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Enjoy the beauty of the island of Charitable Joint Manta Rays

Play along Fish Manta Rays

A deevaTravel - Charitable Island is a beautiful island covering an area of 15.9 ha in the Islands Derawan , Berau district , East Kalimantan . The island with white sand is very clean and shiny with a width of about 12-15 meters and its surrounding waters are known as the Marine Park Diving (diving) with a very diverse marine life and the existence of Fish Manta Rays will make your holiday unforgettable throughout your life ,

Charitable Island

At nightfall the moon accompanied by a very lovely evening, you can watch a bunch of fish Manta Rays are headed this island. They came to eat some types of plankton are numerous in island waters Charitable. Besides watching Fish Manta Rays this place you can also find other marine life such as Barracuda, Pari, giant squid and some other sea animals as well as a Turtle Conservation.

Not so hard to find a turtle on the island of Charitable. When you walk on the shore alone visible some traces of turtles. It's just that this turtle had come to the Charitable Island at night. At night can be found dozens of turtles that come here. Every year, a total of more than 3,700 turtles who come to this island.

Charitable Island turtle

They came to the Charitable Island to spawn, especially when the sea water was high tide. The activities of the turtles lay eggs on the island of Charitable arguably natural spring. Because after the turtles finished laying eggs, eggs that have hatched would be monitored. If it is not safe position where turtles bury their eggs, then there will be a few officers from the Conservation of Natural Resources (BKSDA) which move the eggs to the other locations that are considered more secure.

Charitable Island

In addition to the existence of Fish Manta Rays were so amazing, Panorama Underwater existence of this island invites many divers from all over the world to come to this island. They will feel the underwater world paradise Charitable Island with some very amazing point spots such as Channel Entrance , Coral Gardens, Turtle Town, Sandy Ridge, Manta Run, Sherwood Forest, Manta Parade, Manta Avenue, Eel Ridge, Lighthouse and The Rockies.

Charitable Island turtle

Another interesting thing you can do in addition to seeing the Charitable Island turtle activity is a dive with manta rays. Manta rays are rare marine animals. Some visitors there who came to the island of Charitable specifically to see this manta rays. In the open sea, manta rays body shaped like kites can reach a width of 7 m. But who live in Charitable Island is of a kind of manta rays reef body can only grow up to 5.5 m width.

Charitable Island Marine Park

Unlike other dive sites, Charitable Island Management strictly protect nature conservation in these waters. You will feel the peace of the soul and the mind being away from the noise and everyday activities.

On the island is also available Resort Charitable Dive Lodge are preparing for lodging facilities and perlengakapan dives.

Charitable Island

To reach this island, you can use the aircraft to the destination airport Sepingan (BPN) in Balikpapan. From Sepingan, you can use the aircraft to the Capital Deraya Berau district, Tanjung Redeb, East Kalimantan.

Or you can ride a speed boat from other islands in Derawan Islands. It could also set off from the Port of Tanjung Batu. This port is located in Tanjung Redeb, Berau. From Cape Redeb takes 2.5 hours to get to the port. Cape Redeb have airports serving routes from Jakarta.

While the speed boat in the Port of Tanjung Batu can be rented at a cost of Rp 400,000 to get to the island Charitable. Unlike Derawan that every Friday called on by Quick Ship, Charitable Island does not have this facility. So the only way is to use a speed boat rental.


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