Vacation Fun Together Dolphins In Gulf Kiluan


A deevaTravel - Kiluan Bay is one of the mainstay attractions Pro v insi Lampung is located in the district of Tangamus, Lampung , Indonesia.

Besides you can enjoy the beauty of the beaches were clean and white sand was very soft with a panoramic view of green hills, Kiluan In the Gulf, you can play with the Dolphins in their natural wilayah asal. Yes, one of the privileges of the Gulf Kiluan is you can see the attraction Dolphins on the high seas that may only can you see in a zoo or a documentary.


Kiluan in the bay, you can play and enjoy the beauty of the Dolphins in the morning around 06.00 am. They will be darting and dancing in the open sea or see the dolphins swim alongside the boat you are very close and maybe this is going to be an experience in your life that is unforgettable to enjoy the beauty of dancing dolphins in the Gulf Kiluan.


Here there are two species of dolphins are common bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) with a greater weight gray and shy. As well as other species, namely the Dolphins Part Length (Stenella longirostris) with a smaller body and happy jump.

Both types of dolphins is quite familiar with humans. Dolphins will be very happy to approach the boat that you take. Upon approaching, the Dolphins will be jumping, taking turns diving into the sea water . Hardly any distance with your boat. It was like they wanted to compete and show themselves to you for you can touch.


Besides you can bercengrama with Dolphins , D i Gulf Kiluan there is also a natural pond that is often called Laguna Gayau . A giant blue pool is formed from the natural contours of the rocks and the sea water is very dear to miss.

Sea water splashing in the pool will feel tired and fatigue treat you. It's fun. That is why many tourists who come to this pool utilize the water splash to be immortalized as the background picture of them.


Not only that, in the Gulf Kiluan you can enjoy snoorkeling activity. With just 15 minutes from the Gulf Kiluan, you can already get to Spot Snoorkeling with a variety of ornamental fish and blue starfish and coral reefs are still very natural.


Gulf Coast Kiluan located in Lampung province also stores the sunset is very beautiful and amazing. Legendary beauty especially at dusk ahead. You can enjoy the view of the sunset on the bay Kiluan while sitting with friends, accompanied by wind gusts as well as the distinctive sound Kiluan Bay.


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