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A deevaTravel-Indonesia is a region that consists of thousands of islands that has a variety of tourist destinations very beragam.Selain has many islands, Indonesia is also endowed undulating land, towering mountains and lakes with beautiful scenery and amazing.

Among the many beautiful lakes in Indonesia is situated at an altitude of remarkable. The following 10 Lake teringgi In Indonesia we have reports from various sources.

1. Habema Lake (3,321 masl)

Lake Habema

Lake Habema   often described as the Lake Di Atas Awan. In Indonesia's Supreme lake is located at the foot of Mount Trikora, Jayawijaya, Papua is one of the highest lakes in Indonesia. Located at an altitude of 3,321 meters above sea level by masyarakata Dani tribe, Papua. The lake is considered a sacred place that is a source of fertility and life of local people.

2. Lake Beetle (2702 masl)

Lake Beetle

Beetles lake is a major attraction in Mount Masurai , Jambi. This lake is the second highest lake in Indonesia. With a height of 2,702 meters above sea level the lake is still very awake authenticity. The water was very clean and the path to the lake is still very lush and steep. Beetles lake you can take within 30 minutes from the summit of Mount Masurai 1.

3. Lake Ranu Kumbolo (2469 masl)

Lake Ranu Kumbolo

Ranu Kumbolo Lake is a mountain lake situated in Lumajang, East Java. Precisely located in the Tengger Mountains at the foot of Mount Semeru, which is part of the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park . Indonesia's third highest lake is located at an altitude of 2,469 meters above sea level with a temperature of 1-5 degrees Celsius at night.

4. Lake Ranu Regulo (2,256 masl)

Lake Ranu Regulo

Ranu Regulo has an area of about 0.75 ha. The lake is situated at an altitude of 2,256 meters above sea level above sea level. From this place, we could see Mt. Kilimanjaro stands majestically in the caldera around the crater.

For those of you who want to live around the lake, provided houses, villas and lodges to stay.

5. Lake Tage (2192 masl)

Lake floor

Tage Lake is one of the three lakes are tourist sites in Yatamo District, Paniai, Papua. On the lake located at an altitude of 2,192 meters above sea level, you will find a lot of beauty and uniqueness that emanated from there.

Unique things that can be found is a mildew activity will be seen in the mornings, where moss will come to the surface of the lake in the form of grains. Until the early afternoon arrived, the moss will disappear gradually. Until now there is still no one knows where it came from the moss, curious is not it?

Attraction is not inferior to the beach at Lake Tage you will also find white sand visible in the eastern part of Lake Tage, and some places around it was covered by the white rocks or limestone and gravel. Doing travel by boat in the morning and afternoon will feel very beautiful, where you will see a view of sunrises and sunsets that reflect the beauty of a reddish glow in the sky and in the water of the lake.

6. Lake Ranu Pani (2162 masl)

Lake Ranu Pani

Ranu Pani is a tourist attraction of the lake in the village of Ranu Pani, District Senduro, Lumajang, East Java. The lake is located at an altitude of 2,162 meters above sea level where the climbers became rested for a moment to enjoy the beauty of nature.

7. Lake Segara Anak (2,010 masl)

Segara Anak Lake

Segara Anak is a crater lake of Mount Rinjani as high as 2,010 meters above sea level, located in the village of Lawang Sembalun, Lombok Island, West Nusa Tenggara. If the climbers wanted to climb Mount Rinjani, they will pass Segara Anak Lake to spend the night around the lake. Lake area of 1,100 hectares with a depth of 230 meters has an incredibly magnificent.

8. Lake Gunung Tujuh (1,983 masl)

Lake Gunung Tujuh

Gunung Tujuh Lake is a lake located in Kerinci regency, Jambi precisely located in the village of Pelompek, District Ayu Aro area of Gunung Tujuh .

Seven Lakes Mountain as a tourist destination in addition to having a stunning natural scenery, the path traversed is also much easier than Mount Kerinci. Seven Lakes Mountain Top also an eighth lake in Indonesia, this lake located at an altitude of 1,983 meters above sea level. With a height of almost two kilometers above sea level it can be imagined how cold the water of Lake Gunung Tujuh in the morning. Even so, take a dip in Lake Gunung Tujuh with very cold water a challenge in itself for the climbers.

9. Lake Anggi Gigi (1953 masl)

Lake Anggi Gigi

Anggi Gigi is a lake located in the Mountains Arfak at an altitude of about 1,953 meters above sea level with a temperature range of 8-20 degrees Celsius, has a beautiful landscape with hills covered curve sub-alpine plants.

10. Tigi Lake (1,948 masl)

Lake Tigi

Tigi Lake is one of the highest lakes in Indonesia, located in the province of Papua, Indonesia. Tepatanya located in the district and district Dogiyai Deiyai. The lake is located at an altitude of 1,948 meters above sea level and has a depth of 150 meters temperate mountain air is very cold.

Well that's 10 Top Lake in Indonesia that we reports from various sources. Hopefully this article can be useful for us all.


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