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Who does not know Jogjakarta. Special area located south tip of Java island holds many unique and keelokkan a culture and tradition. The town is known as a student city is also a tourist destination both locally maupin abroad. Evidenced by melonjakknya number of travelers who come to Jogja every year. Things I need to remind you when you visit Jogja is enjoying the warm city tour in the evening. Tourist nights in Yogya be on the planning shall be part of the community or tourists.

4 locations Travel Enjoy dinner at Jogjakarta

Here are five places to travel that night in jogja bgt recomended and certainly top. Check this one up


Enjoy a wonderful evening you start Sayidan. Syidan a place kumpulnya mas and Ms. Jogja. Sayidan itself is located on Jl. The great Sultan of Jogjakarta. What is unique about Sayidan is enjoyable at night. Not that its not cool lunch ouch. Jogja is a cool city both day and night anyway, just indeed most people prefer to come to the evening Sayidan whatever their reasons. To enjoy a wonderful evening you can order a drink that is typical Sayidan lapen. Lapen can be found throughout the cafe disayidan. Enjoy lapen to see the sights at night time code.

2 .Alun main kidul

Alkyd or main square Kidul is distinaai for night travel jogja. The square is located next yanh get injured this jogjakarta travel mwnyguhkan unique evening with a variety of foods that deserve to memwnuhi your stomach. Do not forget to try Masangin when you beekunjing to alkyd, Masangin means berjlan past two banyan tree, anyone who can get to the banyan tree tetsebut, then awgala desires can come true. Tetarik mwncoba?


Malioboro can be regarded as the city that never tidur.Destinasi attraction located close to the castle this vardebrug into the heart of Jogjakarta. In every day malioboro hamoir not exactly quiet. Even after a night moved even this city is becoming increasingly crowded by visitors. If jogja be your holiday destination, do not miss to melengakapi your special evening by enjoying the city and also hunting pemandanag snacks Jogja held almost along the road malioboro. Angkringan is one of the famous Lesbian stalls there, serving the type of food such as rice and sebagianya cat. In addition there are also culinary arts performances typical of the region tersaebut that be interesting spectacle for you. Do not forget to prepare your best camera to capture every moment that you pass in Borobudur temple's hometown.

4.Tugu jogja

Tugu Jogja is the main mascot of Jogjakarta. Monument located in the middle of four major roads into the city's leading tourist jogjakarta at night. Most of them just come to hang out or just stop to enjoy the culinary that lined along malioboto. Stop briefly in this jogja monument before you continue your long night down jogjakarta.


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