Travel unfortunate sewu and Coban Coban Batch sewu - arikel this time I made ??Based on my experience, yesterday a lot of people the wrong place, when I walk to the waterfall Coban sewu Pujon unfortunate. There are some people who ask me this:

My conversation with bapak2 who asked to me in Tourism unfortunate Coban sewu Pujon.

Gentlemen: Mas Coban sewu was no where?

I: Lah, pack Coban sewu

Gentlemen: Not Mas water terjunya much it loh !!

Me: Oh Air tejun Tumapk sewu to, was in Lumajang pack.

Gentlemen: Loh, yes ta deck? I had to ask the police said Coban sewu in Pujon and ngikuti map is also here place.

Me: yes sir if Coban sewu indeed here. but the waterfall you mean I just had in Lumajang. Coban batch sewu name.

Well Because a lot of people the wrong place to Coban batch pengenya sewu but instead to Coban sewu Pujon. Happens here I will give referrals. I tell ya buddy. Coban sewu place for it is in Pujon Malang and Coban Batch sewu it in Lumajang.

To further distinguish the place wisatanaya youth here are some

Different location of Tourism unfortunate this:

- Travel unfortunate Coban Sewu Batch: Sidomulyo, Pronojiwo, Lumajang, East Java 67 374, Indonesia

- Map Coban Sewu Batch:


-  Travel unfortunate Coban Sewu : Bendosari, Pujon, 65 391 Malang, Indonesia

- Map Coban Sewu :

- a

Beda Photos Niagara Tourism poor:

- The First Coban Sewu Pujon:

- Batch Coban Sewu Lumajang:

What is clear which one would you visit?

Want to ask please Comentar Under :)


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