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Holidays Abroad? Why not? Attracted to vacation most beautiful country in the world? Eits, Before the visit there is no good when you know in advance about lima list of the most beautiful countries in the world below. Listen yaa ..

1. Itaila

5 most beautiful country in the World

Italy is the first country to occupy the ranks of the most beautiful countries in the world. Italy is famous for the beauty of the art of building and fascinating culture. One teromantis country in the world has pretty towns and of course lewatakan dear to you when you visit this artistic city. Here are the ranks of the famous Italian city that is not only beautiful but also instagramable:

? Roma

Rome is the capital of Italy, located northwest of the Tiber River dihililir middle. The beauty of the city of Rome is dominated by historic buildings such as museums, churches and buildings classic shades. A visit to Rome is not complete if it does not consider indahnaya coloseum roma-laden history of the Roman era, you can make any spot-spot as your photo collection is guaranteed super instagramable.

? Vinesia

5 most beautiful country in the World

Vinesia is the provincial capital Regione venelu. This pretty town to save a lot of beauty be it tourism or culture. The city also can you make as an appropriate location for your prewedding photo shoot,  because the city is very beautiful and majestic. If you're visiting through round Vinesia a time to enjoy the beauty of the city by gondola. Gondola is a water transportation is very famous in Vinesia.

2. France

French memeiliki enchanting beauty of the city, the country's European region has diverse travel deatinasi mandatory for you to visit. Besides the tour of Paris is also famous shopping paradise and culinary. And for those of you who are curious will be some beautiful places in the city of love, here are some of the tourist area in the city of Paris is famous throughout the entire world.

? Tower Eiffel

? Museum louvre

? Arch de triomope

? Palai garnier

? Seine River

? Bridge padlock of love

3. Indonesia

5 most beautiful country in the world

Apparently Indonesia was also included in the list of five most beautiful country in the world. And it appears that Indonesia is famous for its enchanting beauty of the marine park. Here are five awesome beaches owned by the maritime

? Marine park Wakatobi

Wakatobi marine park has been legally recognized by UNESCO as one of the best marine park in the world. Wakatobi island has hundreds of species of fish and coral reefs were very beautiful. For lovers of diving marine park Wakatobi become an attractive haven for eksplorsisasi.

? Bali

The natural beauty and unique culture make Bali as the best island in Indonesia. Here are five gorgeous Bali island charming and worth to visit

  •  Seminyak Bali
  •  Kuta
  •   Nusa Dua
  •   Ubud bali
  •  Gulf alor

? Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat is known to be a paradise under the sea and natural beauty that mepesona. The area is located at the eastern end of Indonesia have become the main target of foreign tourists to visit and memikmati beauty diamond ground heaven Raja Ampat

? Komodo Island

Komodo island began to be exposed since he entered into the ranks of the seven wonders of the world. The island became a habitation of dragons are full of lush natural beauty. Besides traveled you can also participate in maintaining and supporting the preservation of the dragons on this island.

In addition to breathtaking beaches Indonesia travel any beauty store in the form of tourist sites full of history. Here is a historic building across Indonesia, which became ikondemik of the city

  • Borobudur temple
  • Old town
  • Lawang Sewu
  • Satay tower

4. South Korea

South Korea entered into the top 5 most beautiful countries in the world. Not only breakthrough technology and terkini fashion of State ginseng also save a lot of beautiful sights and certainly worth visiting. Here are some interestingly location

? N seoul tower

? Jihae

? Island nami

? The royal palace korea

lima. Japan

Country is famous for its cherry blossoms keidahan city very well preserved. Most of the Japanese people really love their city. Japan is a country free of pollution. Because most Japanese people choose a bicycle and carriage to transport them daily. In addition, Japan also has a tourist awesome beauty. Culture as well as the types of food typical become main shaft of the country of origin of this naruto anime. And here are some interesting locations in Japan that are worth to visit.

? Nagasaki

? Tokyo

? Kyito

? Sapporo


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