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A deevaTravel - Travel is a beautiful place and mempesona to be used as getaways rutinis eliminate fatigue of everyday life. But what happens if the sites that we visit so awful? If you dare and seek a sightseeing trip exciting and terrifying below 7 Places In The World The Most Terrible that you need to visit.

1. Lake Roopkun, India

Lake Roopkun

Roopkun Lake is a lake located at an altitude of 4,029 meters in the Himalayas. The lake is a very horrible after inadvertently discovered thousands of human skulls around the lake. When summer comes and the ice began to melt, thousands of skeletons that some of them are still complete with flesh and hair still attached.

After an investigation in 2004, these frameworks are the remains of people who lived in the 9th century coming from two different groups. Kernagka-frame is also found to be still using the ring, spear, leather shoes and a stick of bamboo.

Scientists estimate that these people died from the storm. Thousands of raindrops ice crystals that were hard hit these people are thought to be hiding under the valley. The whole group was killed in a mass death that they can make visitors feel something terrible to this day.

2. Snake Island, Brazil

Snake Island

Snake Island is an island located at 33 km from the state of Sao Paolo, Brazil which is inhabited by more than 4,000 poisonous snakes insularis Bothrops, also known as golden lanceheads, a snake species endangered trapped on the island when the water levels sea ​​and land cover that is connected directly to the mainland.

The Brazilian government shut down the island in 1920 to protect the snake from the humans and humans from deadly snake. The Golden lancehead can grow along more than half a meter and has a fast-acting poison to melt human flesh. According to some estimates, at least one tail of a serpent on every single square meter of the island.

3. The Karni Mata Temple, India

Karni Mata Temple

Karni Mata Temple is a temple that honored but very disgusting in India. This is because the Karni Mata temple is inhabited by thousands of black rats which is very disgusting.

Rat temple is located deep in the deserts of Rajasthan Thar is home to about 20,000 black rats roam freely in the place of worship. Thousands of religious worshipers, as well as curious tourists and visit this temple every year, vying to seek the holy blessings of these rats.

According to local legend, when the stepson of Karni Mata Hindu god drowned in the pool, Karni Mata asked the god of death Yama to revive her son. Yama finally granted his request, but because he is the stepson, and of all caste, he reincarnated as a rat.

4. Door to Hell, Turkmenistan

Door to Hell

In 1971, a group of Soviet scientists set up a drilling rig to assess what has been so far they think is a largest oil field in the middle of Turkmenistan, a desert Karakum .

In fact, the land under their rig is a natural gas field that is very, very large, which collapsed into the gaping crater left after the arrival of the scientists, and engulf the entire rig and their camp. Alarmed by the spread of toxic methane gas, scientists burning crater that eventually became such a hell hole right at their feet. They hoped the fire would burn the gas in a few days or weeks.

However, today after four decades later, the crater has a depth of 30 meters and width of 70 meters continue to burn so that the locals named the terrifying abyss as 'The Door to Hell' .

5. Dolls Island, Mexico

Island Doll

Due to an accident, a beautiful garden which is located in Isla De Las Munecas , Mexico to be a very horrible.

According to local legend, a young girl drowned in the Xochimilco canals which are outside of Mexico City a few decades ago. After his death, the dolls began to appear at the edge of a small island where the canal where he died is located.

Tormented because he could not save the little girl, a guard island named Don Julian Santana Barrera, began to hang the dolls on the tree in memory of the girl.

Over the years, these trees are already filled with the remnants of the destroyed doll, with some parts of the doll's body mutilated and decapitated doll head rot because the air is humid. Residents said that the dolls have souls girl who died at the time, and a witness has claimed that they had heard the dolls whispering to each other, all over the island.

6. Grave Underground, Paris

Grave Underground

Those who've been to this place creeps recognize and overcome bad feelings that seemed to exist that follow. The underground tunnel is feeling cold and having a sixth sense naturally supernatural phenomena.

In the late 1700s a kind of natural Paris plague that killed 6 million people. Because there is no place, in the end made ​​a tunnel to store the bodies. If you are curious please visit this place.

7. Suicide Forest Aoikigahara, Japan

Suicide Forest Aoikigahara

Aokigahara forest at the foot of Mount Fuji Japanese popular as well as suicide forest. The forest is dense so the most ideal place to do suicide. In th. 1970 local government to do the cleaning and find rotting corpses 70-100 and is dependent on the tree. Some people who recognize similar tone often heard wailing through the trees was calculated as well as the souls of those who commit suicide.


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