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Honeymoons Karimunjawa National Park

A deevaTravel - Karimunjawa is a National Park that is famous and very popular in Indonesia as a honeymoon. Islands with extraordinary beauty offers romanticism that was amazing for you and your partner. Karimunjawa National Park you can enjoy the natural beauty of its beaches to the underwater beauty that is very charming as well as shore excursions and overland tours are equally beautiful. Starting from Tanjung Gelam to Pantai Batu mask until a few hills to see the beautiful sunset spot at dusk.

Ha park area of 110.117.30 square was inaugurated as a National Park in 2001 karimunjawa a Nature Conservation Area Aquatic and also as a romantic place for you to celebrate Honeymoon couple.

Karimunjawa National Park

Karimunjawa National Park consists of 27 islands this ecosystem lowland rain forest, seagrass, algae, coastal forests, mangrove forests and coral reefs to save millions of beauty for you and your partner spent my honeymoon unforgettable throughout your life together.

Honeymoons Karimunjawa National Park

In this park you can enjoy the beauty of the coral reef shore (fringing reef) , barrier reefs (barrier reef) with more than 90 species of coral and 242 species of ornamental fish that will always accompany you underwater Karimunjawa National Park as well as with 2 protected marine species that is the root bahar or black coral (Antiphates spp) and red coral (Tubipora musica).

Karimunjawa National Park

Karimunjawa National Park you can also visit some very interesting island with a view of the beach which is amazing. As Menjangan Island Small , Menjangan Besar, Tanjung Gelam, Legon Lele, Genting, Twin Island, Parang Island, Pine Island or Pulau Krakal.

Karimunjawa National Park

Karimunjawa National Park, you and your partner can do the existing maritime tourism activities such as sailing, surfing, water sky, swim or sunbathe on white sand beaches are very clean and shiny. Here too you can perform camping activities, cultural tours, watching the deer and various birds and conduct diving activities or snoorkeling.

To visit Karimunjawa National Park , you can go to the city of Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia through the Port of Kartini . From this port using the ferry boat you can go to the National Park Karimunjawa in about 6 hours.


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