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Komodo Island, Indramayu

A deevaTravel-island of Komodo is a very beautiful island in Indramayu peninsula, or about 40 km from the northern coast of Indramayu district, West Java. The island is inhabited by wild animals lizard (Varanus salvator) is very interesting to visit. Island area of 120 ha is rich green mangroves. Besides this island is so amazing Maritime Tourism in the form of marine park with beautiful coral reefs and ornamental fish are very beautiful.


Komodo Island is becoming a conservation area for wildlife endemic dragons and birds. The existence of dragons on this island are not afraid of humans. They were brave enough to come closer. This iguana animals have olfactory tool sharp enough, was a good swimmer and was very happy with saltwater. Populasinyapun quite a lot on this island.

The island with gleaming white beaches, mangroves and mangrove species are fairly complete, and the building of the lighthouse lizard colonies that have been there sejalk 1872 makes this island has a special attraction for tourists who come.

Komodo Island Marine Park

On the island of Komodo, you can do diving, snoorkeling, fishing and adventure.

Besides Mangrove and Mangrove Forest, Beauty Marine Park and the presence of wild animals Lizard, On this island there are also several ancient tombs, one of which is the tomb of Sheikh Sharif Hassan, A sheik from Cirebon who spread Islam in West Java and often imprisoned Island this iguana.

Sunset Island Biawak

Sunset Island with charming at dusk which looks very stunning on a wooden pier is unfortunately not managed professionally. To be able to get to this place, you can use a motor boat from Port Karongsong, Indramayu takes about 3-4 hours.


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