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Turkish Three Colors

A deevaTravel - Turkish Three Colors is a beach destination that has unique characteristics that seawater is composed of three colors at different depths. Beaches in the area of Rehabilitation and Conservation of Mangroves, Coral Reefs and Protected Forest Village Tambakrejo , Malang , East Java is managed by Bhakti Alam whose members are mostly local people.

Beach Three Colors, as the name suggests, the water has three colors: white, green and blue, the color difference is caused by differences in sea depth. The water was calm as the waves of the Indian Ocean was blocked by the island Sempu , thereby Beach 3 Color is very safe and comfortable for a swim or explore the underwater tour with snorkeling. You will be facilitated with snorkeling equipment at a cost of Rp. 15,000 per person.

Turkish Three Colors

Since opened to the public in mid-2014, this beach immediately be excellent travel destination enthusiasts of underwater sports. The existence of beautiful coral reefs have made ​​Turkish Three Colors in nobatkan as the beach with the most beautiful underwater spots in Malang.

It is an amazing view on this beach, green coral islands not far from the shoreline, gleaming white sand, the waves are in tune with the wind, blue sea stretching up to the horizon. Really beautiful!

Turkish Three Colors

Not quite up here you can become one with nature, using local guides foot step towards the hills to the left Coast Slot . Yes, we will find an exotic beach Three Colors!

The sea water is graded, blue and green and the white sand beaches so the reason why beaches named as such.

Turkish Three Colors

Because as a conservation area, the beach is applied restrictions on the number of visitors every day. Do not forget to enjoy the thrill of camping, we can set up a tent at the site of Slot Beach and Clungup .

For access to the beach three colors is quite easy, from the poor town you can take the path to dampit / Turen continued to meet with directions to the Blue Spring Beach , along the way you will find directions to the beach Clungup / Beach Goa China follow the path to the beach Clungup, once you arrive at the beach clungup you should hire a tour guide to guide the way to the beach of the Three Colors.

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