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Village tourism has Become a destination for tourists to visit the area. Usually the tourists visiting for a vacation or to visit his brother who lived there. Lots in Indonesia has various tourist village the which has the potential of natural beauty that deserves to be visited. If the actual explore all its natural beauty still fairly natural and offers many tourist spots that are very interesting.

To develop tourist villages should be supported with adequate facilities such as access roads sufficient so that visitors can more Easily to come there. If access is difficult, dilewatin streets, the streets of rocks, especially narrow and many have been destroyed will not Attract visitors to come there. Naturally, as a tourist village should have easy road access and it should be passed memilikii Also adequate transportation facilities.

Tips to Promote Tourism Potential areas you

Figure 1. Shark Swim Together In the village karimunjawa

One example that can be taken on the island of Java is Desa Wisata Karimun. Publications has 27 islands are relatively unspoiled acres. Reviews These islands have beautiful natural beauty potential, range of hills, white sandy beaches and the beauty under the sea. Publications offers a beautiful panorama of biodiversity, mangrove forests, mountains, and the remaining lowland tropical forests that Become destinations for tourists. That's why Karimunjaya islands known as the Marine National Park.

Tips to Promote Tourism Potential areas you

Figure dua. Entrance Village Publications

Access to Travel to the village of Karimunjaya very easy. For there can be from Semarang and Jepara. If the port of Tanjung Mas Semarang using KMC Kartini 1 and departure every Saturday, at 9:00 pm and Monday, at 7:00 pm. While passing Jepara every Monday, at 10:00 am. In addition to passing sea transportation can also use water from Ahmad Yani airport in Semarang using leased aircraft types CASSA 212 provided by Tortoise resort. To reach the airfield Dewadru, karimunjawa takes 30 minutes.

If you already have an asset that is used as a tourist destination Determining next is how to develop a strategy. Required to develop a cooperation between local communities In These places .. The future will depend on how the population to manage it so that it can be more productive and can benefit to improve the local economy. If there is no cooperation between the local population Because it will be difficult, if later there are tourists who want to stay at home while the residents but did not provide a friendly service so that they do not want to go back again.

In addition it is to control the natural resources that exist so as not broken and must be Able to maintain the viability of the ecosystem. Protection needs to be completely done when there will be many people who visit there later when damaged very unfortunate Because then that is an asset for tourism purposes. It is hoped that the public can Participate in the development and management of the village so that they could Participate Directly in empowering the existing environment.

Tips to Promote Tourism Potential areas you

Figure tiga. In Kembang Arum Joglo Tourism Village

The next step is to develop tourism products make it more interesting and Weighty. The authorities should continue to explore the potential of the tourism product so different from others Because now it has a lot of tourist village offers tourism with the background just for fun only and do not get anything. One of them is the Tourism Village Kembang Arum Turi Sleman, Yogyakarta. The village is taking steps to change a museum, a zoo, an amusement park with the added element of learning so they can add knowledge. In addition they reduce the luxurious amenities and prefer to use a makeshift facilities that can berinteraksi Directly with local communities so they can Participate and can get knowledge from studying In These locations.

Local communities need to build and manage Directly the tourist facilities and services so it can receive economic benefits and can get a new job field. It bertujun to the make society more prosperous and later can promote development in the village. The public will be more aware of the potential in the village so that people in the village are more independent and can manage the existing potentials are.

Society will have to completely develop capabilities in order to foster trust and cooperation between the public and if we can reduce the use of technology and more use of local technology in order to improve the skills of the community in the management of the village with a background in travel. Need a special debriefing before they were Directly Involved in managing tourism in the village owned by holding open meetings to provide socialization terhadapt society.

Developing a tourism spot for a tourist village very important to be Able to re-invite tourists who have come back for more. Most importantly should give a good impression when you first visit the village and should not leave the customs or culture in the village that Became a hallmark of the region.


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