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Bena village, Flores

A deevaTravel - village of Bena is a heritage village Megalthik that must not miss when visiting Flores, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT). Since this place where time seems to stop life from the time of the Stone Age can still enjoy the hospitality and impregnated together Bena Village community.

Village located in Ngada , Flores , East Nusa Tenggara (NTT). Precisely located in the village of Tiwuriwu, District Aimere or about 19 ??Km south of Bajawa has a very beautiful cultural relic Megalithik .

The existence of the village of Bena under Mount Irene is a hallmark of the old society as a devotee of the mountain where the gods. According to Bena Village community, they believe in the existence Yeta , god bersinggasana Mount Irene that protects their village.

Bena village, Flores

Villages that stands extends the number of houses about 40 pieces of this circular surround each other from north to south. The entrance of the village just off the north course, because in the south is an edge of the precipice and the Mountaintop Irene.


In the middle of the village, you will see some buildings that they call Bhaga and Ngadhu . Bhaga building is similar to a small hut (without occupants). While Ngadhu form a single colonnaded building, thatched palm fibers to shape similar to a shade hut. Ngadhu pole is usually made ​​from special wood and hard because it serves as a scaffold sacrificial animals when there Ceremony.

The village is completely untouched by technological advances. Architectural structure has to be very simple that only one gate for exit and entry.

Batu Megalithik

According to records, the village of Bena has existed since 1,200 years ago. Up to now the pattern of life and culture not much has changed. Bena village where people still revere the traditions handed down by their ancestors.

Bena architectural building is not only a mere occupancy. But the function and meaning profound containing local wisdom and is still relevant to the present inhabitants applied in the management of the built environment friendly environment friendly.

The value can be seen that people do not exploit the environment Bena settlement land is left to the appropriate original contour their hilly ground.

The village of Bena shape resemble a boat, because according to the belief Megaltik have links with the boat rides to the spirits who headed home. But the value reflected in the shape of a boat is the nature of cooperation, mutual assistance and hinted hard work exemplified by their ancestors in the conquest of nature sengan across the sea to reach the village of Bena.

Although the area is very remote and live very modestly, but the area is very popular among foreign tourists, especially tourists from Italy and Germany. They are interested because of the culture in the village of Bena.

Air Tejun Ogi, Flores

Besides culture which still adheres relics Megalithik, Di Ngada, Flores also there are waterfalls Ogi as well as the National Marine Park 17 Island Riung that there are many Mawar Seafood , Various Types of Coral Reef, Pulau Pasir Putih, Bats mangroves in Pulau Ontoloe , Mbou (Lizard which is a giant animal surviving Antiquities natural habitat up to now).

Giant lizard Mbou

Additionally, you can feel the natural hot spring Mergeruda , Lake Wawomudha the water red crater, Wae Roa, Eko Lekolodo travel along white sand beaches Waewaru.

Turkish Waewaru

Sea roses

Thermal Baths Mergerada

In Ngada , you can explore the cultural attractions that are already well known as we reviewed above Kampung Traditional Bena , there are many more villages of traditional heritage Megalithik in this place as Kampung Traditional Bela , Kampung Traditional Gurusina , Kampung Tua and relics stone Megalithik in Wogo.

Well for those of you lovers of nature and culture Tracing Megalithik Kampung Desa Flores Bena is indeed time that certainly will not be forgotten for the rest of your life. Cultural Heritage megalithikum because you will not get elsewhere.


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