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A deevaTravel - West Java is one of the provinces in Indonesia which has many tourist destinations are very complete and amazing. From the start of the natural attractions, history, shopping, culinary tourism to beach tourism is very charming. As Travel Pangandaran Beach , Tourism Pelabuhan Ratu Beach or Beach Tourism Tirtamaya in Indramayu. The beaches in West Java has its own beauty that is not widely available in other beaches in Indonesia.

Yuk Kita Enjoy 10 Best Beaches in West Java that you must not miss.

1. The beach Pangandaran

Pangandaran beach

Pangandaran Beach is an object Pangandaran Beach Tourism District mainstay is located in the southeast of the province of West Java. According Asiarooms, Pangandaran Beach is the best beach in the island of Java.

On this beach you can watch the sunrise and sunset from the east coast and the west coast on the same day. Besides beaches sloping to the sea water is very clear and the distance between high tide and low tides are relatively long so you can swim with a sense of safety.

With white sand is very soft at this Pangandaran beach also been provided beach rescue team of highly trained. On this beach in addition you can enjoy the panoramic beauty of the beaches are very intriguing, you can also enjoy the underwater scenery for at Pangandaran Beach there are Marine Park which is very charming with fish colorful and coral reefs are still very natural, which certainly will make you lulled by the greatness of God.

In Pangandaran Beach is also a Japanese Cave of World War II, the Japanese army Sites make fortifications for menantisipasi allied attack from the east coast of the island of Java.

2. Sayangheulang Beach, Garut

Turkish Sayangheulang

Sayangheulang beach is a beach a tourist attraction located in the village Mancagahar, Pameungpeuk District, Garut regency, West Java. With a length of beach about 2 km and a width of about 50 meters makes the place fun for you and your family on vacation.

With crystal clear sea water, white sand is clean and soft shimmering waves are very friendly and will add the panoramic beauty of this beach.

On the Beach Sayangheulang, Garut, you also can see a panorama when the sun is amazing on this beach. Panorama Sunset at the beach like a natural painting masterpiece of the Creator that will make you feel comfortable and do not want to go home.

3. Coastal Training, Indramayu

Coastal Training

Tirtamaya beach is the beach with a panoramic view of Sunrise and Sunset most beautiful in Indramayu district, West Java. This beach is one of the most tourist destinations coast banayk visit in Indramayu. Besides being a place to swim in the sea with a bunch of security features views of the beach Sunrise and Sunset you can take on the same day.

4. Turkish Santolo, Garut

Turkish Santolo

Santolo beach is one of the best beach resort in West Java which is located in the district of Cikelet, South Garut. The beach is just 88 kilometers or 3.5 hours drive from the city center Garut.

Santolo beach is the site of the most favorite beach for local tourists from Bandung, Jakarta and Tasikmalaya. The uniqueness of this beach is seawater in Muara Cilautteureum not move towards the sea, but returned to the estuary. It is said that events like this can only happen in Turkish Sontolo and a beach in France.

Moving to the south, you can cross by renting a fishing boat to the island Santolo . On this island you will be able to enjoy the natural beauty Santolo beach with white sand is very soft and clean with a very clear sea water over rocks. This place is perfect for those who love adventure while camping and fishing.

5. Beach Pelabuhan Ratu, Sukabumi

Pelabuhan Ratu beach

Area Tourism Pelabuhan Ratu beach is one of the most exciting beach destinations that you can visit while berllibur to Sukabuni Regency, West Java. The characteristics of this beach located on the steep cliffs, huge waves and beaches enchanting panorama. That is why Turkish Pelabuhan Ratu became one of the destinations favored by foreign tourists and local.

Geographical location directly opposite the sea off the Indian Ocean presents you with the charm of a very menggagumkan marine tourism.

Besides panorma beach is fabulous, Di Pelabuhan Ratu beach is also famous mystical thing that is often associated with Nyi Roro Kidul. Ruler of the South Seas. Myths and mystical story has become an integral part of Popularity Pelabuhan Ratu beach itself as one of the tourist destinations most famous beach in Sukabumi much enjoyed by tourists both local and foreign tourists.

6. Pondok Bali Beach, Subang

Beach cottage Bali

Bali a beach cottage dalah one of the best beach resort in West Java. The beach is located in the village Mayangan, District Legonkulon, Subang regency, West Java. Vast stretches of sand at the north sea coast makes the characteristic presence Pondok Bali Beach.

On this beach, you can do an activity holiday with swimming, fishing in the sea while enjoying the sunset at dusk come on this beach. In this place also equipped with a boat terminal, children's play area, beach volleyball, parking areas and stalls that provide food of West Java.

7. Sindangkerta Beach, Tasikmalaya

Turkish Sindangkerta

Sindangkerta beach is located in the village of Cikawung Gading. The beach this one is special because the spawning grounds for the green turtles are endangered. In addition, this beach also has a marine park called Taman stepped down in the form of a flat rock with a variety of marine life found there. At low tide, you can clearly observe the beauty of this marine park.

8. Tanjung Pakis, Falkirk

Pantai Tanjung Pakis

Pantai Tanjung Pakis is sebauah attraction beach located on the northern tip of Karawang, West Java. The white sandy beach with calm waves heave and exotic makes one of the best beach resorts in Karawang, West Java.

For those of you who want to spend the night on this beach, also has provided many venue from cheap to expensive. Tradisioanl diner with a menu of grilled fish spread out along this coast.

9. Coral Coast Hawu, Sukabumi

Coral Coast Hawu

Hawu Coral Coast is one of the beaches are well known in Sukabumi. The beach was called Coral Hawu because in the area of this beach there is a reef jutting into the sea and had holes in some parts are shaped like a furnace (or hawu in Sundanese language). So therefore, this beach then called Coral Coast Hawu.

Privilege in this beach is its natural scenery is very beautiful, the air is cool, and has a stretch of soft sand and a wide, wide range of activities that can be done by visitors here like swimming, fishing, surfing , or just berduduk relax while admiring the beautiful sand , You can also freely reef jutting see the beauty of it, which in some Cekungannya there are puddles of clear water.

10. Pananjung Beach, Ciamis

beach Penanjung

Located in the area of the Nature Reserve, Coast Penanjung separated by the cliff with the other West Coast region. To reach this beach, there are two routes we can take that land and sea. By land, we can enter through the west gate of the Nature Reserve Pananjung, then walk approximately 300 meters. Meanwhile, by sea, we can hire a boat from the West Coast region. Boat rental rates Rp. 15,000 per passenger with a maximum of 7 passengers a trip.

The main attraction of this beach is a natural feel that is still quite awake. Because it is in a conservation area, you can see a kind of monkeys that roam around this beach. The apes there were quite tame to be approached and invited to play, but some are aggressive. You also can dive or snorkel in the shallow waters near the White Sand Beach. Clear water allows you to see to the bottom and observe marine life such as sea horses, starfish, sea cucumbers, oysters and fish there.

On the beach, you can try looking for seashells and bits of algae (seaweed) fresh float stranded on the beach. You can also ask the children playing in the sand or just sit and enjoy the scenery still maintained although it was hit by a tsunami a few years ago. Of the White Sand Beach we can see the natural beauty of South Beach Ciamis which stretches from Batu Karas to Pangandaran.

Well that's 10 Best Beaches in West Java that you must not miss. The beauty of the beaches in West Java is one of the beauties beaches in Indonesia which is already well-known to foreign countries.


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