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Lake Revenge Tak Sudah

A deevaTravel - Lake Revenge Not It is a lake located in the village of Dusun Besar, District Singaran Pati, Bengkulu province, Indonesia. Lake area of 577 hectares, which is formed from a volcanic eruption is made ??In the Nature Reserve by the Government of Bengkulu in 1999.

In this lake you can see some typical flora like orchids Sun , Plawi, Flowers Hyacinths, Gelam, stretched, Sikeduduk, Brosong, Ambacang Swamp or ferns . Besides Lake Revenge Not Already , you can find some unique fauna such as Kera Long Tailed , monkey, bird Kutilang, Boar, Snake Python, Siamang, snails and some types of fish such as the Endangered Kebakung and Fish Palau.

According to the story the locals where the name of the lake Not Easy been linked with several legends such as Legend Crocodile bungle , Leech Giant until Dam Tak Already .

Crocodile legend Tank

According to the residents  around Dana u Not Already , Crocodiles are often munc ul ahead of the big day as Har i Eid residents will erect huts selling around the lake and stop fishing.

Not only that, the appearance of the crocodile to the surface of the lake is also often associated with the disaster that struck the city of Bengkulu when Bengkulu was rocked by a 7.3 magnitude earthquake in 2000 and the massive earthquake Air force 7.9 Richter in 2007.

Giant leeches

It is said that in ancient times there was uninteresting lover whose love is not dit = Bless the parents. Those who were in a drunken affair decided to commit suicide by leaping into the lake. Since then residents of Bengkulu believe there are two tails Leeches Giants that live in the lake which is the incarnation of the lovers. They will continue to live in the fund u with a vengeance.

Dam Tak Sudah

Another story associated with the name of the lake is quite strange is the construction of dams by the colonial Dutch East Indies government to accommodate the flood. But until the occupation ends of the dam was never completed and abandoned. As a result of wounds and grudges Bengkulu resident endless. So many people associate Dam Tak Sudah be the name of Dana u Revenge Tak Sudah.

Behind the story of it all, Lake Revenge Not Easy presents a charming natural scenery surrounded by green hills that became Zone Nature Reserve Bengkulu.

Today many tourists who come to this place in addition to enjoying the natural scenery is amazing also was intrigued by the uniqueness of the name.


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