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Honeymoon Island Moyo

A deevaTravel - Moyo is an island of 350 square kilometers located in the northern island of Sumbawa or precisely located in Sumbawa, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. The island is located. On this island there Tourism Park Sea island of Moyo and Wildlife Buru island and surrounded by beautiful coral reefs as well as habitat for native Warthog, Lizard, 21 species of bats, deer, Monkey-eating crab, veal Liar, deer and various species of birds , Sharks and turtles.

Pantai Tanjung Pasir

Snorkeling Tanjung Pasir

On this island you can enjoy a honeymoon couple in some places very beautiful and memorable that will not be forgotten during your lifetime. Such as the existence of Tanjung Pasir at the southern tip of the island. On this beach you and your partner can enjoy the white sand with a cluster of hills around its shores. With calm waters you can do activities were enang and playing with beach water. Besides the view very beautiful beaches, underwater Panorama beach is also very amazing. Coral reefs are still very natural and is still well preserved complete with small fish colorful. Also in the lips of the beach there are many brugak or bale as a sort of resting place to relieve fatigue while watching the sunset over the horizon at dusk.

Turkish Ai Manis

Besides Tanjung Pasir with the beautiful landscape, you can also enjoy Turkish Ai Manis . A beach with white sand is very charming and has also become a favorite snorkeling and diving spot for tourists. Here you ju ga can perform ad activity ventures such as camping, snorkeling and diving chatting. Underwater scenery in Turkish Ai Manis also very mempeso na. Coral K charcoal and some other types of marine life such as sea anemones, sponges, crustaceans, eels and so can you encounter when bersnokeling at this beach.

Pulau Moyo

In addition to beautiful beaches and underwater was amazing when it was on this beach, you can also enjoy various kinds of animals that were in the Rain Forest Moyo Island. Such as Boar, Deer, Bird Koaka o, Wild Cattle, Parrot and Bird Gosong. Scour the forest is a very exciting activity for you and your partner that you can try in this island.

Niagara Mata Aji

While in the middle of the island, you and your partner can enjoy the panoramic beauty of Niagara Mata Aji . Feel the thrill of these surrounding Niagara also has seven pools is certainly very amazing for you to enjoy its beauty. The flow of water in this place is also very quiet and colorful hi jau bluish. Nam un unfortunately 7 pool is not allowed as a place to shower or swim.

Poto beach Needle

Moyo Island you and your partner can also enjoy the beauty of the beach that is very intriguing as Turkish Poto needle . The beach with white sand located in the protected area Moyo Island offers you sun (sunbathing) or snorkel with your partner.

Dving in Turkish Takat

Diving In Beach Takat

Feel the atmosphere also camping in Brang Sedo a coastal tourist area with still very natural scenery while enjoying snorkeling and diving activities with the underwater scenery is fabulous.

Niagara Diwu Mba'i

Besides Niagara Mata Aji still one more waterfall on the island. Diwu Mba'i is a waterfall located in the D Usun Brang Rea has a swing over the pond so that you can be swinging above the pool with friends while enjoying pemandan gan very beautiful and jump into  the clear water flowing.

Sunset Beach Takat

While at the beach Takat , a mound reef located off the coast hamlet Labuan Aji, offers you and your partner to bersnokeling and diving while enjoying the beauty of the sunset are very stunning and amazing and feel, is the sensation of a very amazing diving spots Rajasua yan g wonderful if your visit to the island Mo yo when you visit this island for a vacation or honeymoon couple menikamti.

Pulau Moyo

Pulau Moyo

On this island you can stay at Amanwana Resort (the only resort class five-star hotel in Moyo Island) with the expensive cost of around $ 800 per night. Alternatively, you can get some place to stay at their homes and the village of Labuan Aji with costs as agreed or around Rp 150,000 to Rp 200,000 per night. Or if you want, can also bring your own tents along with bedding such as sleeping bag, so it will be more save your finances.

You can also use the air line from Lombok International Airport heading to Sultan Kaharuddin , Sumbawa using Fokker-type aircraft.

Of Sumbawa resumed the journey to the Port of Muara Kali . From this port, you can ship people's receipts and costs around Rp 20,000 to Rp 25,000 per person. The ship departed for Moyo Island at around 11:30 am local time with a travel time of about two hours away. This ship will go to Sumbawa again at around 09:00 local time. When you want to use the ship's more people then you should stay. Alternatively, you can use a motor boat belonging to fishermen and costs around Rp 400,000 to Rp 600,000 or according to the agreement (if not to stay and want to return to Sumbawa on the same day).

Feel the sensation Honeymoons In Moyo Island will add to the harmony of your relationship as a couple that no one will be forgotten during your lifetime.


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