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Turkish doreng Sikka

A deevaTravel - Turkish doreng Sikka is a pristine beaches and unspoiled, located in District doreng, Sikka, Flores, East Nusa Tenggara. The beach with white sand is very clean and has a length of sparkling coast about 4 kilometers.

In the unspoiled beaches, you can do activities such as swimming while sunbathing. The silence and tranquility of the beach with the waves makes you would like to linger on this beach. Sometimes a lot of tourists who fell asleep under the shade of a tree until late afternoon and then rushed home to Maumere .

In the middle stretch of palm trees, lots of crab hiding in the rocks. They will move to the coast to climb coconut trees which then consume the dry coconut fruit falling to the ground.

During low tide seemed shoreline could reach 200 meters so very beautiful coral reefs will be seen clearly. Over custody of local residents, the Coral Beach Sikka doreng well maintained and is still very natural.

Turkish doreng Sikka

Exposure beautiful beach directly visible from a height. From here we can enjoy the ripples with foaming waves are mutually scrambling toward the shore. Feelings of relief meet our chest. Taste cranky and tired of the way remedied with a hefty compensation. If there were investors who want to build places of lodging in altitude as well as on the coast with the support the promotion of the local government, will obviously be a lot of tourists who will visit here. Direct or economic life of local people would be lifted. What is important is access to the damaged roads repaired immediately.

Indeed, here there is no accommodation at all. Moreover, eating stalls. In short unspoiled terbaru life. Villagers still rely on plantation crops to sustain their lives. Natural atmosphere is very pronounced when it is in this region.

Pantaio doreng Sikka

Long white sandy beach is about 4 Km (four Kilometers). Both ends of this beach has black sand iron sand alias. Shiny black stones visible around the bottom tebing.Sesekali large waves hit these rocks, shattered by towering buihnya.

The width of the white sandy beach very lumayan.Bahkan white sand extends to residential homes and surrounding streets.

In the village of Bura Nen (Pasir Putih) we can also bring presents beautiful souvenirs made by mothers. Crafts in the form of an ashtray, little dolls and others made using snail shells and sand or iron in the capture of the Turkish doreng. Look beautiful and can be taken home as souvenirs.

In the agenda of tourism activities, Turkish doreng Sikka entry in fifth place in the list of Sikka after Turkish Koka , Turkish Ndete , Museum Ledalero and Maumere Bay.


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