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For those of you who want to travel to the country Singapore.Ada some 8 tips and tricks holiday to Singapore should be prepared to save on the budget when holidaying there and it is:

8 tips and tricks holidays to singapore


make sure before buying an airline ticket you have to have a passport and for those of you who have not been able to make it in the nearest immigration office, to manufacture passport takes tiga working days and try to go to the immigration office in the morning

dua. Ticket

after passport already in hand the next step is to buy a ticket, to go to singapore we can through Batam Island by boat, johor bahru malaysia / straight to Changi. And here I suggest go straight to Changi unless you want to meet the passport stamp, you can get through Johor Bahru. For tickets purchased here are some tips to get cheap tickets one of them is that you leave on the day of leisure as Wednesday / Thursday besides it can be purchased on the night because usually the airline held a promo in the early evening. And when you buy a ticket make sure your name matches the name on the passport to avoid problems at the time of entry immigration.

Tiga.Voucher hotel

after getting a plane ticket the next step is to buy a hotel voucher, this is important because when you get in immigration singapore you are required to fill out a form hotel where you will be staying, to save on the budget you can choose a hostel or dormitory, dormitory or dorm is a room with lots of beds, and we would not want to share a room with other people. Unless you have a budget in excess. Little india area, Bugis, china town, orchad road is a place which offers many hostels or dorm.

4.Kartu ez link

singapore so until you do not get confused dichangi airport because many free amenities and conveniences that are offered at this airport, there were seats reflection, wifi, water and theme parks as well as many more. The Indonesian airline usually landing in terminal B, then you can go to the immigration Utk bag checked in and submit the form that had you fill. So you guys out there are several alternative immigration dr trsansport that you use like MRT, bus and taxi, For here I suggest you use the MRT, to use the MRT you can buy cards EZlink in Changi terminal for $ 15sgp and it SDH contains $ 10sgp,

we need to know this EZlink card active period until 5th jd when we wanted a vacation to Singapore more do not have to buy a card Ezlink and stay topup. According disingapore operates until 11 pm, and for ease you can download maps and route MRT singapore dl especially after you get MRT route you stay up and moved by the path to the destination color Utk


Communication is the most important thing at the moment, certainly we morbidly want family became concerned because it lost contact, and many providers in Singapore that offer attractive packages but here I offer you to use SINGTEL for this provider that has network's strongest, at the moment buy simcard prepare passport you for registration.

6.Botol drink

For great savings you can bring your own drinking bottle and you need not worry about the government krn sg BYK supply tap is safe to drink tp For when you feel disgusted you can buy mineral water dg price of 1-dua $ sgp or if dirupiahkan worth 20,000 For packaging 600ml. Besides drink that you should be aware of adl about the food, because sg bkn Muslim majority jd most foodcourt here ill-gotten and For sure we just say no pork and SDH services usually understand or you can mkn chicken rice.

7.Backup Data

and that is no less important adl your data backup such as passport, ticket, hotel voucher k dlm flashdisc and you can copy.


itinerary adl mouthful when vacationing krn we can make management a fine day that the holiday we ill be futile, BYK destinations sg can we visit such as garden by the bay, singaporr flyer, marina sand, sculpture Merlion, universal studios, orchard road etc., while for cheap shopping you can go to bugis junction, china town, lucky plaza orchad, mustafa center little india. Mustafa center is open 24 hours.

Other interesting fakta

- Do not smoke carelessly, this is not Indonesia and Singapore is a country that environmentally friendly, so we can not smoke disembarang place and there tempat2 smooking room or smooking smoking area for us if we are smokers.

- When we want to climb the MRT do not stand at the door but disampingnyaa and dahulukan org who want to get out first.

- And when we use the escalator try to stand on the left because the right lane is used for the org yg brisk walk or rush

- Each dorm or hotel typically provided facilities such as a refrigerator and a kitchen, but all of our own materials that provide so that if we want to store food or beverages in the refrigerator or the kitchen is expected to be named kalia and your numbers so that you are not considered material belong together

- To communicate with his fellow residents dorm is one of the ways that we are inhabitants of that warm so that we can meet even might get together despite our different countries, since most of them is actually a backpackeran like us so do not minder.

- Take plugs in singapore three feet for almost all of the power outlet using the 3-point so that if we want to charge the gadget must use additional plugs are tiga feet

maybe it is 8 tips and tricks vacation to Singapore that I can share to loyal readers on the site ini.Barang time friends there who want to add monggo, so get your backpack n enjoy your trip ..


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