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The beach is one of the sights that could be considered as the release of saturated and tired. With the beauty of the beach is presented, all tired and bored that there will be eliminated immediately.

Here are four stunning beaches in Yogyakarta that must be visited:

1.Pok Tunggal Beach

This is 4 Stunning beach in Yogyakarta.

When you first came to Pok Tunggal Beach, you will be surprised to be greeted with a stretch of coral hills that surround this beach. Attraction beach located in District Tepus, Gunung is still very natural and is still a complex with Turkish Indrayanti and Siung, and is adjacent to Beach and Watu Lawang.Pantai Chrysanthemum named Pok Tunggal Beach because there is one tree that became iconic beach Pok Tunggal itself. Typically, the icon tree used as a photo location prewedding.Di Pok Tunggal Beach, you can rent a beach umbrella at a price of Rp 20,000, - or Dome tent for Rp 60.000, -

dua.Drini Beach

This is 4 Stunning beach in Yogyakarta.

Drini Beach is located in the village of Ngestirejo, Tanjungsari, Gunung, about 1 km east of Beach Along. What is unique about this Drini beach is the coral island on the edge of the sea. In addition, around the corals also grow lots of trees. His words, these trees is avoided rattlesnake loh..Sebenarnya, Drini Beach is not only used for sightseeing, but the beach can also be used for conservation for their turtles stopped and lay eggs there.

Tiga.Ngobaran Beach

This is 4 Stunning beach in Yogyakarta.

Ngobaran Beach is still one series with Ngrenehan beach. In the Ngobaran Coast neighborhood, you can see the beauty of the fabulous beach. In the Turkish Ngobaran Hindu temples and mosques are small sand-floored. To Your Muslim religious communities who recently visited Turkish Ngobaran not be confused with the problem of prayer, because in his mosque has been marked kiblatnya.Selain direction, because many culinary in this beach can be one of your choices culinary connoisseurs. Culinary The most famous beach is Ngobaran Fried Sea Urchin.

4.Ngrenehan Beach

This is 4 Stunning beach in Yogyakarta.

The beach is located in the village Ngrenehan kanigoo, District Saptosari, Gunung Kidul. In the Ngrenehan Beach, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery. Additionally, you can also watch the fishermen who are on the move. You can also sample fresh seafood cuisine in Coast region Ngrenehan.

Actually, in addition to the four beaches that have been mentioned above, there are many more beaches in Yogyakarta that presents the natural beauty and uniqueness of its own. The reason already know? Because the city of Yogyakarta is famous for its beautiful attractions and interesting place to visit.


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