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Enjoyed 8 Most Popular Places In Riau Islands

A deevaTravel - Riau Islands province is the second Gateway Travel from overseas after the island of Bali . Attractions: Beaches in Riau Islands province is widely available in districts like Penyengat , Trikora Beach and Beach Lagoi in Bintan Island or Beach Weary.

In addition to coastal and maritime travel, Riau Islands also have a Cultural Heritage, historic tombs, traditional dances and events typical of the region.

The tourist area in Riau Islands also received many awards. Treasure Bay in Bintan, Riau is a saltwater pool the largest in Southeast Asia, Statue of Goddess Kwan Im in KTM Resort is the highest in Southeast Asia, Vihara Avalokitesvara Graha is the largest in Southeast Asia, statue of Goddess Kwan Im in the Vihara Avalokitesvara Graha is a statue of Kwan Im the biggest found in a room in Indonesia, Lower Island in Anambas which included tropical island best Asian version of CNN, Turkish side in Natuna including natural beach best in the world magazine Island, and Funtasy Island which is the largest in the world agro-tourism area.

The following 8 Most Popular Places In Riau Islands which you can enjoy while visiting the Riau Islands.

1. Biting Island

Biting Island

Biting Island is a small island measuring 2,000 meters long and 850 meters wide within 2 km from the city Pangkalpinang, Riau Islands Province. On this island saved many historic relics such as Masjid Raya Sultan Riau made ​​from egg whites, Tombs of the Kings, the tomb of National Hero Raja Ali Haji, complex of palaces, offices and fortification Bukit Kursi.

Biting on the island, you can also see two pieces of handwritten Quran stored in Masjid Sultan Riau Island Biting. In addition you can also see a replica of Malay traditional house that ever existed on the island as well as the bottom Biting traditional house there are freshwater wells that supposedly already centuries old and until now the water is still flowing and can direct you to drink.

2. Beach Weary

Weary beach

As the name implies, this beach is perfect for you who want to relieve tired due runinitas everyday life. The beach Weary offers beauty and naturalness of the beach that will provide comfort and peace of heart for you.

Weary at the beach, you'll be treated to a view of the blue sea is so vast that is very beautiful and indulgent eyes of the tourists, with its white sand and stretches at the seashore, and is equipped with other green landscapes. Weary at the beach you can also do other activities fun activities, such as fishing, surfing, or just relaxing and sunbathing alone. In the afternoon, visitors Weary beach is more crowded, because many visitors are very tertatik with the beauty of the sunset on the beach Weary charm.

3. Bintan Island

Bintan Island

Bintan Island offers a wide variety of attractions that you can visit when visiting this beautiful island. Bintan Resort is the ultimate goal by the tourists this is a place that has beautiful beaches of 23,000 Ha. White sands and overlooking the South China Sea, this beach offers a million of attractions for tourists, such as swimming, fishing, snorkeling, surfing, diving, banana boat, flying fish, kayaking , adventure and enjoy ecotourism that you can do here.

Do not stop at the Bintan Resort, there are a myriad of natural collections stored by the island of Bintan. Then, back to feeling the aroma of past civilizations will you feel when entering historical tourist sites. Among them are: Coastal Sakera, Trikora beach, Lagoi Beach, Gunung Bintan Island, Biting, Blue Lake, Vihara Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva, Mayang Sari Resort Lagoi Resort, Nirwana Resort Lagoi Resort, Ubiquitous Beach Lagoi Resort, Banyan Tree Resort Lagoi Resort, Ria Lagoi Bintan Golf Resort, Bintan Agro Resort, Bintan Lagoon Resort Lagoi Resort, Bintan Agro Beach Resort Bintan Agro Resort and many others which would spoil your vacation on the island of Bintan.

4. Mount Ranai

Mount Ranai

Mount Ranai is a lowland mountain ranges as high as 300-1035 meters above sea level, located in the Natuna, Riau Islands Province. In this mountain you can climb with quite interesting phenomenon that gradation plant species from lowland forest to the plateau above the forest.

At a certain height you will find the types of vegetation that showed the hallmark of mountain plateau above. Mount Ranai also has three peaks namely Serendit peak with an altitude of 968 meters above sea level, Erik Samali Peak at an altitude of 999 meters above sea level and highlight Commander Datuk Husin located at an altitude of 1,035 meters above sea level

5. River Sebong

River Sebong

Bintan Island is not only famous for its beaches travel alone. But also famous for Nature with beauty and authenticity of its natural environment. With ever won the prestigious Award of PATA Gold Award 2003 , as Mangrove with a wealth of flora and fauna.

One area in Pulau Bintan Mangrove quality is still good along the river Sebong this. With its potential, Bintan District Government set this area Sebai part of the attractions mainstay in Bintan regency. The appeal of this growing tourist areas after the last few years local people use it as a location for a fishing excursion. Travelers will be treated how local fishermen demonstrated his skill in catching fish. To attract the attention of tourists, local fishermen purposely did not use modern equipment, but instead chose to use the tools of traditional fishing.

Tourist activity is very simple. Local fishermen only bring tourists wading Sebong river using a canoe (traditional boat) while he was demonstrating his skill in catching fish. On the river is quiet and surrounded by mangrove forest, tourists can also watch various animals danced agile in mangrove trees showed agility as if not to be outdone with the dexterity of the fishermen in catching fish.

6. Trikora Beach

Trikora beach

Trikora Beach is one of the tourist beaches on the island of Bintan. The beach with white sand and the waves are gentle with beautiful rocks on the shoreline. On this beach you will be spoiled with luxury resorts, seagrass conservation areas, seafood restaurants up to the mangrove forest.

Trikora Beach became a tourist attraction with its crystal clear water and shallow as well the availability of some supporting facilities. Trikora beach resort area is divided into the general area. To enter the resort area, you should check in advance at luxury resorts located at Trikora. As for the general area, you just have to rent a wooden lodges enough for one family. In the common area, you do not have to pay for parking. Rental buoys, fishing gear and tools snorkeling are also available at this beach. Some hotels there also provides tour packages explore uninhabited islands, diving and beach games such as banana boating, canoeing, fly kites and much more. Other facilities such as toilets and body wash are also available.

On the coastline has a length of approximately 25 kilometers of this growing trees that can be a place for shelter to enjoy the waves. Such as coconut trees, mangrove trees, cypresses and other trees that can protect yourself from the sun. Moreover, large stones further add to the beauty of this beach. A culinary tour around the coast of this form of brain brain, the food is seafood , until fermented.

7. Gunung Bintan

Gunung Bintan

Traveled to the island of Bintan, Riau Islands Province is incomplete if you do not visit the Gunung Bintan. Mountains are actually similar to a hill because it only has a height of about 400 meters above sea level. Mount only on the island of Bintan is one attraction for tourists who come to the island of Bintan, and also as a water catchment area (catchment area).

In this mountain you will get a lot of interesting things during climb this mountain. Mountain peak can be climbed within 2 hours of this store panorama of stunning natural beauty. From the summit of Mount Bintan you can menyaksilan panoramic beauty of nature around Bintan Island.

As area of ​​tropical rain forest, In the mountains, you can enjoy a wealth of flora and fauna such typical tropical plants and giant trees that serves as a buffer forests from the threat of erosion, in the forest catchment is also the habitat of animals Monkeys, squirrels, snake, mouse-deer and various species of bird.

8. Niagara Temurun

Niagara Temurun

Niagara Temurun is one of the favorite tourist attraction and unique in the village of Batu Belah, Anambas, Riau Islands Province. This waterfall has seven levels which empties into the Strait Peniting. The water comes from the river Temurun Baruk is located at an altitude of 250 meters above sea level. From a distance of 100 meter high waterfall as though the woods in the hills Siantan island.

With the condition of the waterfall is still very beautiful and natural and so beautiful natural scenery makes Niagara Temurun very dear to miss if you visit the Riau Islands.


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