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Traveling alias way street Indeed menagasikan not? Well it is fun especially with many friends and Sodara. Tetepi There must be an obstacle to perform when traveling the roads is an important activity for our brain merefres to return fitter than many job shadowing us every day. If my own as student things indeed Traveling is in need because my brain in the squeeze continues to create negerjain coursework. Saturated it if we so hold. Traveling Mangkanya is important. In order not quickly old hahahaha.

Now masalah is when we want traveling but there was no money. Especially my children boarding ya .. Sure money is difficult to find hehehe should Eman-Eman (save) Pity submissions from parents Should be at Save,: D

Here I share my experience about Tips on Doing Traveling With Little Money or Tips streets without costing a lot .

1. Observe Neighborhood

The first that in doing is watching around you. If you want Traveling with Money Pas Pasan try to look around the area you can wonder to a friend or search the internet. Who knows in your own area is no place that is unique and cool to the make of Interest Streets mu. With a Tourist attractions in the region itself mean mu Vehicle Not Already cut costs?

2. Find a Friend

Second Make friends. Why? If you only go alone or both may be different to go with lots of friends you could Joint Venture (Dues) Degan your friend for travel expenses and entrance to the tourist attractions are also sometimes when we gather dapet discount. Tickets for the influx.

Tiga. Favor Nature

And all three are preferring to Nature than Made Travel. What is the reason? Nature tourism obviously is not less than the artificial. For example, just where I live went to the beach less than we went into the garden tour buatan.Tapi It Only Optional Kdang also no place artificial travel cheap but suitable for the visit. If in my museum brawijaya Just For Admission 4ribu so. You can bandingin first. At Number 3 is sebernya that I want to emphasize is that we can also better understand that Indonesia's rich natural resources. Mangkanya I recommend to Nature

4. Bring Bekal

Bring lunch time with our roads then we had to conserve our cash. Normally in a tourist spot prices to be more expensive than in the usual place. Do not be ashamed if anyone would be embarrassed to bring bekal.Malah to bring lunch in my opinion we can add the relationship becomes closer such as eating together with your friends. So. Seru sure ..

That was 4 Tips from Tempatwisataid.Blogspot.Com that can be shared for a friend. If you have any other tips can give in the comments or want to ask to all the comments page.

Here are details Roads I Yesterday Time Money Thinning: D

Objective: Coban Sewu Grojokan

Gasoline Cost : 20,000 Return (With Motor Personal Beat)

Admission Fee : Free

Parking Motor: Rp.2000.

Total: Rp.22.000. So for the friend I ride on a bicycle. Being 11,000

Just Rp.11.000. Do you already be traveling Fun with your friends. : D.

Trimakasih :) Hopefully Helpful.


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