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Coban Rais Malang

Service, location to Coban Rais Malang: Waterfalls Make Fresh Eyes - Coban rais or waterfall Coban rais located in this poor stone has its own beauty. The following information regarding the location, the entrance ticket to Travel unfortunate coban this rais. If my friend had previously been to a place please enter your opinion in the comments below if Coban Rais Cool or giaman? Ok buddy. : D

Travel Info unfortunate Coban rais

Coban Coban Rais or water terjuan rais Dresel is located in the hamlet, village of Oro-oro Ombo District of Batu, Batu, East Java Province. Coban Rais is one of the many waterfalls in stone town poor. This waterfall has a height of about 20 meters was once full peripheral rais Coban Coban sabrangan this name. Because if my friend want to waterfall should menyabrangi river 14 times. How real trip, right? Hehe.

These unfortunate and Line Access Coban Rais Travel

For routes and access points to Coban Rais If Terminal Batu navigate the vehicle directly towards Batu TV Studio in the village Dresel. The next trip down a path with a relatively gentle slope, through the woods and along the river which takes about 30 minutes. In the journey you will find the intersection, choose the right and

For those who use public transport from the city Tourism Malang ride Al or ADL and get off at the terminal Landung sari. Subsequently changed vehicles at Batu Malang majoring microbus ride through Oro-oro Ombo

Ticket price

  • Admission: Rp.5000, -
  • Motorcycle parking: Rp.2000, -

Map Coban Travel unfortunate rais


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