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A deevaTravel - Bali besides having natural and cultural attractions are very charming, it also has plenty of places to eat a romantic and amazing. Yes indeed, Bali almost has all the romance of a truly remarkable. It is not one that many local tourists or foreign tourists coming to the island of Bali to feel and enjoy the natural beauty and culture also enjoyed the sensation of food as a couple on the island of Bali . And not one of too many young couples choose Bali as a honeymoon or where they married.

The following 7 Most Romantic Places to Eat in Bali that you should try keromantisannya.

1. The Samaya Ubud Restaurant

The Samaya Ubud Restaurant

The Samaya Ubud Restaurant is located in Banjar Baung, Ubud Bali. By nature a very quiet atmosphere makes this dining spot is perfect for you and your partner. Plus its proximity to the river and amid shady trees and cool.

In this place you can be offered a menu of food duck Samaya, Seared Scallop and some other specials menu. And for the price of affairs menus at The Samaya Ubud Restaurant is priced between Rp. 25.000, - to Rp. 270.000, - / portion.

2. Bridges Restaurant

Bridges Restaurant

Places to eat this one is perfect for you and your partner. In addition to having a calm and beautiful, Bridges Restaurant also has a food menu of delicious and inviting your appetite like Barramundi, Roasted Baby Chicken and several other specials menu. Dining is located at Campuhan, Ubud Bali this is appropriate for you to try and feel keromantisannya.

3. Luciolla

 the Luciolla

He Luciolla is one of the most romantic places to eat on the island of Bali. Restaurant located at Jalan Patitenget, Seminyak Bali is in addition have a quiet and romantic atmosphere, this place is perfect for spending a dinner with friends.

He Luciolla serves delicious and tasty, like Pord Roasted Tenderloin, Risotto With Duck Baliness, and some other menus. For the price, this place is usually membanderol the menus at a price of Rp 94,000, - to Rp 224 000, - per portion.

4. Gardin Restaurant

Gardin Restaurant

If you want to enjoy a different dinner in Bali, try to come to Gardin Restaurant . Here you can enjoy dinner with the atmosphere pretty quiet and comfortable.

Dining is located at Jalan Patitenget, Seminyak is surrounded by a garden with greenery offers various delicacies such as Pasta, Sandwiches, Steak, Salad and be some other supporters of the menu.

For matters of price, the foods were usually valued around Rp 25,000, - to Rp 265,000, - per portion.

5. El bastard

El bastard

Dinner places this one is perfect for you who want to hold a special dinner with your partner. Because, in addition to getting a romantic atmosphere, you can enjoy delicious food menu, such as ice cream, butifarra A La Brasa, Bombas De La Barceloneta, and several other mainstay menu.

For the price, El Kabron Restaurant the which is located at Jalan Pantai Bali Pecatu Cemongkak is common membanderol food menu ranging from Rp 40,000, - up to Rp 365,000, - per portion.

6. Tirta Dinning

Tirta Dinning

This romantic dining spot mandatory You try while visiting Bali. Because the atmosphere in this place is so quiet and romantic. Not to mention if coupled with a beautiful view of the sky and the food was delicious, you definitely feel at home and hope to be here another time.

Oh yes, talking about delicious food, a place to eat at Jalan Uluwatu, Banjar Dinas Karang Boma, Pecatu Bali has a menu food was very tasty, like Light Smoked Bonito, Champignon Duxcelle Cannelloni, and some other delicious menu. For the price, a romantic dinner at this Bali membanderol food from Rp 300.000, - per portion.

7. Cascades Restaurant

Cascades Restaurant

Dining is located at Jalan Lanahan, Ubud Bali has a pretty cool, calm, beautiful and romantic. Besides the food menu at Cascades Restaurant was very tasty and sumptuous.

You can taste the delights of Duck Ravioli, Veal Duach, Grilled Tuna and be some other food with prices ranging from Rp. 300.000, - / portion.

Well that's 7 Most Romantic Places to Eat On the island of Bali were eligible to try a couple tatkal holiday to Bali.


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