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Travel Blue Lake "Situ Blue" Cilembang Sumedang , following information about tourist attractions in Sumedang new. I've never been to this place. But I was told a friend about the lake or blue lake that has crystal clear water once. Cilembang blue lake had been to this place?

IMPORTANT !! Mandatory In Alloys To know where this [ Read Source ]:

  1. If you intend to it blue. You SHOULD NOT SWIM in this lake. It is clear there is a ban on writing to swim and you need to know that this lake is the source of drinking water for surrounding villages.
  2. Udahakan Do not Throw Trash In this place because Places Still Alami
  3. Own Vehicle should use because there are no instructions on directions to this place. you can ask local residents.
  4. Shall maintain decorum and try not ruin travel sekitar.Karena area is not yet officially opened, or in general.
  5. Be careful because the road is still difficult.

Travel Info Blue Lake "Lake Blue" Cilembang Sumedang

Blue Situ is located in the village of Hariang, District Buah Dua, Sumedang. From the website in saying that this lake has a depth of about 3meter and actually this lake is the source of water for the surrounding communities. If my friend's place to prepare physically because it is located in the forest. and keep in mind for this prohibited to place on Tuesday and Friday. And keep in mind for all this blue lake should not swim due to conserve and maintain the clarity of the water in this place.


We do not know the history of the place ini.Karena this tourist spot is new and we have not been to this place, so Pray in the near future we will try to get there :)

And these Access Point

Routes and access points to the blue where there are several ways, this access point information sourced from , Because we have not been here. let's see:

  • First, if you use a car from Cipularang you can exit at Toll Gate Cileunyi then headed Sumedang. Make sure you pass through campus cool as UNPAD and ITB. You will also pass the State School STPDN very famous.
  • If through tolls Cikopo - palimanan you can exit at Toll Gate Kertajati. This access is the access highway exit closest to the town Sumedang.
  • Keep your vehicle fit and strong ditanjakan. Because you could be stuck in traffic with terrain uphill if from Bandung. Moreover, the road to the Blue Lake Situ Cilembang not easy.
  • After reaching Sumedang, point steering you toward Cimalaka crossroad then turn left if you are from Bandung. Precisely at the intersection Cimalaka main square.
  • If you are from the direction of Cirebon, Sumedang Cimalaka before, just look Legok benchmark T-junction, then turn right. The distance is roughly around 5 km from the junction Legok.
  • From there, just follow the road to the lives Hariang, Sumedang, West Java.
  • The journey from Bandung to Situ Blue Cilembang expected to take about 4 hours.

Ticket price :

Flights to blue it is actually free so we just pay the parking fee motorcycles only.

  • Rp.2000 / Motor

Map Peta

Photos of Blue Lake or Blue Situ Sumedang

How this blue Situ? Cool is not it? If there are any of my writing just comment, and if you also have info on this place do not forget to share here.

Just Share, Tell the World That Indonesia is amazing :)


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