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Marriage is a sacred rite that humans lived and is part of the destiny. In preparing all sorts of wedding preparations, we certainly want the best for the show once in a lifetime moment we JNI. Including preparing a place or concept of decoration, makeup, catering and so on. No less important is the concept and location for the photo session prewedding. If you are still confused periahal prewedding selecting a location for the session, following my inj make recommendations prewedding beautiful location for you.

5 beautiful locations in Indonesia that can be used to manufacture prewedding photo

1. Ubud Bali

If you want the photo concept prewedding which takes the theme of the countryside, Ubud Bali is the right location to be used as the location prewedding, usually the bride and groom want to take photos preweddingnya on a hilltop in love or in the monkey forest. To give the impression of the images of the exotic, you can take pemotertan session in the afternoon. Gradasai sunset with the sound of the wind and reeds dancing adds to the perfection of a photo shoot for your prewedding

2. Kuta

Kuta is fairly tetkenal beach on the island of Bali. Kuta visited by thousands of foreign tourists each year local mauoun. Besides being used for water apparently traveled Kuta also the target of the photo shoot prewedding of sharing circles. Casual yet elegant theme is usually an option for them. Do not forget the sunset, beauty can make your photo more natural result and perfect.

Tiga. The old town of Jakarta

For those of you who want the classic concept of mainstream or try taking a prewedding location in the old city of Jakarta. This option is appropriate because the old town is supported by a unique building conditions and klaaik. Guanakan concepts such as the Dutch colonial period to thicken klasikisasi you want. If not, you can use the crowds to be a complement to your pemotertan session. Get interesting spot both day ataupaun night. Make the moment of making your prewedding seem luxurious and unforgettable.

4. Mount Bromo

Prewedding where an image of this one was cukuo extrime to dibayangakan. However renyata enthusiasts to be able to take a place at the top of Mount Bromo prewedding a favorite of many kalangaan. Guankan concept blends with nature to get the best photos. Background sunrise maybe you should try to add kulitas untu best of your prewedding photo.

Lima. White crater

Differentiate your mainsteram impression on pemotreran session for prewedding photo in this white crater. The concept used freely, as a background to the area of ??The crater is manifold. Tourist sites in Bandung area provides a beautiful panorama and a romantic. White expanse of the crater can be a major spot in your prewedding photo shoot session.

Well how, interesting is not it? Already Did you specify the exact location for the photo shoot prewedding you? Who are everything as good as possible so that the results are disappointing. Happy wedding !!


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