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Turkish Iboih

A deevaTravel -There deny that Aceh was awarded many beautiful beaches and charming that is not inferior to other beaches in Indonesia. One of them is Turkish Iboih . The beach with white sand and the sea water was so clear and so tranquil atmosphere make this beach as the best vacation spot for you and your family.

The beach is located west of Pulau Weh , Aceh or precisely located in the Village Iboih, District Sukakarya, Sabang, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam offers the beauty beneath the sea that you can enjoy without having to swim though. So crystal clear sea water at the beach Iboih, to the extent that there is a boat on the beach is depicted as if they were flying over the reef.

Turkish Iboih

The tourists can enjoy the underwater diversity with a variety of species of fish and coral reefs. Additionally, you can also enjoy the beauty of the volcano under the sea surface. For tourists who want to experience the thrill of seeing the beauty of the underwater and did not bring snorkeling equipment, you need not worry, because there is snorkeling and diving equipment rental. Besides the shoreline at the beach is really very charming. Protected forests that grow in coastal areas with large rocks of golden menjadikanpantai as the hidden paradise that has the feel calm and peaceful.

Turkish Iboih

With calmness owned beach Sumatra, Turkish Iboih is perfect for refreshing the mind. Serenity beaches and exotic beauty, this beach make the atmosphere was calm and peaceful. If you want to feel the serenity of a longer and see the sunrise and sunset, with your family can rent a cottage which is located on the beach.

To be able to visit the beach Iboih, can be started from Ulee Lheue , Nanggroe Aceh Drusalam . Once there, you can use the ferry to the Port Balohan, Sabang. Arriving in Port Balohan , you can use public transportation to get to the beach Iboih.


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